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I can’t decide if Brighton is Sodom, Gomorrah or Bedlam

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 16 December 2018

Brighton used to be known as Britain’s gay capital. But in recent times it appears to have its collective LGBT (notably T) obsession to a level which might be laughable were it parody.  Sadly it is not. Today’s episode of “Off your Brighton Rocker”  concerns eight year old kids.

It seems that in schools in the liberal Sussex paradise kids are to be taught that boys as well as girls can have periods. And these lessons start for eight year olds. Is eight the right age to discuss periods per se? I am not so sure.

But the fact is that boys do NOT have periods. Girls do. But in stating that I am apparently a reactionary old fart who does not understand the new world of transgender fluidity. Whatever…

In 20 years we will look back on such nonsense and realise that it was a horrific mistake driven by a tiny but vociferous minority but which few dared to oppose for fear of being termed bigots.  Whatever. I marched against clause 28, have long written in support of LGB (and then LGBT) rights. But this sort of thing is just madness.

I term it madness so regard Brighton where it is mainstream as merely Bedlam. Others will take the view that in forcing this nonsense on eight year old kids, those responsible will damage the way they grow up and are thus genuinely evil and as such Brighton is Sodom & Gomorrah. Maybe that is a bit harsh but I cannot think this rubbish helps kids in any way, shape of form so it is clearly wrong.

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