The Field No 8 - Halloween, at last something sweet to eat

2642 days ago

…of the year, late October until November 5th, at Butterwell Farm Byfield provided some greatly appreciated treats. It was …


The Field No 6 - Chocolate was very much a treat

2644 days ago

…tooth later in life but, in my early years at Butterwell farm Byfield, chocolate was a real rarity and sweets were just …


The Field Number 5 - My Godfather Vicious, Anthony & Cleopatra

2645 days ago

…has somehow passed on to me. During our time at Butterwell farm Byfield when I was a young boy, Vicious was in a "between …


Sarfraz Nawaz – A great influence on me

4369 days ago

…remember who it was but a great cheer went up at Butterwell Farm Byfield and I was a Northants supporter for life. I saw …

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