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56 days ago

It's 2021 so the sportswoman of the year is a) a total failure and b) not a woman

I am coming to the conclusion that in this increasingly crazy world, New Zealand is the largest open air asylum on this planet. For this week, the University of Otago on South Island has named as its sportswoman of the year Laurel Hubbard. Remember her?


177 days ago

If you are a pregnant man in the City of Lost causes...

The City of my birth is rapidly starting to rival Brighton as the woke capital of Britain. And thus it is no shock to see the local paper, The Oxford Mail, sending out a notice to all pregnant men in the county. In places like Oxford, it is offensive and sexist to suggest that only women, as in folks born with wombs, can get pregnant. No doubt, were a member of the University to flag up this madness, he or she would be censured for their intolerance and insensitivity. In a post fact world, what else should one expect?