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506 days ago

Andrew R King has severe #BrexitDerangementSyndrome, Andrew is ill, pray for Andrew

Andrew King stares out from behind his face nappy on his twitter profile. Maybe that helps him not catch covid online. Or maybe it is just virtue signalling. He likes being dominated and subservient to the state so he is happy to muzzle up even when standing outside.  You will note that Andrew has a flag in his twitter profile. It is not that of the country where he lives but that of his beloved EU. Notwithstanding that, Andrew warns that “we all need to stop using flags in political contexts”. Like a political tweet eh? The old hypocrite continues…


508 days ago

Openly partial Naga Munchetty should NOT be fired – just defund her employer the wretched BBC

Relatively new BBC Director General Tim Davie stated that presenters on the state-funded broadcaster are “activists for impartiality” and that he would be prepared to sack those who breach impartiality guidelines on social media. On that basis, Breakfast TV star Naga Munchetty should be fired in the morning but why bother? She would merely be replaced by someone who acted in the same way, thought the same way and polluted the BBC with woke bias. The issue here is a culture that runs through the DNA of the wretched BBC.


1512 days ago

Patriotism again a dirty world among the liberal Metropolitan elite - The Independent offends me

Hell's teeth: I do not even support England, but the sneering elitism of the metropolitan elite, as exemplified by the little read Independent newspaper (below), almost makes me want to. For the avoidance of doubt, with no Irish team in Russia, I am hoping that England triumph. I would not go as far as some of my neighbours in flying the cross of St George but I understand their pride in their country and why they do so.