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186 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 No 136 – inviting your nearest and dearest to your own funeral

Under this country’s bonkers covid laws you are now allowed only 30 folks at a funeral plus the corpse even if that corpse is the husband of the Queen. It was the same rule for Phil the Greek as it was for my late father.


261 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 - remembering the death of Captain Tom Moore

It joins a long list. Knickers, bras, drinking coffee, Dad’s Army, dating a person of colour, fancying Rishi Sunak, not dating a person of colour are all racist as are so many other things. And now joining an ever expanding list is remembering and marking with respect the passing of the late Captain Tom Moore. You have been warned. It offends at least one person so is almost certainly a hate crime. Don’t do it!


289 days ago

Things that became racist in 2020 - No 461 fried chicken

I missed this one at the time so thanks to RP for spotting it but along with drinking coffee, women’s hockey, knickers, bras, sand, covid, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour and so much else we now know, thanks to the Guardian, natch, that fried chicken is also racist. 


291 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 – No 1 Dad’s Army

We start 2021 as we left 2020 – the year when drinking coffee, knickers, sand, women’s hockey, covid, dating a person of colour, not dating a person of colour and numerous other things became racist. First up this year is that old favourite Dad’s Army (the version starring Clive Dunn, Arthur Lowe, Arnold Ridley etc.).


304 days ago

Things that became racist in 2020 - number 768: drinking coffee

Cripes. There was I thinking that in drinking my Kenyan roast coffee this morning, I was helping to create proper sustainable jobs in Africa and allowing folks to put food on the table of their family, pay taxes to support healthcare, education and other good things. How foolish was I? 


2637 days ago

The Sale of Sexy Lingerie outfit Agent Provocateur – what it tells you

In 2007 venture capitalist 3i bought a then struggling designer and retailer of sexy lingerie Agent Provocateur for £60 million. It is now trying to sell the outfit for £200 million and has hired banks to find a sucker, sorry purchaser.  At this stage an IPO is not planned but none the less this sale is crackers. Well at least the price tag is.

Agent produces a range of sexy ladies underwear, bras, suspenders, knickers as well as newer lines such as whips and handcuffs. Its marketing is interesting enough to force this 46 year old make into extensive research. There is no doubt that it is trading well but these days the lingerie market is not exactly a monopoly.

Agent is a top of the range supplier