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If a woman is charged with fraud that is sexist says the liberal wanksheet the New York Times ref Elizabeth Holmes

4 days ago

…certainly win a prize, as did the fantasies of Carole Cadwalladr of the Guardian, the UK’s leading liberal …


Bonkers Carole Cadwalladr's 1200 experts who predicted 100,000 cases of covid a day as lockdown was eased shown to be clowns - Guido

26 days ago


BREAKING: You could not make it up – star Avaaz speaker on media disinformation is crazy cat lady Carole Cadwalladr

90 days ago


Batshit crazy fantasist Guardian hack Carole Cadwalladr has to make another grovelling apology for defaming Arron Banks, give her another Orwell Prize - Guido

144 days ago


The 30 most read articles in almost nine years as reaches a landmark of 3 million page views

147 days ago

…No foaling. Guardian & Observer hypocrite Carole Cadwalladr & the myth of working class comprehensives …


Questions for Hertford College’s woke Principal about the dirty oiks and other matters

187 days ago

…hoisting a lecture in which my fellow alumnus, Carole Cadwalladr, spelt out “the degradation of British …


Will Hutton & Hertford College vs The Information Commissioner re the fantasist Carole Cadwalladr

237 days ago

…Constitutional Crisis. Alan Rusbridger and Carole Cadwalladr spelled out the degradation of British …


Chatting to my IRA pal about the EU punishment beatings of we Brits

239 days ago

…Grayling, the fantasist queen of libel, cat lady Carole Cadwalladr or Lord Adonis (who the fuck is he anyway?) to …


Kathy Griffin really does incite violence on twitter & the liberal media just loves her while shutting down those outside the GroupThink

253 days ago

…editorial team including demented fantasist Carole Cadwalladr,  Layla Moran, all BBC staffers and others …


The #BrexitDerangementSyndome pandemic is out of control

267 days ago

…or on the BBC, thinking that proven fantasist Carole Cadwalladr deserves another Orwell prize and banging on …

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