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Lack of snow in Europe stops skiing claims the BBC, its all global warming. LIES

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 24 January 2023

Today the skiing in Scotland has been stopped because there is too much snow. Will the BBC and the reast of the Mainstream Media GroupThink put that down to global warming and or climate change too? But what about those snow deprived resorts in Europe which the BBC has reported on with so much glee of late. More global warming vicar?

I suggest visiting where you can read about the heavy snow storms across the Alps last week and which are rolling on this week. Oddly the BBC has yet to report on that.  So how many resorts are without snow and are closed to skiers?

Let’s take Switzerland as an example. You will see that 21 resorts are “temporarily closed”. That is to say they should be open at this time of year but are not because of insufficient snow. But almost all do now have some snow on the ground so you’d hope these resorts do start to open up as the global warming starts to fall. There are another 25 low lying resorts that are never open at this time but have start dates for skiing given and appear to be on track. Nearly all will be open by February as per usual.

Meanwhile there are 91 resorts open for skiing. Now I concede far from all trails and lifts are open at the 91. But with more snow on the way the percentages are going only one way.They are certainly not “closed.”

The BBC reported from one of the closed Swiss resorts, Torgon, on 6 January “The Swiss ski resort with no snow, at the Torgon ski resort in the Valais Alps it’s hikers rather than skiers on the slopes. A lack of snow in Europe has forced many mid-altitude ski resorts to close.

Well the evidence is now clear that in Switzerland as in France the vast majority of resorts are now open.  In the Pyrenees one resprt has reported 2.3 metres of snow in the past four days. Now that is what I call a lot of global warming! In Switzerland the percentage open is 66% and as the traditional late openers open up in late January & with additional snow due over the coming days that number should be 90% or higher within ten days.

But that does not really match up with the “global warming narrative” just like those Scottish resorts closed by too much snow. So one assumes that this will be the sort of “inconvenient truth” that the BBC’s fact Check Editor and Climate Change Editors will agree not to report. Nor will the 6 January report be updated as Torgon fills up with skiers.

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