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690 days ago

Ben Bradley MP: The Tories replace competence and freedom with populism, c’mon you Blues

And so yet more measures are introduced with no scientific basis to destroy our economy and wreck our civil liberties by this wretched Government. And as the Tories revel in their role as the enemies of a free press and destroyers of liberty, there is a new game in town: idiotic populism.


2057 days ago

Midnight mass - I leave feeling good about the world, then I talk to Uncle Chris

On Christmas Day I chatted to Uncle Chris Booker. A wide ranging chat but we cannot help but conclude that at a geo-political level the world is going ever more badly wrong. Price Charles this populism is a real danger and must be fought. Quite right you unelected hereditary multi millionaire, lets pursue policies that favour the 1% and screw the masses. Let's stick with policies that, for a reason that a patrician fool might not grasp, are not popular in any way. As a life long republican I really do hope that the Queen lives forever.