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34 days ago

Is Rachel Reeves the most economically illiterate politician in Britain?

The shadow chancellor does not seem to appreciate that she can only tax the profits of oil companies on their UK earnings and North Sea Operators already pay 75% tax. As the tweet below somehow she seems to think that adding to that tax will both cure inflation and slash fuel prices. I realise that there are many truly economically illiterate MPs, but this one could be Chancellor of the Exchequer by the end of next year.


53 days ago

Video: The Fed has lost control, of inflation, silver to $100, buy gold

Author and investor Don Durrett might be termed as a bit more of a conspiracy theorist than even our own Nigel Somerville He reckons that the financial media and government tend to release bullish information which is inaccurate and misleading.


54 days ago

Video: Are the Mining Stocks Starting to Gather Momentum?

Writer Craig Hemke, founder of TF Metals Report, says he expected a macro dip in 2022 but anticipated a faster recovery to a higher level than what transpired. The Fed hiked more than most expected as inflation got ahead of it, and the extent of the damage remains unknown.


70 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Pantheon collapses, boy you should have heard Peter Brailey on September 10

I start with a health update, finally some joy from the NHS and, even before that, I am starting to feel better. Then it is onto Pantheon Resources (PANR), Inspirit (INSP), and Atlantic Lithium (ALL) and share options, incentivising the dead. Then macro calls on interest rates, inflation, the real economy, shares, bitcoin, gold and oil. Details of ShareStock 2023 on September 23 are HERE


75 days ago

Video: Inflation, War and Precious Metals All Set to Accelerate Next Year

Analyst Charles Nenner is another cheery fellow.


79 days ago

Another indicator of Government failure - record numbers of bars & restaurants going bust

As chancellor, Rishi Sunak was applauded by almost everyone except me for the vast amounts of taxpayers money he chucked at the hospitality sector during the scamdemic. His reckless spending – either supported by the Labour Party, the SNP, the Lib Dems, the media class, or attacked for not being enough, created the inflation nightmare. But did it work? Look at the shocking chart below.  


119 days ago

Video: More unemployment is needed to cure inflation

There are folks who think that inflation can be cured without pain. Those are the same folks who urged record money printing during the scamdemic. That is what caused inflation not, as they claim, President Putin. Writer Jesse Felder puts them straight.


164 days ago

Video: The Biggest Wealth Destruction Event in History

Ronald-Peter Stoerferle, author of the  “In Gold We Trust” reports is a cheery fellow. He  believes that recession concerns will be the focus in the United States instead of inflation. This may provide the Fed some leeway as the public will be distracted by the economy. Europe will be more concerned with sticky inflation issues as energy problems continue. He says that Europe is definitely in a recession, and it’s quite likely the United States is now as well.


177 days ago

Video: Inflation Cycles have Topped for Now

I am not sure that I agree with this, certainly from a UK perspective I really do disagree as I note HERE. But Larry Williams has been trading for 60 years so experience is on his side not mine.  Larry discusses how bad news sells and everyone has a cognitive bearish bias. If you focus on the bad too much, then reality gets in your way. We saw capitulation in this market back in June. This is typically an excellent point to enter markets.


189 days ago

Video: The Real Truth about inflation

Book author J.E.S argues that folks do not understand in any way how inflation is going to impoverish them. I agree/ All those who yakked on about Modern Monetary Theory two years ago, from Paul Mason through most of the BBC to Zak Mir, and urged even more money printing, should be on trial for financial crimes against humanity.


207 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Liz Truss's dim VAT idea, more Cineworld goes bust news and back to Naked Wines

I start by responding to some of your comments on yesterday’s Naked Wines (WINE) podcast HERE. Then onto Liz Truss and why her VAT plan shows she is either dim or bonkers.In stating that inflation can be tackled with handouts rather than, as Maggie knew, with pain all round and, in this case, peace in Ukraine not an endless war, Ms Truss is lying to us all. Then onto the strange death of Cineworld (CINE).


220 days ago

Video: Buy gold and shares, sell bonds as we head for a decade of inflation

Analyst and writer Kevin Muir  says that investors seem to be having problems understanding the current economy and inflation: those in charge are arguing that this past month had no inflation. The reality is that month over month figures may be indicating that inflation has peaked.  Kevin says that this may cause the Fed may to be less hawkish than most investors are expecting.


