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The BBC on UKIP - sneering elitist bastard Jeremy Vine, not even a pretence of impartiality

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 29 November 2016

I am not a UKIP voter although I am 100% eurosceptic. I have explained many times why I don't vote for the party but listening to taxpayer funded Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 today I almost stareted to feel sympathetic to the fruitcakes.

UKIP has a new leader in Paul Nuttall who is obviously scaring the Labour Party senseless in that he is working class and talks the language of core "old Labour voters". Their own leader talks the language of rich, middle class, tossers in Islington and is a big turn off and his MPs and the liberal media, often rich Islington tossers themselves, know it.

On one line Vine had a UKIP activist and on another a UKIP hater. The hater started by comparing UKIP leaders to Hitler. Just like Trump was dubbed the new Hitler. In fact the left has found so many new Hitler's it is almost as if the Boys from Brazil was a true story but the Nazis actually got away with it. As Mark Steyn noted the other day, if you call everybody Hitler, Hitler ceases to have any meaning. 

The UKIP lady objected. Like Donald Trump, no-one in UKIP has started a major European war or murdered 6 million Jews but Vine taunted her by saying "oh we can't mention Hitler". You can Jeremy, you arsehole, it just makes you look dumb.

Then Vine turned to ridiculing the UKIP 2010 manifesto. Even Nigel Farage ridicules that document as a joke but Vine was asked why not discuss the 2015 manifesto. That is not a document I'd sign up to buit it is not a barking mad comic either. And it is surely far more relevant than the six years old manifesto. But Vine returned to 2010 document again and again and again.

Then the UKIP hater said that UKIP leaders were all rich City boys. That is - as it happens - not true but the UKIP lady valiantly said "what is wrong with the City anyway?" and made the point that UKIP leaders all seem to have had real jobs whereas the other parties were stuffed with career politicians. A very valid point.

But Vine butted in "okay we can't mention the City then. Or Hitler" as he laughed with open contempt at the UKIP lady who was not drawn fr5om the cosey Westminster political and media bubble but appears to have worked in a real job.

The more Vine and his ilk sneer and ridicule ordinary, decent folk like that lady from UKIP the more I detest the liberal elite. I suspect I am not alone in feeling that way...

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