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BREAKING: You could not make it up – star Avaaz speaker on media disinformation is crazy cat lady Carole Cadwalladr

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 22 June 2021

I kid you not. Carole is the Orwell Prize winning journalist who made up a stack of stories about Cambridge Analytica, the Vote Leave campaign, Dirty Russian Money, Arron Banks and those pesky Russians getting Donald Trump elected in 2016. It has all been shown to be utter fantasy. Carole has now admitted that she has no evidence at all that Banks, who is minted in his own right, got Russian money to fund the Brexit campaign. She will shortly be taken to the cleaners by Arron in the High Court. She is the ultimate source of media disinformation. So today I learned that lefty pressure group Avaaz is holding a conference on media disinformation…

The event is to push for a Paris style agreement to stop media disinformation. Among the speakers are:

Twitter Vice President for Public Policy EMEA Sinead McSweeney
Facebook Head of EU Affairs Aura Salla
The Crazy Cat Lady Cadwalladr

So the two media giants that collaborated to stop Hunter Biden’s activities being exposed during the US General Election and shut down those who queried various aspects of lockdown are joined by a woman who has made a career smearing folks like Darren Grimes and Arron Banks with lies she is unable to prove.

Natch among the panel there is not one speaker of a conservative bent as it would not do to have a genuine debate on such matters would it?

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