3807 days ago

Twitter followers willy waving – a well-known businessman exposed

How many followers do you have on twitter? Ooooh I have more than that. My willy is bigger than yours. It is all a load of rubbish – you can quite simply buy followers on twitter and it does not cost a lot. And then you appear to be a really big swinging dick in the twitter world. But…

Sadly it is perfectly possible to validate whether your twitter followers are fake (bots bought in), inactive (old unused accounts bought in) or valid. And thus while you might superficially appear to be a BSD you might actually only be a small chipolata.

Just for fun a pal of mine ran the tests on a well-known investor figure and Sunday Time Rich List member who naturally I shall not name and shame for his sheer vanity. His twitter followers have grown from less than a thousand eighteen months ago to more than 400,000 today. Christ that man must have cajones the size of Mellons.

Er….maybe not. It seems that 88% of his followers are classified as “fake.” Another 7% are classified as “inactive.” And thus only 5% are real.

Whatever… the headline number looks awesome.