265 days ago

Video: Central Banks Admit They have Lost Control of Inflation - gold should be at $3,000 oz

Analyst Jaime Carrasco says that he predicted inflation as the marginal usefulness of excessive debt has declined. He says that there is plenty of evidence from our debt-based system that a currency reset is coming; Governments taking on the debts of banks was evidence that some sort of currency reset is in the cards. Global trade patterns are rapidly shifting, and gold is part of that equation.


271 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in defence of Neil Woodford

I start with the garden, before explaining why I am driving all the way to Greece – my rational decision is a canary in the coal mine of global inflation. I defend Neil Woodford against a low-grade Sunday Times journalist, with reference to 4D Pharma (DDDD). Then, I look at bonkers house prices and when the tears will start.


307 days ago

Video: Stay in cash now, look to buy gold in H2

Analyst, Chris Puplava, argues that Fed rate hikes don’t always result in recessions. He believes there is no spare capacity to compensate for a slowdown and, therefore, the Fed is limited in its ability to control inflation. The November elections are always a factor, and he doesn’t expect the Fed will tighten aggressively into the fall. Mortgage rate hikes, he argues, are already impacting the housing markets, as the interest rate pain threshold has been more pronounced with every debt cycle.


321 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Beer & Popcorn with Peter Wall and the Argo Blockchain comedy show

I discuss today’s minor triumph regarding the rule breaking Tory Toff Earl of Shrewsbury and if inflation is not hitting some of us. I look at Vast Resources (VAST) and Avacta (AVCT) but in far more detail Amur Minerals (AMC) and then Argo Blockchain (ARB). There was no Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks training walk yesterday as I was aching so much from 10 hours gardening on Saturday. Instead I did another eight hours gardening here at the Welsh Hovel. I will post some photos later but I promise you that my body really ached today. Please enjoy my suffering but do not remain among the 97% of listeners yet to donate to this amazing cause, please make a donation – if only a fiver or a tenner – today HERE


321 days ago

In the coming recession no hope if no moat

I suspect that very few investors and surprisingly few PLC directors have any idea what a recession looks like. For starters most folks in both camps are rich but in a recession, it is the poor or lower middle classes who get whacked hardest. That is especially so when it is an inflationary recession as those lower down the order tend to have the least ability to “play catch up” by forcing through pay rises. And secondly you have to be of a certain age to remember a savage inflationary recession as an adult – the last one was ended with some fairly painful medicine by the blessed Lady Thatcher forty years ago.


321 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast – The first stock my pension bought is...

You will think me mad but let me explain. Before that I discuss the growing scandal at Kinovo (KINO) and who should pay. I also discuss gardening and walking. I tortured my body with a full day of the former today (and I am not done yet) but am not sure how I will torture myself tomorrow but torture myself I shall. So please if you are among the 97% of listeners yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks please do so HERE. Finally some thoughts c/o Peter Schiff on inflation.


325 days ago

Video: The Metals Bull Market isn’t Dead

Analyst and trader David Kranzler argues that the weekly economic data is indicative of the U.S. already in a recession. Eighty percent of all U.S. households have been experiencing the characteristics of a recession. Credit card usage is spiking and this is likely because people are relying on them to make ends meet. Inflation remains rampant at double digits.


366 days ago

Video: Inflation will explode as the world stops using dollars

At last we Austrian economists  can see that our dire warnings about the thief in the night will be vindicated. But if you think I am gloomy…


382 days ago

Video: Protecting Your Savings with Gold and Silver

Precious metals dealer Patrick Yip is clearly talking is own book but is, I think, correct in suggesting that everything is becoming more expensive and we see that in the one year performance of most commodities. The US Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) report of 7.5% seems to be very understated but this rate of inflation alone would remove 35% of your purchasing power in five years.


399 days ago

Video: Interest Rate Tightening Cycles are Great for Gold

Analyst Mark O’Byrne is puzzled by gold’s lack of reaction to current global risks.  He says that the metals should have moved higher in response to inflation. Supposedly, they are anticipating rate hikes but a large move seems unlikely as that would crash the markets. Inflation is not transitory and we’re just seeing the start of it. He expects weakness in the short term for gold as Fed takes some sort of action. Then he says that within a short period afterward, we will see gold break to the upside.


