sister Margaretta

1679 days ago

Photo article - my glamorous great Aunt Anna Lee in Fort Apache

My father’s cousin, the actor Jeffrey Byron, posted this shot from Fort Apache on the internet the other day, The movie was directed by his Godfather John Ford who often cast his mum, my great Aunt in his films. Anna Lee, born Joan Winnifrith, is on the far left. Pre-war Lee was dubbed “The British Bombshell” in Hollywood. It is hard to think of anyone in my family earning that epithet. 


2504 days ago

Photo Article: My Great Aunt, Sir John Winnifrith's sister "the British Bombshell" Anna Lee

Over the past few days I have written a couple of times about my grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, a thoroughly respectable fellow who ran the National Trust and was a staunch Bennite opponent of the EU. He was intelligent, sober and obviously not what one might term glamorous. But his little sister Joan was rather different.