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261 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: maybe I am just a dinosaur but I just cannot see why it will be different this time

Greatly taken by the Killer Frogs article from earlier, I contemplate whether I really am a sad old dinosaur but conclude that I am not and that it will not, whatever young folks believe, be different this time.


346 days ago

Crypto is Tulip 2.0!

I am a crypto bear but am aware that some readers think I am a silly old dinosaur and disagree. They might be at least half right! If only to stimulate debate i bring you a detailed note from Fox Davies which appears to be a fellow member of the old dinosaur club.


362 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a smug dinosaur who thinks bitcoin is a joke

I start with good news on Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks - see for yourself HERE. Then a few words about incredibly exciting work today at the Welsh Hovel. Then onto bitcoin, China and Argo Blockchain (ARB), which links to Zoetic (ZOE) which really is starting to collapse. Then onto the arrogance of the City, Neil Woodford, Andrew Monk and Hurricane Energy (HUR).


403 days ago

Photo Article - the melted Chocolate Easter Egg from Amazon, rotten customer service

Joshua’s dinosaur Easter Egg arrived c/o Amazon the Wednesday before Easter and within 48 hours of order. But the one for the Mrs arrived late in the afternoon of Easter Sunday. I opened the box when I returned home from Woodlarks training walk number 3, 16 miles of pain, and I was already in a foul mood thanks to the purple window when I discovered an egg that had more than half melted, as you can see below.  It was too late to find a replacement but the Mrs was surprisingly understanding as I had prepared three amazing suppers for what was also her Birthday weekend and some spectacular brunches. So notwithstanding one stand up row with a mad lefty pal of hers who was staying for the weekend, I was in the good books of the boss and she empathised on the egg. But it got worse from there as far as Amazon is concerned.


433 days ago

Online Blockchain appointed as advisor to Trism - this is bonkers!

No doubt my friend Brokerman Dan will say that I am just a dinosaur and that Clem Chambers of Online Blockchain (OBC) is a genius but today’s news makes no sense at all. Perhaps folks cleverer than me can explain.


521 days ago

Calling all men: if you are not taking up sewing, you are a racist, sexist, global warming-denying dinosaur

It must be true. After all, it was reported in the deadwood press. In this case, it is the New York Times  - 2019 average daily circulation 443,000, down from 959,000 a decade earlier -which brings you this earth shattering A grade piffle below. I just can’t think why more folks do not want to read a publication like this.



909 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Michael Infante of One Media insults the 106 other genders, what a fecking dinosaur

In today’s podcast I must on another call from a spiv urging me to invest in medicinal cannabis. I look again at AFC Energy (AFC) and its joke valuation and at One Media (OMP), its strategic review and its CEO with his shocking views on gender and I discuss how Verseon (VERS) shows, again, the greed and folly of Neil Woodford.


1168 days ago

Tom Winnifrith is an irrelevant dinosaur says cheapskate "guru" on Twitter

I may well be a dinosaur and am prepared to accept my irrelevancy but @Air_Chief is a cheapskate poltroon as you can see below.


1536 days ago

Mothercare - This is just not going to end well

I have been a long term bear of Mothercare (MTC) on the simple basis that I do not see it as having a USP any more. It is a pointless dinosaur like Toys R' Us. The latter is already toast as of last week, the most recent trading statement from Mothercare indicates that it will go the same way.