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You think the 2022 two day heatwave was bad and worse is to come – so when did global warming start?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 28 July 2022

The Met Office and the BBC and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia really are creaming themselves over the two day heatwave back in Airstrip One. Okay there were not quite 10,000 excess deaths in fact there were sod all excess deaths but that was probably down to mask wearing and the mass rollout of untested vaccines. So when did global warming start in the UK?

Peter Hitchens has, this week, been bathing in the BBC’s climate coverage from 1973 when it, the Met Office and the Liberal Intelligentsia with ALL its experts were all warning us about the coming ice age. So when did global warming start? 

Presumably after those bitterly cold winters of the 1940s and maybe after the incredibly cold 1963 winter. I blame the permissive society for global warming. Maybe after that hot summer of 1976?

So here is a Wikipedia report about the heatwave:

 The heatwave began around early July and ended two and a half months later, in mid September.

By 17 July temperatures were 27 °C (81 °F) and by 20 July there had been no rain for 20 days, meaning a drought had officially begun. In the height of the heatwave, at the end of July, temperatures were 33 °C (91 °F) in Kings Lynn, breaking all previous records in that area. The heat wave and drought continued into August, with temperatures up to 27 °C (81 °F) on 1 August continuing throughout the month in London. Even into September, the heat wave was still continuing, with temperatures up to 33 °C (91 °F) in early September.

The heat wave and drought only ended on 11 September when average temperatures dropped by 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11°C) and the high pressure dominating the country receded, allowing rain over all parts of the country.

The impacts of the heatwave extended over all parts and sectors of the country. The impacts began to be felt around mid July, around three weeks after the heat wave began. Because of the extreme heat, working patterns changed in Lancashire, with work beginning at dawn, around 4:30 am and finishing around midday, to avoid the hottest part of the day in the quarrying industry there. Fatalities became common and newspapers such as The Times ran Deaths by heat columns as temperatures continued to rise. The heat also caused indirect deaths, by melting the asphalt on roads, causing numerous accidents.

By the beginning of August, even the health of country people was being adversely effected with stifling, humid nights, meaning food spoiled very quickly without refrigeration and sewage spilled out. Also in August, striking became common, most notably in the Victoria and Albert Docks, where the entire workforce of 5000 people walked out, because of the intolerable heat, meaning the whole area came to a standstill.


Cripes. That is what I call global warming. 

The year? 1911.  The world got hotter ( the 1930s was a hot decade) then it got colder. Temperatures change. Get over it.

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