5 days ago

Twitter moron & TW troll of the day is a shareholder in Regtech Open

For the record, shares in the insolvent fraud Regtech Open (RTOP) were listed at 100p on August 25 2023. A month later they hit 314p. Today they are 6.22p and they will go to zero. I have been a perma bear, but in a parallel universe Bubbles tweets away happily on both Regtech and the sister fraud Supply@MECapital (SYME), where he is also long and strong as its shares hit new record lows. Bubbles is a moron as you can see below. 


73 days ago

Getting a barrage of hate for stating a fact, meet the #NAFO loons

On the day Scotland introduces its barking mad new clampdown on free speech, JK Rowling has tweeted a series of images of the type of women born with a penis, including the unhinged India Willoughby stating that they are men. That is a direct challenge to the Scottish Police. Good for JK who is, predictably, being lambasted by a range of loons for stating what, you and I know to be a fact. Meanwhile I also stated and fact and after a barrage of abuse have locked my twitter account. I am not as brave as JK.



127 days ago

Debating with 2, now blocked, impoverished morons on twitter

I sometimes wonder at the sheer stupidity of some folks. I present three tweets below. The two Vast Resources (VAST) owning morons who seem to tweet about little else are now blocked. Why have I wasted five minutes of my life engaging with such complete imbeciles? The thread runs:


127 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ben's Creek pregnant with a profits warning and a financing crisis

In today’s Bearcast I cover Predator Oil & Gas (PRD), Ben’s Creek (BEN), NightCap (NGHT), Naked Wine (WINE), WeWork, Scotgold (SGZ) and Actual Experience (ACT).


156 days ago

Not engaging with idiots on twitter, many of whom seem to own Avacta & that old nonce smear

My best friend from Oxford, the charming Elaine, worries that, despite my degree, some folks might start thinking that I am a bit of a pseudo intellectual for pointing out that attacking an article you have not actually read is a sign of innate stupidity. But it is and on twitter it seems to happen about 20 times a day. Yesterday one star tweeter was a shareholder in Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL)


163 days ago

Urging folks to “bake a jew” with an Auschwitz picture does not breach twitter/X Rules – Elon Musk are you mad? Do your employees hate Jews?

I sent the image below to twitter/ X’s safety team this morning. Anyone can see that it is the most offensive antisemitism going. Twitter’s rules against hate  suggest it will act on tweets on the grounds of hate if they contain: “Slurs, Racist or sexist stereotypes, Dehumanization, Incitement of fear or discrimination, Hateful references, Hateful symbols & logos”

Well references to baking Jews with a picture of Auschwitz fits the bill.


191 days ago

@ElonMusk and @X why do you see nothing wrong in this Hitler worshipping Jew Hater?

I flagged up the account below, @B6385405196,  to twitter/X which says that it bans all accounts/tweets which show a hate towards a particular race, religion or ethnic grouping. I would have thought an image of Hitler with the words “Jews must be removed” fits that bill but it seems not. Twitter/X has got back to me saying “this account hasn’t broken any rules”. Hell’s teeth Elon, are you employing actial Nazis these days? 


225 days ago

Elon Musk – your systems do not work and twitter/X is home to overt Jew hatred which you refuse to stop

I reported the account @Middlesexkid to twitter/ X this afternoon and, within minutes, received an acknowledgement that it was reviewing my suggestion that it contained hateful content relating to a particular group, that is to say Jews, at 2.14 PM. At 2.16 PM I was told that “After reviewing the available information, we determined that there were no violations of the Twitter rules in the content you reported. We appreciate your help, and encourage you to reach out again in the future if you see any potential violations.”


235 days ago

Once again I have to ask does twitter get a horn on Jew hatred? Or are its staff just wilfully ignorant?

I reported the account to twitter yesterday becuase in using anti-semitic images it clearly broke twitter rules. Have a look at the first of the six images in the top right hand corner. It is a star of David but not on its traditional background but on that of the Nazi flag. If you were in any doubt the small word on that flag is Lebensraum, the German for “living room”, what the Nazis used as its excuse for invading other countries out East, the Germans needed more room to live.


247 days ago

Is Twitter an anti-semitic company or just a sewer? Apparently this poster does not break its rules

I reported this twitter account to twitter yesterday after it spewed some Jew hating crap in my direction. I did so as twitter has an explicit rule about posting a hateful image. Now I reckon that there are  five very hateful images on the homepage of @crac67. But twitter says there is nothing to see here. Can you spot the hate below?


