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811 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: a man diagnosed as Educationally Sub Normal at 4 teaches his 4-year-old about letters

Those who comment on my frequent typos may not be surprised to hear of this early diagnosis, prompted by the fact that my sister T – 15 months younger than me and a girly swot even at that stage – was more advanced in the reading department than her older brother. It was not until I was seven and interviewed by Jack Marshall the head of the Warwick Junior school that this cloud was lifted.


2075 days ago

You are going to see typos tumble - my eyesight is the problem

My glasses are falling apart so I finally accepted that I need a new pair and walked into the opticians a couple of weeks ago. When did you last have an eye test? Said the Lady., I really cannot remember. But now that I am forced to consider the issue I think that it must be almost ten years ago. Has your eyesight changed at all? Said the lady. Well now that you mention it....


3413 days ago

That £439 glass of wine last night but at least my typos will be reduced

You may have noticed that the number of typos in my articles has increased in recent months. I am not a touch typist but have learned how to bang the keys hard and fast – having to knock out 350 words in ten minutes with a sub-editor screaming at you to hit an Evening Standard deadline was a great instructor.

The problem with this is that after about a year the letters on my keypad start to disappear. And so on my laptop there was often some confusion between o, I, u, p and m and n. Those letters – as well as r, t, a, w, k and l are now all missing. Spellcheck does not always pick these matters up. And it can be hard to sub your own articles particularly after a hard day.

But salvation is at hand.