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17 days ago

You think the 2022 two day heatwave was bad and worse is to come – so when did global warming start?

The Met Office and the BBC and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia really are creaming themselves over the two day heatwave back in Airstrip One. Okay there were not quite 10,000 excess deaths in fact there were sod all excess deaths but that was probably down to mask wearing and the mass rollout of untested vaccines. So when did global warming start in the UK?


19 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: Fevertree and its endangered dividend & bashing the City establishment

I start with some advice from Greece on coping with the heatwave. Then it is Jennings versus Ironveld (IRON) and why – in this case - you really should back Jennings. Finally re Fevertree (FEVR) what do you make of the photo below? And why its dividend should be chopped. And why it is still a short whatever PL suggests.


28 days ago

It's getting so hot out there... a doctor warns British women what NOT to do

It touched 40 yesterday in Kalamata, here in Greece and it will be hotter for days and days as we get into August. Nobody panics, life goes on, there are no meetings of Greece’s equivalent of COBRA but back in Blighty it seems as if the country is collapsing thanks to its two day heatwave. Thanks to the Daily Star I bring advice from a medic for my female readers on how NOT to react. A doctor has warned…