315 days ago

BREAKING: David Lenigas screws his shareholders AGAIN – Pennpetro suspended

David Lenigas has ramped the insolvent standard list company where he has seized control, PennPetro (PPP) on twitter with gay abandon as we have detailed here on a number of occasions. I hope those who ignored our numerous warnings of its technical insolvency, shit assets and Lenigas ramping lubed up, for today the shares have been suspended.


324 days ago

Twitter troll Oliver Smith reckons abusing a 22 year old girl will save his investments in Eurasia, Kavango and Avacta

I wonder if Oliver Smith has a wife and kids. Or an employer. What would they think of him abusing a 22 year old girl on twitter as you can see below?


336 days ago

UPDATED: Bidstack – Trouble at t’ Mill: shareholders want boardroom sackings, Merchant banker/twitter troll to the rescue?

Still trying to negotiate a death spiral in order to avoid a looming insolvency, hopefully being investigated by AIM Regulation for not flagging up revenue/cash issues before the last placing, you thought things could get no worse for cash guzzling Bidstack (BIDS)? Think again…


345 days ago

BREAKING: Shameless David Lenigas does Leni-Maths on twitter to ramp insolvent Pennpetro - no Nomad would allow this bollocks

You may remember that when Big Dave was at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) right at the start of the Horse Hill farce, AIM regulation stepped in to force a retraction of claims that the area contained 6 billion barrels of oil. It seems that Big Dave is at it again.


401 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Being flamed on Twitter by Trans activists, what a nightmare

Okay I lied about doing a training walk today for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. I offer two excuses and will do an extra two miles tomorrow. Please do donate HERE. Then I discuss why you should never mention anything critical of transgender folk or even, as did I, ask a question, as you will be flamed all day as I have been. Then I discuss Versarien (VRS), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and the morons who own the shares.


416 days ago

The Truth is the first casualty of war – try two twitter searches: #Bakhmut and #Artemovsk

Here in Britain, we are constantly fed the narrative that Ukraine is on the verge of winning, spring offensive, just another billion bucks in aid and some Chieftain tanks yadda, yadda yadda.  From what I can see the jury is out on that narrative and the media, in war – even when it is not your war – is always wrong. So, try out this twitter search and see what you think.


454 days ago

A few thoughts on retirement

Retirement is in the news after today’s budget. With a hat tip to Luke Johnson, this twitter thread should provoke a few thoughts.

472 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My SIPP buys shares in xxxx as Lucian's twitter account is hacked

If you see Lucian tweeting out #COYS or Buy Cineworld (CINE) you know what has happened!. I start this podcast on the subject of home made apple juice then cover Cineworld, Alien Metals (UFO), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Jubilee Metals (JLP)


475 days ago

And the best use of a corporate twitter account award goes to ........drumroll.....Caracal Gold

Of course that is irony. When not helping the FCA with its enquiries, this was the latest tweet from Caracal Gold (GCAT). 

476 days ago

Shocking behaviour by Anglesey Mining - for once twitter has it right

Anglesey Mining (AYM) appears to be trawling for followers on twitter. with a claim that it has “material value not currently in the share price”. That sort of activity for a company now running on vapours is a massive red flag. At least some of the responses show folks calling out this spoofing by charlatans for what it is.


497 days ago

Calm Down Gary Newman: Audioboom is still a sell

I see that, on twitter, comrade Gary Newman of this parish is suggesting that he is tempted by Audioboom (BOOM) largely because he sees there being more and more demand for his friend and colleague I urge him to sit down in a dark room, dream about kissing poisonous spiders in the jungle, and think again. Today’s 2022 trading update adds to the bear case as outlined by Lucian Miers in his tip of the year HERE, it is no reason to buy.


497 days ago

Twitter troll glorifies violence against Tom Winnifrith

Will the online harm bill do anything to protect journalists facing constant online harassment including a celebration of violence against them? I doubt it. I bring you Tuesday’s TW troller of the day.


