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6 days ago

Lack of snow in Europe stops skiing claims the BBC, its all global warming. LIES

Today the skiing in Scotland has been stopped because there is too much snow. Will the BBC and the reast of the Mainstream Media GroupThink put that down to global warming and or climate change too? But what about those snow deprived resorts in Europe which the BBC has reported on with so much glee of late. More global warming vicar?


1844 days ago

Will the BBC report the 500 Lazy Doctors in Val D'Isere scandal?

Te BBC is drowning in stories about an NHS in crisis due to a shortage of doctors and money stories. Natch it is the evil Tories who are to blame although, the inconvenient truth , is that the Tories keep on increasing NHS spending to new record levels. There are no spending cuts. Meanwhile the refuse to report the Val d'Isere scandal.