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667 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 Number 765 – a 2 billion year old 42 ton boulder

Just like coffee, women’s hockey, women’s underpants, sand, covid, inviting your relatives and friends to your own funeral, dating a person of colour or not dating a person of colour or fancying Rishi Sunak or Priti Patel, a 2-billion-year-old rock in America is now officially racist and has been relocated to avoid giving offense to students of colour. I kid you not.


707 days ago

Things that became racist in 2021 No 476 - a lack of trees

You may remember that among the things that became racist this year were trees. They joined other alt-right offenders such as coffee, fried chicken, women’s hockey and underpants, sand and an ever longer list of shame. Now thanks to that go to publication for the racist list of shame, The Guardian, we have another hate criminal. A lack of trees.


896 days ago

Things that became racist in 2020 - number 768: drinking coffee

Cripes. There was I thinking that in drinking my Kenyan roast coffee this morning, I was helping to create proper sustainable jobs in Africa and allowing folks to put food on the table of their family, pay taxes to support healthcare, education and other good things. How foolish was I?