528 days ago

The actual rap sheet from the $100m US twitter and discord pump and dump fraud

A wise man suggests that I should not publish the details below of the alleged $100 million social media shares fraud as it might give certain folks in Airstrip One a few ideas of how they can up their game. But I do so anyway. Can you think of a podcast host who invites on private investors posing as BSD traders to pump their stocks with daft price targets. Who checks on whether the host or guests trade into the spikes? As for twitter pumpers…don’t get me started. Anyhow enjoy what is below, and if you have comments about UK citizens engaging in similar practices post away and I will approve.  


528 days ago

SEC Charges Eight Social Media Influencers in $100 Million Stock Manipulation Scheme Promoted on Discord and Twitter – why is the FCA so useless?

We all know the sort of wretched individuals who pump and manipulate small cap UK stock prices on twitter by telling knowing falsehoods but the FCA, despite being provided with evidence does SFA. In the US it is different. A release from the SEC shows how to do what the FCA refuses to do because it is too busy monitoring how many lesbians or BAME folk sit on the Climate Change committees at UK PLC.


569 days ago

#FakeNews, liberal comedian Tom Walker ( aka Jonathan Pie), twitter and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is back on twitter. Cue floods of liberal tears and wailing leftists protesting about why this is a threat to free speech and giving a potential GOP candidate for the President the same platform as a Democrat imperils democracy. It has also unleasshed lots of fake news. Take the tweet below from Jonathan Pie, aka the left wing comedian Tom Walker.


574 days ago

#DemocracyWins trends on twitter – whatever

In the woke echo chamber that is twitter news that the Democrats will almost certainly still control the Senate is greeted with #DemocracyWins. Hmmm.


582 days ago

My enormous joy as I hear the bleating of the twitter staff as Elon Musk prepares to sack half of them

I have always taken the view that Elon Musk is a crook and that he has committed serial fraud at Tesla (TSLA). It is so 2022 that this has made him the world’s richest man. Notwithstanding that, the way he is dealing with his new toy twitter is a joy to behold, not least in the way that it is causing wailings and howlings from all corners of the liberal world, especially today as Elon has said he will sack half the workforce by the weekend. Pro tem Elon is my hero!


588 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I hope you are still short of Avacta said the defamatory & ignorant moron before I blocked him. I hope he stays long & strong

I start with proof below of what an “earth mum” I have become and the blue tick issue on Twitter. Then I look at Avacta (AVCT), Chill Brands (CHLL), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT), Pure Gold (PUR) and ouzo for Nigel and then Argo Blockchain (ARB) a triumph for the forces of good, transparency, honesty and hard analysis. That is to say myself & Boatman Capital. And a disaster for certain named individuals who are drawn from the forces of evil.


588 days ago

And here's yet another bogus Gary Newman on twitter: I am Gary, you are Gary, we are all Gary (again)

Elon Musk need not worry about snowflakes quitting twitter and so numbers dropping. He seems to be getting new folks joining all the time. The hate preacher Anjem Choudary says that if Elon believes in free speech he wants to rejoin in order to preach his support for ISIS, for killing jews and homosexuals and for turning Buckingham Palace into a mosque, Over to you Elon. And there are new bogus Gary Newman’s appearing, to swell the ranks of Elon’s customers. This one has now disappeared but, as you can see below, a new bogus Gary has appeared.


605 days ago

Valereum Blockchain – now adviser jumps from sinking ship

Over on twitter Richard Poulden and his fellow Australian hustler, the shameless penny share ramper David Lenigas, are claiming that Valereum Blockchain (VLRM) changing adviser is good news. Whatever….Back on planet earth.


611 days ago

Yet another fake Gary Newman apppears on twitter, I am Gary, no I am Gary, we are all Gary!

As you can see below yet another fake Gary Newman has appeared on twitter. The photo is Gary. The name is Gary. And the @ is almost Gary, except there is one extra letter added.  So what is happening here?


623 days ago

A Hassard to your wealth - Nigel the Bidstack loon spreads lies

1,271 folks follow Nigel Hassard on twitter for a non stop diet of tweets about why you should buy shares in Bidstack (BIDS). Given the level of delusion from Nigel the question one asks is who is he trying to fool? Himself or other morons? Take this absolute gem below.


700 days ago

Predator’s Lonny Baumgardner misleads investors, as he unleashes Twitter diarrhoea

The shameless ramper is at it again. Yesterday, the boss of Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) unleashed a Twitter volley, as shown below. The last tweet is, arguably, the sort of material that should be left for an RNS. This is a massive red flag, especially when Lonny is actively deceiving. I underline one tweet that is simply not true.


