878 days ago

Wildlife diversity horror at the Greek Hovel Part 2

No photos this time as, unlike with the snake, this time I was called into action to despatch the latest horrors to emerge.


900 days ago

Photo Article the Welsh Hovel - the Mrs admires "our" work as I give a deep clean to Joshua's disgusting attic

It is not an attic at all. It is a small room built into the oldest part of the house whose door faces you as you enter the utility room. So it is a larder.  The brickwork you see in the second photo is one of the reasons the Welsh Hovel is listed. It is the old brick and oak beam exterior. Sadly this brickwork was repointed with concrete so when one of my ships comes in, at some stage, I shall get that repointed with lime mortar to restore it to its original beauty in full. Anyhow, back to what Joshua calls his attic.


2421 days ago

Photo article: A no go zone at the Greek Hovel - I blame the Gruffalo

Not withstanding my snake killing heroics of yesterday, I still live in dread of the vipers that slither around the Greek Hovel and across its fields. Irrationally, for I have never seen a snake there, there is one spot that holds particular dread. And it is all the fault of Julia Donaldson, the author of the children's classic, The Gruffalo.