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2882 days ago

The latest artwork at Maribelle’s

It is a bit of a long story but our latest pierce of artwork at Maribelle’s, our new wine & tapas bar underneath Real Man Pizza in Clerkenwell, comes from Bristol sculptor Sophie Howard. We cannot pretend that there is a Spanish theme but we like Sophie’s work and hope to show more of it in future.


2900 days ago

Upper class twit of the year at Maribelle's


I had great fun choosing the artwork for our new wine and tapas bar Maribelle's at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road. It is all - occassionally at a bit of a tangent - Spanish themed. There is a Monty Pythong Spanish related poster (guess what) and so I picked up this Monty poster as well.

I am sure you remember the sketch but if not I bring it to you below. The one problem is that the chair is very, very relaxing and has become the place for my afternoon siesta. I gather that Darren already has a photo of my asleep underneath the poster. I meanwhile have one of an old Etonian AIM CEO in the same pose!



2900 days ago

Spaniard in the Works at Maribelle's

 I said that some of the artwork at our new wine and tapas bar in Clerkenwell, Maribelle's, was Spanish only on a tangential basis.  And so among the posters is a framed copy of "A Spaniard in the Works" - the poems of John Lennon. More posters to follow.


2900 days ago

Brigadista Bob Doyle at Maribelle's

 Bob Doyle was clearly a remarkable fellow. In the years leading up to the creation of the Irish Free State he was an active mem ber of the IRA. In the 1930s he headed off to Spain to fight Franco and Fascism. Post war he became an official with the print union SOGAT but also campaigned for a variety of causes including the legalisation of pot.  I am not sure that we would have agreed on everything but he certainly led a varied life.

It is in appreciation of what the old commie did in Spain that his poster hangs in the entrance to our new wine and tapas bar in Clerkenwell, Maribelle's. As you are beginning to see, our artwork is eclectic. 


2905 days ago

Meet the team at Maribelle's: Ana, Viktoria and Maribelle herself

We open at 1 PM tomorrow and will be open 1 to 11 Monday to Friday. Located beneath Real Man Pizza in the heart of Clerkenwell is our new venture. Tomorrow sees the launch of Maribelle's a new wine and tapas bar. We also serve some amazing sherries and 14 Spanish speaking beers.

And here is the team that will serve you should you pop along. From left to right: Maribelle (herself), Ana and Viktoria. I hope to see you all from tomorrow... 



2905 days ago

No Tomograph or videos this weekend as I am flat out at Maribelle’s

I lost my voice screaming at Upton Park yesterday so no videos are possible – I sound like I have gargled razor blades. And I am afraid that there is no Tomograph newsletter either. Today I have been flat out at Maribelle’s.

And next week I am also more or less on writing holiday. Steve and Ben are in charge, this is Maribelle’s week.

The signs went up last week. The carpenters finished this morning and, this afternoon, Darren, myself and Maribelle herself have been flat out unpacking alcohol, setting up the till, printing off menus, moving chairs. The work will continue late into tonight and will start again tomorrow first thing as Darren pucks up some rather unusual artwork which with our new wine & tapas bar will be decorated. We open at 1 PM and close at 11 PM Monday to Friday starting tomorrow.


n a brief break Mirabelle and I enjoy a bottle of Estrella Galicia, a Spanish lager which is not half bad… now back to laying out the tables. Naturally I would be delighted to see any blog readers at Maribelle’s this week. We are at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5BX, underneath the Real Man Pizza Company quirky Italian restaurant, and I am in residence all week.

Oh and here is a view of a well-stocked bar.


2911 days ago

1,103 People follow @ShareProphets on twitter – why not join them and win a prize?

Unlike some we could mention, ShareProphets has never bought twitter followers nor do we follow folk just to get a follow back. @shareprophets follows no-one, not even me - @tomwinnifrith – and yet, in eight months, we appear to have accumulated 1,103 folks who follow us on twitter to keep tabs on what we write. Why not join them and win a prize.

Already six of our followers are down to win a voucher entitling them to a 50% discount on a bill for a party of up to four at our new wine, sherry and tapas bar opening in Clerkenwell on February 3rd – Maribelle’s.  Those vouchers will be sent out this week. 

And there are ten more vouchers up for grabs – we will choose at random ten of those who were followers 1,101 to 1,201 and they too will be sent a Maribelle’s voucher.

So follow away @shareprophets


2913 days ago

Having to Choose 14 beers to drink – it is a hard life as we prepare to launch Maribelle’s

You know I have a hard life. Deciding which 14 bottles of beer to drink is the sort of chore that I have to suffer. I can sense the waves of pity heading my way. Actually it was not quite as it seems.

The countdown to the launch of our new Spanish themed wine bar Maribelle’s is accelerating. We go live on Monday February 3rd at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road.  Fear not, Real Man Pizza is not closing – it thrives with its new menu as the quirkiest Italian restaurant in town. It is just that we are opening up our unused basement as Maribelle’s. And so last week I worked hard on:

Hiring a new waitress. The first girl to walk in was Ana from Spain. What can I say? Her CV was perfect, she wants to be a journalist but she could be a model. She had the job in 30 seconds. No messing about there. An easy executive decision.

Then the wines – 25 Spanish wines, white, red, rose, Cava. I love a white Rioja. That was fun. Eight Sherries as well. I know I kind of associate sherry with our grandparents, with what my philosophy tutor at Oxford Dr Malpas used to pour before a tutorial or with the 1970s. But white Sherries, chilled, can be fantastic and we have a cracking selection on offer.

Then to the “Spanish speaking beers”. This is a bit of a cheat. Of the 14 one is a Spanish cider. And seven come from Spain. The rest are from Argentina, Peru, and Mexico and – as a real cheat since they speak Portuguese there – one is from Brazil. I dithered about the Argie lager but it is just so good.

Then the real treat – the tapas menu. A few heated discussions with Maribelle herself (our chief waitress from Spain who has two degrees in economics and takes her clothes off to campaign for world peace) ensued. But we have agreement now and this week the cooks will be practising hard to get everything just right.

The sign makers are commissioned and new signage goes up this week while the electricians and carpenters are in over this weekend.  This afternoon Darren and I will finalise the artwork (some debate over a brass model of a woman’s bottom is still to be concluded – I vote yes, Darren and his Mrs are dithering) and the furniture. And then down to the marketing literature featuring Ana.

All of the team at Real Man is very excited about this new venture. Fingers crossed. I hope to see many blog readers popping into Maribelle’s from the third. Hint: Ana works Tuesday to Thursday.


2926 days ago

Prize caption Contest – very odd one out edition

I cannot run with another caption contest based on the idea that some people still believe in David Cameron or global warming or both. So instead I offer you the photos of four well known men and invite you to say without breaking any laws of libel which is the odd one out.

The most entertaining factually correct answer wins a 50% off voucher to the soon to open new Spanish wine & tapas bar in Clerkenwell, Mirabelle’s. Prop… you know who. Post your ideas in the comments box below by Friday at noon.

Last week I asked for a caption for this photo.


The winner is Donalgarth for:

Penguin one "No I don't fancy their chances at all, I've heard that FAT Sam's leading the rescue party."

He will be sent his voucher entitling him for 50% off his bill when he visits Mirabelle’s.