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112 days ago

Reasons to #DefundtheBBC No 967 - lying just to placate the radical trans lobby

Woman’s Hour should be renamed People’s Hour in light of the tweet below. For the BBC seems to think that people have periods just as it has previously suggested people get pregnant. Nope the word it is looking for is “women” but that might offend those who insist that such narrow definition of gender is offensive to some folks in these fluid times. Whatever. 


397 days ago

Tampax - of course men have periods, whatever you say you woke cretins

Of course folks born as men will start having periods when they start to identify as women. That is fine if you want to believe that but please do not tell me it is a fact, as Tampax does. Because it is not something that has happened. It is a lie.



401 days ago

Leicestershire Police fight the woke revolution for men going through the Menopause

Do you remember the bad old days when the Police were there to catch criminals and stop crime? It seems a lifetime ago. Today, let’s go to Leicestershire where the Police Force has taken time out from investigating someone who tweeted sceptical thoughts on the efficacy of lockdown to celebrate #WorldMenopauseDay.  It is not that this is not something we should not care about but haven’t the Old Bill got anything better to do, like breaking up a 3 year old’s Birthday party as there were more than six adults present? But it gets worse.


1077 days ago

I can’t decide if Brighton is Sodom, Gomorrah or Bedlam

Brighton used to be known as Britain’s gay capital. But in recent times it appears to have its collective LGBT (notably T) obsession to a level which might be laughable were it parody.  Sadly it is not. Today’s episode of “Off your Brighton Rocker”  concerns eight year old kids.