406 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: WW3, Inflation and Tern vs Omega, similar deceit in the portfolio of death

I comment on a kind post one of you made on the LSE Asylum. In today’s Poirot on Channel 10 he had tired of fighting crime in the City and retired to tend his garden. I know how he feels. I discuss events in Ukraine, inflation and how it those who dismiss the damage it causes, Comrade Stacey, are wrong. Then I look at a BB portfolio of death, something for tomorrow’s bearcast. Two stocks which were both in it are Omega (ODX) and Tern (TERN). After last week’s collapse Omega may now be out – though I certainly would not buy. I discuss the common trait of how both mislead investors. I discuss how all folks should own some oil, a point I have made before, naming the 2 oil stocks I own.


410 days ago

Video: Inflation is Here to Stay, shares will tank

Asset manager Kevin Smith warns that the Fed has lost control of inflation, equities are bound to fall sharply and you just know where to go to save your wealth!


427 days ago

Video - the decade of the Greater depression

Some folks talk of how this will be an inflation-fuelled roaring twenties as if inflation is a good thing. But, as I explained in Bearcast yesterday, history shows how it rips society apart. The poverty it causes for many is an evil.  Doug Casey, the libertarian author and speculator, follows this theme in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital. He may be more eloquent than I, certainly he delivers fewer “ers”.


436 days ago

Video: The Fed Must Inflate or Die, soon folks will measure their wealth in ounces not dollars

Ex broker and commentator Bill Holter of JSMineset makes it clear: inflation is unavoidable and that must send gold higher.The process is already underway.


448 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The ghastly Mail on Sunday airbrushes history for a man who lost £21m of other folks cash

Yes Piers Linney is back. I fill in a few gaps for Mail readers including red flags from the latest venture of disgraced Piers, Moblox Limited.  Then it is onto macro predictions on oil, gold, interest rates,inflation, house prices, tax, equity markets and bitcoin. Happy New Year.


460 days ago

Video: China Could Tip-Off a Global Inflationary Tsunami & for goldbugs that is what we need

Analyst Jaime Carrasco of Canaccord Genuity is still a gold bull and here’s why.


493 days ago

Video: Price Inflation is Only Just Beginning

Veteran analyst Alasdair McLeod claims that  the investment management industry is completely ignoring the expansion in money and the resulting inflation. Price increases are the consequence of this expansion of the money supply.  He notes that we’ve experienced an expansion by 400% in M1; we are in hyperinflationary territory. Further spending on infrastructure using more printed money won’t make this any better.


499 days ago

Video: Supply Shortages are Masking Real Inflation

Writer Lyn Alden is bang on the, increasingly worthless fiat, money when it comes to the thief in the night. She’s my sort of bird.


500 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: vodka infused plum crumble to celebrate another big vindication, another FRAUD imploding

I discuss what I should write in my weekend Tomograph: losing faith in the CofE or why is sleaze everywhere? That leads neatly onto inflation and that shock US data yesterday. Then I look at the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) where my vindication is complete, and which I can celebrate with vodka infusd plum crumble,  Volex (VLX), Manolete (MANO) and Feedback (FDBK)


517 days ago

A detailed note on why H&T is a BUY

The latest results from pawnbroker H&T Group (HAT) noted Covid-19 related trading restrictions and reduced high street footfall impact but they still showed profitable resilience and noted growing confidence. We can understand why, given the strains raging inflation will put on household budgets, and predict a return to the 380p+ share price levels of early 2020. At a current 283p offer price  (279p when we tipped it two weeks ago) and up to 290p, this is a recovery BUY.


518 days ago

Video: Gold and Inflation

Analyst Jeffrey Christian admits that folks do not agree about what will happen next.  He discusses his recent presentation at the Silver Symposium and how his opinions differ. He notes that all currencies are fiat and that gold’s value is determined by fiat. Much in the same way that currencies are valued by national central banks.


