326 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - a pointer to the Olive harvest this December

Our lunatic lefty friend L was clear: everyone says the olive harvest this year will be terrible, almost not worth doing. L likes bad news as it provides him with an opportunity to blame it on the Tories, Brexit, Global Warming, Donald Trump, the Daily Mail or Russia. In this case it is global warming and the hot weather and lack of rain this summer. But before I panicked as Jeremiah continued his monologue I needed to look for myself. For, this December, four readers of this website have volunteered to join me for a harvest: three returnees and a newbie. 


700 days ago

Chill Brands – Oops a daisy, one product line dropped and no update on sales – a date with death eight months away, or perhaps even sooner!

Oh dear. Another day and more bad news from the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) emerges and another lie. Last September Chill announced that it had launched a new line of synthetic nicotine products, that is to say tobacco free product which contained nicotine. Today it claims that the launch was actually in December – which makes the September RNS another lie whicxh adviser Allenby seems happy to be associated with -  but says that this venture has been wound up with immediate effect.


2888 days ago

Obesity Strategy: Why does the State stigmatise lardbuckets and smokers but not promiscuous homosexuals?

The launch of the Government's obesity strategy today sees all concerned spouting self righteous and sanctimonious waffle. What you stick into your body whether it be Krispy Kreme Donuts, cigarette smoke, vodka or the todger of a bloke you have just met in a lavatory on Clapham Common is your own business. It has nothing to do with the state.

Those on the left such as Jamie Oliver and that walking advert for healthy living that is Diane Abbott are today 


2982 days ago

Today is three months without a cigarette day

I know I have been banging on about this all week but today I wake up having not smoked for three months and I am fecking proud of myself. It did it via cold turkey so there is no legacy nicotine in my body from vaping, gum or patches.

It was playing soccer with a range of nephews and nieces aged 7 to 16 on St Valentine's Day that made me quit. My lungs were burning after just a few minutes. I wanted to run but could not. Being outpaced by a 7 year old is just not on. Enough was enough.

And so today


2983 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Nicotine Clean for 2 days under 3 months

Yup I am still clean and 99.9% of the time very glad to be. But I know that if I have just one fag it will be all over. So I will not. I digress. Today's podcast covers my little internet difficulties here in Kambos then goes onto Aureus Mining (AUE), Circle Oil (COP), IGAS (IGAS), LGO Energy (LGO) and Gulf Keystone (GKP). Finally I urge regular listener Marcus Stuttard, head of the oxymorons at AIM Regulation, to read the utterly shocking Phil Edmonds and Andrew Groves tale HERE as it shows what a shite job the bogus Sheriff is doing.


3023 days ago

Happy Birthday Dad I've bought you a certificate to stop global warming

My two sisters are a politically correct duo with a tendency to be rather earnest. Both work in the public sector and are married to half Germans - the Krauts. It is fair to say that we take a rather different view on more or less everything. Of course we are all united in having one father who turns 78 today. Happy Birthday Dad.

My younger sister in particular has "form" when it comes to uber-PC presents. I think it was two years ago that for Christmas she gave her husband


3069 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 Feb - If we vote for Brexit will Emma Thompson please fuck off & live in Germany?

It is now 48 hours without nicotine and lefty luvvie Emma Thompson attracts my ire. there is also comment on the Horse Hill ramping and Leni-maths, the tobacco smugglers at Afriag (AFRI), Fusionex (FXI), Adolf Hitler's business cards, Iofina (IOF), Petroceltic (PCI), Environmental Recycling (ENRT), Edenville (EDL), Tertiary (TYM), Totally (TLY) and Igas (IGAS).


3771 days ago

Praise from the most bizarre sources – an Evening with Liquity: time to consider retirement

Up to London for a lunch with libertarian fellow Shoreditch refugee Philip, a CEO meeting and then to the offices of a City law firm to moderate a panel presentation for Liquity – a new platform for investors in unlisted stocks. It is an interesting proposition and I wish the firm the best of luck, not least because it employs my fave Tory blogger Charlotte Argyle. Rather conceitedly I thought I was on pretty cracking form.

I was certainly getting a few laughs but it is quite possible that many of those present were laughing at me not at my witty asides. You never really know.

As soon as the formal bit was over I headed outside for a quick nicotine fix and a fellow who was leaving congratulated me on my style and cynicism and said I gave a most enjoyable performance. Thank you said I. He then introduced himself as a full time member of the House of Lords and thrust his card into my hand saying that he had read my blog but would become a more regular reader from now onwards.

I shall not name this fellow to spare his blushes but I find praise from a member of the political classes a bit disconcerting. Does he not know that when the Popular Libertarian Front sweeps to power in 2020 one of the first acts of Dear Leader Richard Poulden will be to have the entire political class strung up from lampposts?  Naturally I shall be there in the front row with my knitting needles gloating as the tumbrils pass along the Mall.

But for his kind words tonight, I shall put in a good word with the PLF and Lord X will have his sentence commuted to 20 years in the newly established salt mines in the grim Northern Wastelands surrounding Stoke on Trent. But it got worse.