757 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Elon Musk, you are not a Messiah but a very naughty boy - Twitter bid on hold

In today’s podcast, I discuss Elon Musk and Twitter; Vast Resources (VAST) & associated scumbags; Optibiotix (OPTI); Condor Gold (CNR) and why comrade Jim Mellon must pay up soon; and the complete and utter Irish jackanory spouted by Hydrogen Utopia (HUI) and Powerhouse Resources (PHE): those holding shares in either company are certifiable.  We are now just £68 away from £10,000 in the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks (plus gift aid) fundraise. On Sunday, I really will do a 20-mile training walk. If you are amongst the 96% of listeners yet to donate, please do so today, HERE.


757 days ago

Boatman hammers Argo Blockchain again

Bitcoin has rallied overnight, and is back above $30,000; that will, no doubt, convince more millennials that BOTFD is the way to make money in a Ponzi. But will the rally continue? If not, this poses – as I flagged up yesterday, here – massive questions for Argo Blockchain (ARB). Bear raider, Boatman, which exposed a host of red flags at Argo, took to Twitter to raise additional issues, and we followed up with an e-chat.


766 days ago

Why is history not called herstory? Because it's sexist natch! This is 2022 after all

Thousands of folks on twitter liked this picture on twitter because in 2022 sniffing out sexism is almost as virtuous as sniffing out racism althought not nearly as virtuous as sniffing out transphobia.


777 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Twitter this, Twitter that

I start on the news from Twitter & Elon Musk. Then I look at Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT), Novacyt (NCYT), Vast Resources (VAST), the stinking RNS from Nightcap (NGHT) and Versarien (VRS) where the TWO death spirals are really starting to bite as the cash crisis intensifies.


788 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the big accountants are 'avin' a Turkish

I discuss proposals to replace the FRC; why attempts to stop the crook, Elon Musk, are so misguided; and new wildlife diversity at the Greek Hovel.


789 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: a bunch of clowns crashing into a gold mine

I discuss: Twitter and the bid from Elon Musk; Petropavlovsk (POG); Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL); FinnCap (FCAP); today’s trading statement; and problems with Greek workmen.


812 days ago

Reka Gyorgy banned from twitter: guess why? Hint: she is a swimmer

In the all-must-have-prizes way our kids are taught nowadays, there are two finals in US college swimming championships. One for the fastest eight swimmers from the heats – what we used to call “the final” in the old days – and one for the 9th to 16th fastest swimmers: they, too, have a “final”. Reka Gyorgy missed out on a “final” place in the recent 500 metres freestyle, as her qualifying time was the 17th fastest. And now she has also been banned from Twitter, as you can see below.


812 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Diary Date April 5, unusual prayers with Joshua, twitter fails and the 3 xs

The failure of Twitter to clean up the sort of filth that makes it a sewer relates to this tweet.The matter of unusual prayers is discussed at the end of the podcast. The diary date is for THIS EVENT and the I chat about the 3xs, not my ex wives but the sources an investigative journalist needs. One 3x was in touch on Friday ….


813 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE plumbs new depths - tweeting about the suicide of the mother of the journalist who has exposed her crimes

46 years ago my mother killed herself. I do not hide the fact and yes it is an event that saddens me. But I do not expose folks like Julie Meyer, who has fled Britain to avoid a six month jail term, owes taxes all over the world and is the subject of an FCA Criminal investigation because of what happened in on Oxford hospital in 1976 but because folks like Julie Meyer should be exposed. The tweet below ike others were Meyer incites the mob with talk of terrorism has been reported to twitter but nothing will be done.


851 days ago

A man who blocked Tom Winnifrith because he knew more about Omega Diagnostics and shares can't fess his gargantuan losses to his wife

The chap below blocked me on Twitter as I did not know what I was talking about when it came to Omega Diagnostics (ODX). He did, of course, and now he has lost so much money he cannot bring himself to ‘fess up to his Mrs that he has trashed the family finances. I do actually feel sorry for him though no doubt he has said a lot of beastly things about me. It will be of no consolation to him when folks, the sort of Omega owning folks who egged on his enthusiasm, say things will get better or he can learn from this. Things may improve for Omega and I hope he learns but right now he must feel pretty rotten. The biggest lesson, of course, is never to put all your eggs in one basket. Perhaps a second one is that, on bear calls, whatever you read on Bulletin Boards,I am almost always right.


