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Men who have sex with Men, on Radio 2 - I think I know what this is about

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 7 November 2016

And so driving through the Cotswolds on my way home from my father's I found myself listening to a BBC Radio 2 discussion about gonorrhoea. It was indeed fascinating stuff. Part of the discussion covered routes for transmission and the terribly PC female doctor covered the issue of transmission between men who like having sex with men. You mean gay men or homosexuals thought I, struggling to find the wording for friends of Dorothy which is deemed not to be offensive in 2016 although it may have been fine in 2015.

But she said it again "men who have sex with men." I think that the route of this is that there are some men who have sex with men who do do not "identify" with being gay or homosexual or whatever the word is today. Rather like that US black rights activist who was in fact white but said she was black because she identified as such, chaps can these days have sex with other chaps but as long as they don't identify themselves as being gay then they are as straight as you me or Jason Donovan.

But since what they actually do is have sex with men then when it comes to high risk sexual activity they are lumped in with those men who are gay, in the category "men who have sex with men". Unless of course some of those gay men "identify" themselves as being gay but that is only because they are good at dancing and, in fact, actually have sex only with women.

It is all terribly confusing for an old man from the boonies. How the world has changed.

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