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1742 days ago

Cloudtag homophobe and ignoramus of the day - Greg Brittan

Of all the Cloudtag (CTAG) lunatics out there, Greg Brittan has to be the stupidest and also the most homophobic.It seems quite common among Cloudtag supporters on twitter to label someone "gay" as a term of abuse but Greg is obsessed about the subject. Almost every other tweet refers to a homosexual act, someones anus or a claim that someone else is gay.


1775 days ago

Men who have sex with Men, on Radio 2 - I think I know what this is about

And so driving through the Cotswolds on my way home from my father's I found myself listening to a BBC Radio 2 discussion about gonorrhoea. It was indeed fascinating stuff. Part of the discussion covered routes for transmission and the terribly PC female doctor covered the issue of transmission between men who like having sex with men. You mean gay men or homosexuals thought I, struggling to find the wording for friends of Dorothy which is deemed not to be offensive in 2016 although it may have been fine in 2015.


2005 days ago

David Cameron & the EU will you stop your new Turkish pals from gay bashing poor Sir Elton John?

As we prepare to hand over 6 billion Euro to Turkey and to give 75 million Turks free travel across Europe it seems that nothing that the country's fascist President Erdogan does can raise any objection from the EU or from David Cameron. 


2007 days ago

The Mrs has got her Nashville ticket and this makes her week

Sadly in late June I shall not be in Bristol but will instead be working hard to rebuild the Greek Hovel. Even if planning consent is not quite in by then, I am free to start preparatory work such as digging out the stone floor of the bat room and demolishing the illegal construct on top of the rat room, the area known as the snake veranda.

The Mrs was set to join me but is now altering her travel plans. Tom Winnifrith just cannot compete with Deacon Claybourne, Gunner, Scarlett and Will Lexington. Nashville fans will know exactly what I mean. If you are not a fan of this must-watch TV series you do not know what you are missing.

We caught Gunner in action at a Country show last year in London. Rather suprisingly the actor who plays Texan born Gunner is in fact a Brit and is an accomplished singer songwriter as well as an actor. Gunner used to date Scarlett who is the neice of recovering alcoholic Deacon, now back with his sweetheart the star of the show Rayna. Deacon may or may not be dead, that is the cliffhanger at the end of series three. Well actually there was no way that Deacon who is the star of the show could be killed off, and as American viewers who are already well into Series 4 know, Deacon is alive but his ghastly sister Beverley is not doing so well.

At least for British viewers, Will is back as Gunner's housemate following the collapse of his faux marriage because he is in fact a closet homosexual. It


2408 days ago

Mr Sulu, Michael Portillo, Alexander the Great and Tom Winnifrith – odd homosexual out result

Thanks for a stack of witty answers to this competition.  I think that you all knew the real answer but were just joshing as I asked you to say who was the odd one out:  Mr Sulu, Michael Portillo, Alexander the Great and Tom Winnifrith – the four men below. You can see a full list of the answers - 1 of which was 100% correct ( well done Erlend) - given HERE


2410 days ago

Tom Winnifrith looks like a homosexual traveller…whatever

What does a homosexual traveller look like? I have no idea. Is there anything wrong with being a homosexual or a traveller or both? Of course not. But if you are a shareholder in Worthington (WRN) apparently this counts as abuse. 

While the company wastes its money sending a bully boy lawyers letter (where incidentally it failed to spell my name correctly) its shareholders have taken to the twitter barricades with a volley of abuse of which this is the best:

tommyhunch ‏@gorrillakiller1  3h3 hours ago


2799 days ago

UKIP Complete Nutter of the week - homosexual loathing David Silvester

UKIP Councillor David Silvester has written to his local paper in Henley, arguing that the recent storms to hit Britain were God’s punishment on David Cameron for legalising gay marriage. Hmmmm.

UKIP says that this is not official party policy but that every party member has his or her right to express their beliefs.  Well how jolly tolerant. For that I applaud UKIP but it could have gone one step further and added that on this matter Councillor Silvester has views which can only be described as completely bonkers bordering on offensive in a bigoted way.  

UKIP claims to be a libertarian party. One would have thought that to describe Councillor Silvester’s views as libertarian would be pushing it a little. As libertarians we should support the rights of this bigoted old fruitcake to say whatever he wants. But we should also be allowed to and instinctively feel the need to express the view that such views are pretty repellent and clearly do mark Silvester out as a bigoted old fruitcake.

UKIP keeps on having these episodes where party activists are exposed as bigoted nutters. The UKIP line – as expressed to me by a national organiser – is that “we have one or two backwoodsman who will embarrass us now and again.”

The trouble is that it is not one or two but rather too many UKIP members who clear hold some rather unpleasant views about homosexuals, immigrants, Jews and other minorities.

You can bet your bottom Euro that Silvester will not be the only UKIP nutter to emerge in 2014. I suspect that will not deter many of us from holding our nose and voting UKIP in the Euros just because the established political parties are so awful and because we hate the EU. But when it comes to a REAL election will quite so many folks really want to send some of the loons who fly the flag for Fuhrer Farage to Westminster? Somehow I doubt it.


2853 days ago

Evil Knievil says I look like a Homosexual – get your wallets out!

I see nothing wrong with being a homosexual or looking like one (if there is such a standard look). But despite going to the sort of school (perhaps it is because) where buggering younger boys was part of the core curriculum, Evil Knievil has less tolerant views.

He has therefore emailed me today to say “you look like a homosexual” which he, no doubt, regards as a deep insult. Whatever…

I think he refers to my moustache which 25 days into Movember might just get me into the sort of seedy Soho bar where you would get to meet stacks of Evil’s contemporaries from Rugby.

To show solidarity in the face of this homophobic assault please sponsor my Movember efforts raising money to fight prostate and testicular cancer HERE