863 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Twitter account blocked for being nasty to journalist smearing PR man Paul “Queenie” Mcmanus

I have had to agree to remove two tweets directed at Walbrook PR man Paul “Queenie McManus” as Twitter says that I am harassing the poor little bunny. I have had, in an Orwellian way, to admit to Big Brother that I did indeed harass Queenie and must now suffer 12 hours of twitter silence on the naughty step. So here is what I said and why it was utterly fair and did not, in fact,break twitter rules.


879 days ago

What caused “Islamophobia” to be trending on the increasingly woke echo chamber of twitter in the USA this morning?

As each day goes by more and more conservative voices on twitter suffer from “the purge”. I concede that some folks purged are nutjobs but most, such as Donald Trump, who the bookies rate,with very good reason, as the favourite to be the next President, have a right to be heard. Would twitter consider 2024 to be a fair race if it barred one candidate from tweeting? The banning of Trump set a precedent and since then more and more folks have been shut out for questioning election results, vaccine policy or indeed a wide range of aspects of the Big State liberal agenda.


934 days ago

The harsh world of twitter - shouldn't the state also be wiping their fat arses?

The twitter exchange below may be deemed a little cruel and harsh. But you can bet that the family below are keen food bank users when not bleating about state subsidised social housing. For folks like them the State really should do absolutely everything for them as that is part of their “human rights”


950 days ago

BREAKING Argo Blockchain – Now Boatman weighs in as Argo scores a zero for Governance with private briefing and Twitter leak

Argo Blockchain (ARB) today ‘fessed that it had briefed someone who appears to be an unemployed fund manager, Anthony Coyle, with price sensitive information some of which he misunderstood and then tweeted it all out.  Argo has this morning addressed some of the errors on the, since deleted, tweets but not some that are accurate and even more damning.  What on earth is a supposedly grown up company playing at?  And now, we can reveal exclusively, that bear raider Boatman Capital has piled in.


989 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Mrs doing her bit for the fuel crisis

I explain why there was no bearcast yesterday. Then I look at the part this household is playing in the fuel crisis. It is all about psychology. Then a look at Real Good Food (RGF) and companies delisting before a look at the pathetic punishments for the enablers of fraud at Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) I also look at what Australian regulators are doing to tackle pump and dump twitter gangs while the FCA jerks off on more ESG porn doing nothing about tackling real crime. I flag up Aura Energy (AURA) in this regard.


1013 days ago

How someone trolls Tom Winnifrith on twitter - this moron owns Eurasia Mining

The tweet below comes from a chap who joined twitter in May 2021 and has one follower and who is following one person. He calls me Squire which is a funny way of addressing me and suggests that he is a bit of an oik.  His tweet is defamatory.


1021 days ago

#IstandwithBiden – like hell I do but twitter does. It does not speak for America

Let me be clear. I did not stand with the creepy old guy back last November. I think the election was stolen and demonstrated why it was HERE. And after the most almighty clusterfuck for which Biden is clearly to blame in Afghanistan I certainly do not stand with him now. Now that impeachment has been utterly debased by the attempts on both Clinton and Trump, creepy Joe Biden should certainly face it as I explained HERE. But I am not twitter.


1087 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I'm only doing it for the Israelis, for the Jews & what about the missing £100,000 say the morons

I start with a reflection on two smears from Bulletin Board Morons and about how media platforms from BBs to twitter need to respond to deal with such malice. Then a few thoughts on why the Tories are pissing off Tory voters in Chesham and elsewhere. Then I look at Versarien (VRS), Westminster Group (WSG) and at Bidstack (BIDS), breaking AIM Rules as it teeters on the edge. Oh, is that a Fat Lady I see gargling over there?


