contempt of court

718 days ago

Breaking: Julie Meyer reckons she won’t serve 6 months but will make money from Farrer Case

Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer reckons that, instead of paying £200,000 to one of 36 law firms – viz, the Queen’s lawyers, Farrar & Co, as ordered by the High Court – Farrar will be paying her cash. And, as for that contempt of Court ruling and six-month stretch in Holloway - where she was slated by another judge, as she lost her appeal - well, those Brits know nothing. In a private email to investors, Ms “Sex Toy on Expenses” writes:


751 days ago

BREAKING: Julie Meyer MBE parts company with 2 more lawyers and loses appeal against jail term as a new High Court judge slates her

Oh dear. Oh dear.  Her lawyer and her barrister quit on Ms. Lingerie on Expenses eight days before her appeal against a contempt of court ruling and a 6 month jail sentence. Presumably, like all the 36 other firms of lawyers who have parted company with Julie Meyer MBE, they objected to not being paid.  Julie did not appear in person in Court for reasons Lord Justice Males could only conclude were related to her desire to avoid a stretch in Holloway. His ruling is below in full.


950 days ago

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Julie Meyer MBE slammed by another judge, this time in Switzerland as she loses two more cases

Oh dear, oh dear. Still facing an FCA criminal investigation and also again slammed by a British Judge just the other day for lying and facing possible jail time for contempt of Court and still on the hook for millions of dollars in unpaid taxes in the USA, UK and Malta, it seems as if Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer might be forced to flee Switzerland too as she now appears to be an illegal immigrant.


982 days ago

Have not the poor Greeks suffered enough: leading newspaper eKathimerini falls for the Julie Meyer pitch as the vulture swoops on a new mark

In the USA, UK, Malta, Croatia, and Switzerland Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer faces untold court cases, owes millions to tax authorities, lawyers, staff, and other creditors and even faces jail for contempt of court and an FCA criminal enquiry. But for every rat there is a safe hole somewhere and now Julie has blessed the Hellenic Republic with her presence and the local press appear all too willing to push her PR narrative without question as you can see below.


1034 days ago

Words of wisdom from Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer on the campaign to get more women on boards

The subject of an FCA Criminal enquiry into alleged misuse of client funds, owing millions in unpaid taxes to the HMRC and IRS and now facing jail for contempt of court over yet another unpaid legal bill, Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE has given her thoughts on the great issue of our time: the need to get more folks like her on boards. With no comment from me she opines:


2211 days ago

The man in jail since Friday who we cant name but you all know - reasons for us all to be fearful

Since Friday a young man, whose name you must all know by now, has been languishing in prison in very real danger of being attacked by his fellow inmates. I cannot say who he is because the Judge who sent him down for thirteen months has imposed draconian reporting restrictions. But you all know his name - it is all over social media and a video of his arrest has been watched 1.5 million times on youtube already.