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94 days ago

The BBC worship of the late Steve Wright is nauseating given how it sacked him

Like many of you I grew up and grew older listening to Steve Wright on the radio. His death at just 69 yesterday was something I regret and he will be missed. The Mrs. and I still listened to his Sunday morning love songs show. Whether it was right to lead the News last night was Wright’s passing is a matter for debate. My instinct is that the troubles of the Labour Party in Rochdale, events in Gaza and the imminent fall of “fortress” Avdiivka in Ukraine where a couple of thousand Ukrainian troops were cut off yesterday were bigger stories.


1276 days ago

The annual Fairytale of New York debacle – #DefundtheBBC

There are certain parts of the Christmas ritual which seem to become more intense each year. I refer not, of course, to celebrating the birth of Jesus because that is an archaic irrelevance which has nothing to do with what is now termed “the holiday season.” Anyone who relates the winter holiday to Jesus, God, Angels or Mary and Joseph is a relic from the dark ages before Love island and the joys of modernity. But there are new rituals.


1807 days ago

Is Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4 the worst possible way to spend my license fee?

Whoever is driving the car gets to choose the radio station. Thus, when I was at the wheel, I refused to listen to Radio 2’s utterly gormless Sarah Cox who earns a telephone number salary doing drivetime as part the station’s campaign to show that it does not pay mega salaries only to men. The local radio station in Cannock Chase, I kid you not, was far more interesting.  But as we headed towards Bristol the Mrs switched to Radio 4 for the 6.30 Comedy show…


2157 days ago

Guardian harpie Christina Patterson – the BBC fails to haul her up for the most disgraceful Donald Trump smear

Stranded in the car with the Mrs, I found myself forced to listen to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 as it discussed Donald Trump  with the author, the Guardian writing metropolitan liberal elitist Christina Patterson. Listeners who liked Trump were invited to call in so that Christina could brand them as racists because she thinks all Trumpsters are racist. Keep it up liberal moron! Every such statement makes #Trump2020 even more of a shoo in.


2727 days ago

The BBC on UKIP - sneering elitist bastard Jeremy Vine, not even a pretence of impartiality

I am not a UKIP voter although I am 100% eurosceptic. I have explained many times why I don't vote for the party but listening to taxpayer funded Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 today I almost stareted to feel sympathetic to the fruitcakes.


2749 days ago

Men who have sex with Men, on Radio 2 - I think I know what this is about

And so driving through the Cotswolds on my way home from my father's I found myself listening to a BBC Radio 2 discussion about gonorrhoea. It was indeed fascinating stuff. Part of the discussion covered routes for transmission and the terribly PC female doctor covered the issue of transmission between men who like having sex with men. You mean gay men or homosexuals thought I, struggling to find the wording for friends of Dorothy which is deemed not to be offensive in 2016 although it may have been fine in 2015.