525 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the 1 stock I have bought for my SIPP and four I almost bought

I start with a couple of talks from the Welsh Hovel and what they say about inflation and that almost drove me into buying two stocks for my SIPP. I considered another two but then went for a fifth, an oil and gas play. I explain my thinking behind all.  Then I discuss Peter Brailey’s piece on ITM Power (ITM)


546 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I forgot to mention Bidstack last week & why Bath Spa holds the key to the petrol crisis

I start with how I am terrorising folks in this hotel as I sneeze in the lift and droplets fall from my ever redder nose. I know I don’t have covid, they don’t. Then I move onto Malcolm Stacey and inflation. Then onto Bidstack (BIDS), a train crash in the making. Then I discuss the lorry driver and cabbage picker crisis with a joke at Jim’s expense and also what is the obvious solution.


552 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - a sink full of beans which I shall be selling for gold by Christmas

I already have 25 bags of beans in the freezer and another 4 jars in oil in my larder but yesterday I picked the last of the 2021 harvest, enough to fill half a sink. Now you may laugh but it will be me who laughs last and loudest. Let me explain.


566 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Workmen quitting on me, this is part of that inflationary storm

Either quitting or not turning up or quoting daft prices or saying they can’t do anything till whenever. It is all part of the inflationary storm and I discuss that. Then daft broker and paid for research notes. Should regulators act? I think it is pointless. I look back to 2010 and 2001 and other notes, it is all just a sign of the times.


566 days ago

Video: Gold Stocks Are Only Industry Beating Inflation Today

Investor Michael Gentile has a simple message about the only way to cope with inevitable inflation coming down the track towards us and fast.


586 days ago

Video: Dr. Marc Faber - Inflation Cannot be Stopped and that will cause massive pain all round

Celebrated author and investor Marc Faber does not mince his words. Most stock markets and sectors have underperformed compared with US Markets. This, Faber explains, is because every time the Fed prints, it ends up with corporations and the super-rich. Markets are no longer homogenous, and fiscal deficits are no longer expanding. This is making it more difficult for the entire market to move upwards.


600 days ago

Video: Fed Will Be Caught Between Inflation and Market Crash

A final melt up followed by an 80% market crash? This David Hunter chap is a cheery fellow is he not?


609 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the thief in the night is now free

Good news: the mule with my money arrived last night. I shall buy the shares at 8.30 AM Monday and serve up a bonus bearcast/bullcast to explian my thinking then. The rest of today’s podcast covers inflation, the genie has escaped but what should you do?


623 days ago

Video: is it worth betting on deflation?

Precious metals analyst Jonathan Mergott considers that since everyone is betting on inflation making a big time comeback perhaps the contrarian trade is where to be.


624 days ago

Video: the great Ron Paul warns dollar panic will lead to economic collapse

Ron Paul for President! Sadly he never made it past the Republican Primaries. America is not ready for a honest, sound money libertarian yet. But the good doctor is still my hero. In this new video, Dr Paul discusses the need to reduce the size and scope of government. He argues that people today rely on the government too much, and politicians can’t resist taking advantage of this dependence. It’s like an addiction, and stopping it is a problem. The plunge protection team has done a miraculous job of propping up the market. But, unfortunately, Paul argues, the dollar will continue to decline, and inflation will result in the prices of everything going up.


643 days ago

Video: Bubbles Too Big to Fail Will Transfer into Inflation

Bankster and author Diego Parrilla defines a bubble and how misconceptions can distort reality at extreme values, either high or low. Every bubble has an anti-bubble.


650 days ago

Video: Inflation – Redefining Robbery

Nick Giambruno is Chief Analyst of The Casey Report and warns that the thief in the night is now out of control.  Nick differentiates money from fiat currency and where investors should hold their wealth in times of crisis. He argues that Bitcoin is a good alternative and is not unlike gold. Digital scarcity is a new invention, and the real revolution is in bitcoin, not other digital currencies. Bitcoin is unique because it isn’t controlled by banks or corporations and works as a form of digital gold. He believes bitcoin is in the process of monetization around the world.


651 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - more failures at the FCA and more bonuses plus Kefi & country risk

I start with a few thoughts on Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) in the wake of today’s scoop. Then it is onto more failings at the FCA and the scandal of its staff bonuses. Finally some thoughts on inflation which is now clearly starting to get a grip. Even so I can’t stop myself holding a good bit of cash.  


