4 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining – Production and Operations update highlights potential, Buy...

Gold, copper and silver producer in Azerbaijan Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has made a “Q4 and Full Year 2020 Production and Operations” announcement, noting Q4 full-year production of 67,249 gold equivalent ounces – suggesting Q4 of 16,542 such ounces – and that it is looking to “take advantage of the current market to expand.”


8 days ago

Video: silver to reach $200 an oz

I recorded a long video with Lucian earlier and silver was on his agenda. He will like what analyst Michael Oliver has to say about past markets and how in the 1976 period, investors moved into commodities and stocks went sideways.  He believes that today, we are entering a similar period as most commodities have had long basing periods and are now turning upwards. This move seems to be caused by the expansion of the money supply and monetary policy.


13 days ago

Video: Silver’s Biggest Gains Starting Now

Silver Guru David Morgan says that in inflation adjusted terms silver is near all time lows and that “90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time.” Physical demand in 2020 for silver from ETF’s has been unprecedented, and the gold-silver ratio has also outperformed. He argues that silver should continue to outpace gold, and he expects this bull run to continue for another two or three years.


35 days ago

Video: Fed will lose control of inflation so silver, gold and bitcoin will soar

Writer Lyn Alden looks at the economic downturn and notes  that we’ve seen a rebound in some asset classes, but, she argues, that it will take most of 2021 to see all the effects play out. We’ve seen a weaker dollar and slowing GDP growth globally. By late 2021 the global economy should improve gradually.


55 days ago

Video: Gold and bitcoin to the moon, or at least $4,000 for the yellow metal

Asset manager Frank Holmes argues that the US the election results and a split house may be the perfect scenario for the stock market and the ideal scenario for gold. He believes that G20 Central bankers have been functioning as a cartel since 2008 by synchronizing taxation and regulation. Now they are playing with MMT, zero interest rates, and monetary stimulus. However, they have redefined the CPI, and today if you use the old model, inflation is running at close to eight percent. Smart people are buying real assets like art, gold, silver, mining equities, and bitcoin.


62 days ago

Video: US Dollar on verge of collapse - silver heading for $100

Trader Patrick Karim has words which will delight Nigel Somerville and other gold loons.


147 days ago

Video: We are in the Early Stages of the Largest Bull Market in the History of Precious Metals

Analyst Nick Giambruno explains which assets are “hard assets” and so will fly when fiat is, as now, being debauched. There are key characteristics that make gold the best money, and other assets like silver and bitcoin share many of those features. Bitcoin fits this definition because it’s scarce, and its supply growth is similar to that of gold, gradually declining.


148 days ago

Video: Dollar Destruction Targeting $15,000 Gold and $750 Silver

Once again we stumble across someone who makes Nigel Somerville look sane and balanced. Trader Steve Penny claims that  “Commodities have never been so cheap relative to paper assets.” He argues that today is a generational wealth transfer opportunity. His macro thesis is that the national debt is mathematically impossible to repay. History has shown that politicians will always try to inflate away the debt.


162 days ago

Video: Volatile Selloffs Expected Before $10,000 Gold and $300 Silver

And you thought that our own Nigel Somerville was nutso. Meet macro strategist David Hunter. Hmm, now what are my shares in Ariana (AAU) & Xtract Resources (XTR) worth on a DCF basis with gold at $10,000 oz? I am only kidding; this is quite literally insane.


163 days ago

Video: WARNING Red-Hot Gold Stocks Will Cool Off in August

ordan Roy Byrne is the only chartist we take seriously and he has a warning for you all. Jordan thinks a correction is coming. GDX & GDXJ hit major resistance levels and breadth indicators are extremely overbought. We highlight support levels in Gold & Silver. All is explained in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital.