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11 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - confronted by wildlife diversity amid a modest Squash harvest

The Autumn harvest is now underway at the Welsh Hovel. Yesterday Joshua and I picked about 90 eating apples, mostly a bright red but with a few Golden Delicious, from the top orchard I planted two years ago. All, bar a handful in the fruit bowl, are now wrapped in newspaper in the apple rack for Autumn consumption. We also picked a hefty weigh of crabapples which I shall make into jelly tonight.


402 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Joshua's sweetcorn and gherkins are amazing

The first of the two smaller beds at the bottom end of the vegetable patch dubbed “Joshua’s gardens” contains squash, marrows, herbs, lettuces, two chilli plants and a pepper plant. The second is for sweetcorn and gherkins and is now starting to look pretty amazing.