661 days ago

Video: Longer Term Inflation Coming

Writer Kevin Muir of “The Macro Tourist” kicks off by explaining  how the Repo Markets function, their purpose, and what led to the September 2019 freeze. It’s the financial plumbing of the entire banking system where banks lend to each other. The front end of the curve acts as a temperature gauge for the system. Why does this matter?


672 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Peter Hitchens on inflation

I start with good news: Rogue Bloggers for woodlarks have now raised £42,781.89 so are just over £5,000 short of our target. I describe my training walk today and fears that R Lewis Esq may be a bit lof a girlie swot in the walking department. Anyhow, if you are yet to donate please do so HERE. Then, prompted by Peter Hitchens, I discuss inflation. It is not bnenign and as it grows it will hurt many. The signs of its menace are all afround us. So what do we do?


750 days ago

Video: Commodities Flashing inflation, gold is next

Money manager Vincent Lanci explains some of the terms surrounding the bond markets and the current signs of low investor interest. Strangely, there was a massive reaction on Thursday’s Treasury auction to that lack of interest. The market was behaving like it expected the Fed to raise rates. In his speech on Thursday, everything that Powell said revealed the Fed would not raise rates, and they were not concerned by inflation. They stated they would remain extremely accommodating.


792 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Mail on Sunday on Nightcap, are these folks on heroin?

I start with the question of who should pay for lockdown via taxes or inflation. Then it is onto an article by Harriet Dennys in the Mail on Sunday on NightCap (NGHT), the AIM baby of Sarah Willingham of Dragon’s Den which could go bust by July. The article is so bad, so full of massive factual errors and so utterly misleading that it is easily the worst piece of financial journalism I’ve seen so far this year. And that includes articles by Zak Mir. Seriously, writing this sort of bollocks does have consequences.


806 days ago

Video: Inflation Starting to Rear its Ugly Head: buy bitcoin and gold shares

Asset manager Lawrence Lepard of Equity Management Associates argues that the system has failed due to unsound money, and an immediate restructuring would be preferable. The alternative may be dragging the process out for the next twenty years. He explains the differences between today and 2008 and why we haven’t seen much increase in money velocity yet.


811 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: rejoice, rejoice, rejoice - Three Brains has recovered!

I start with the new nickname for baby Jaya and why I am double sleep deprived. Men of my age really should not be fathering babies. Then to the great news, I have spoken to Chris Bailey and he is recovered and plans to start writing again this week. I discussed gold, inflation, market madness with Chris and relay our thoughts. Then I ask you to consider your mask wearing habits and discuss Remote Monitored Solutions (RMS). Finally can you top £150 for a bid for something worth 2 Euro which will not arrive for 6 months? Please do so before midnight HERE.  And the reason I may need to seek asylum in England is explained HERE.


830 days ago

Video: Fed will lose control of inflation so silver, gold and bitcoin will soar

Writer Lyn Alden looks at the economic downturn and notes  that we’ve seen a rebound in some asset classes, but, she argues, that it will take most of 2021 to see all the effects play out. We’ve seen a weaker dollar and slowing GDP growth globally. By late 2021 the global economy should improve gradually.


882 days ago

Video: 1970s Style Inflation Will Set Gold on Fire

Analyst David Hunter of Contrarian Macro Advisors warns that we are now nearing the end stage of the current secular bull market in equities. He notes that markets move from excess to excess, and in the last stages, they can go parabolic. He expects a deflationary bust and a new debt liquidation cycle to begin in the first half of 2021.


940 days ago

Video: The Currency Reset is Here: sell dollars buy gold ahead of fireworks!

Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading says that the Fed has been unable to hit its 2% inflation target, but she says, “The Fed is getting prepared because they expect to lose control of inflation soon.” The Fed plans to quietly introduce a cashless system with an 18 step plan early in 2021. This new system will enable the Fed to deposit money directly and will give them absolute control of their policies. This coming UBI stimulus scheme will be the fuel that starts hyperinflation fire since we are a consumer-driven economy; they have to get us to consume.


948 days ago

Video: Crashing Real Interest Rates Creating the Best Tailwind for $3500 Gold

Economist David Rosenberg says that flattened yield curves are promoting liquidity issues, credit supply has been contracting, and the velocity of money is also declining. So, he argues, if money velocity stabilizes were going to get a lot more inflation, and perhaps that is what gold is trying to signal.


1033 days ago

Video: Inflation, Deflation, or Stagflation and the Implications for Gold

Investor Chris Temple argues that in the late 70s and early 80s, the dollar was inversely correlated with gold, and the markets reflected the real economy. Today, everything is inverted, but a lot of investors and experts still have the old out-of-date mindset.


1534 days ago

Podcast: Explosive upside for gold and silver

Entrepreneur Lior Gantz claims that the outlook for Gold and Silver is improving dramatically. His thesis is that recent market action has resulted in a rebound. In September mining stocks hit 52-week lows, and the regular markets are now entering bear market territory. Inflation is on the rise and many states are hiking their minimum wage. Recent US Dollar strength is actually a bearish sign.


1856 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: MV=PT and SP50 ASAP

I say in the bearcast that it is the 20th. Apologies. Alzheimer's again. I know it is the 25th. The P in MV=PT is inflation and unless you have been buying into asset bubbles over the past few years you may not have noticed how huge it has been. But now it is working its way into the real mainstream economy and that will impact corporate earnings and also base rates. How exposed are you? SP50 is the promo code you use to book a free investor class ticket at TODAY. I explain why you really must come along with a preview of some of what is going to take place. Book NOW!


1857 days ago

Video: Inflation Is Beginning To Rear Its Ugly Head

Ignore what Ed Karr says about ramping his own stocks. What he says about inflation, a word unfamiliar to younger readers, is of real note. In this podcast from Palisade Capital, Karr discusses how you need to time the market cycles correctly. Gold is currently catching a pretty good bid, particularly with the recent dollar decline. We have seen an increase in volatility recently, and things are looking pretty good for precious metals. We could break through the 1350 level this year, and 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for gold.


2018 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - IQE the valuation must be insane & interest rate rise ahoy!

It is my son's first birthday today - how time flies! I start with a look at inflation. It is back! And the greed of the lazy public sector workers (demonstrated clearly HERE) will fuel it which means interest rate rises ahoy. I suggest this has clear implications you should not ignore. Then I take a detailed look at IQE (IQE),its last results,investor perceptions and explain why I believe that the shares at 131p are a very poor risk reward play for the bulls like Comrade Stacey.


2226 days ago

The inflation genie is out of the bottle and that is great news for gold - Peter Schiff

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is one of my heros and his latest podcast reminds us all why we need material gold exposure in the months that lie ahead. Inflation is back!


2354 days ago

Becoming A Metalionaire – Go On the Offensive with Gold and Gold Stocks!

Many people wonder how it’s possible that so much money is being created without runaway inflation. Mining entrepreneur Lior Gantz believes it’s because the other side of the equation is deflation. The system is causing deflation in the private sector and inflation in the government sector. This creates a huge battle between inflation and deflation.


3696 days ago

Video Postcard Number 27

Greetings from deluded lefty central in Shipston-on-Stour. I think I got both sound and picture right this time! A short video as an afternoon of sporting misery beckons.

On the agenda

1. Cupid
2. S&U
3. UKInvestor Show
4. Market rotation bonds vs equities: Tom Stevenson
5. Inflation & equities
6. Gold and silver
7. The ability to price set
8. It is not a matter of life & death it is more important than that.


3948 days ago

Valuation anomalies ad absurdum

I am not sure of my Latin. No doubt my father or Evil Knievil or his father George could do better. What I note is just that very few stocks in London seem to be perfectly priced. At one end of the spectrum there are some ludicrously overpriced bags of huff and puff. I flagged up one such enterprise and explained why it was 90% overvalued earlier today here. But it is not alone – I am sure it is not hard to find another two or three dozen companies that are equally over-valued. And I shall turn my attention to Facebook later. Yet at the other end of the spectrum there are profitable companies trading at a discount to Tangible Net Asset value or even to net cash. This is bizarre.