1087 days ago

BREAKING: You could not make it up – star Avaaz speaker on media disinformation is crazy cat lady Carole Cadwalladr

I kid you not. Carole is the Orwell Prize winning journalist who made up a stack of stories about Cambridge Analytica, the Vote Leave campaign, Dirty Russian Money, Arron Banks and those pesky Russians getting Donald Trump elected in 2016. It has all been shown to be utter fantasy. Carole has now admitted that she has no evidence at all that Banks, who is minted in his own right, got Russian money to fund the Brexit campaign. She will shortly be taken to the cleaners by Arron in the High Court. She is the ultimate source of media disinformation. So today I learned that lefty pressure group Avaaz is holding a conference on media disinformation…


1087 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Zoetic shares crash 20% in US

I start with a request to you all, to help me nail some villains. Please can you send THIS OUTSIDE PAYWALL ARTICLE to all your twitter, instagram, facebook etc accounts. I then look at the frauds Zoetic International (ZOE) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), as well as Best of the Best (BOTB) which is not a fraud but is a stock that for three reasons I would not touch with a bargepole.


1190 days ago

How twitter fails me in dealing with those it accepts are “hateful” towards me

I am an investigative journalist. Folks involved with frauds or invested in frauds do not like me and so that leads to industrial scale trolling of me. This includes harassment of my family and even death threats – this is one of the two posted on chatrooms this weekend.  There is a lot of chatter about protecting female journalists from harassment or, post Caroline Flack, celebs from being trolled. So how does twitter protect me?


1194 days ago

BREAKING: ShareProphets won't be around too much longer - Tom Winnifrith going to prison for 7 years with "unlimited fine"

Well you heard it here first. Actually you did not.As you can see below this report comes from an impeccable source: twitter where Jack Dorsey et al ALWAYS act to censor fake news so you can rely on twitter to give you the truth. Perhaps that is why 26 folks liked this tweet and 1 has retweeted it. Sadly for those 28 losers ( the author, RT and likes) this is demonstrable fantasy.

Supply@ME Capital (SYMEshares were suspended by the FCA at my instigation, firstly for failing to publish accounts on time after it changed the year end to cover up lies it had told.  And then as the FCA started investigating those lies and many others, most notably its fraudulent prospectus in which it overstated net assets by 99% and its bogus 2020 interims in which it booked fake sales and its RNS of 28 September 2020 announcing more fake sales and director share dumping on the back of those lies.


1217 days ago

I never thought I'd say it but Je Suis Anthea Turner

Fading celeb Anthea Turner has learned a valuable lesson for 2021 – never tell the truth if it might offend anyone. The poor woman tweeted out the common sense point that most of those who were not old or frail who have died from covid were largely obese or unhealthy from self-inflicted illnesses. I write this as a fat diabetic. What Anthea said is true but that is neither here nor there in 2021 Britain. She was quickly set upon by a pack of twitter hyenas, folks who sniff out folks saying anything that might offend anyone, including, natch, the Guardian’s Owen Jones, the witchfinder general of the woke legions on twitter. His supporters piled on en masse.  Pretty soon, Anthea, facing the ruin of what is left of her career, was forced into issuing a grovelling apology. 


1223 days ago

ShareMuppets! #Burntheshorts

As it happens I am never short of any stock I write about. I don’t short but why let the truth get in the way of a good story when you are moron? Welcome to a new account on twitter. Do you think that the wife of the moron responsible – for such folks are invariably male – is aware that he spends his time harassing and libelling journalists? 


1232 days ago

I stand with the Socialist Workers Party. Well sort of. And I hope you all do too!

Okay I do not really support the Socialist Workers Party. They are so nutso that they make even the Cottage Burners of Plaid Cymru, who are bonkers, look like rational and sane human beings. But that said, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the comrades.


1235 days ago

Welcome to 1984: Twitter again censors the conservative truth as liberal media flip flops on election rigging

You may remember that many of us expressed some concern that mail in voting in the US elections would lead to cheating. But the liberal media, led by the Washington Post, said that this was all another Trump lie. Even after the event, the Post and others ran with the line “so what if it enabled folks born in 1865 to vote in swing states? Joe Biden won anyway. Orange man. Bad.” Well now that the free and fair election is all settled, it seems as if one individual has seen the light, Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and the boss of Amazon.


1248 days ago

Today's Orwellian Covid Cops are in Avon & Somerset - man fined for eating a kebab in a car

Britain’s Police forces are increasingly drunk on the new lockdown powers they have been given by our airhead, but authoritarian, Home Secretary Priti Patel. My family and I managed to break five of her daft laws today with acts that have seen fines handed out by cops from various forces in recent days, such as sitting on a bench or drinking a cup of coffee, without the Rozzers catching us. But some poor sap from Bristol was not so lucky. His crime is shocking.


1248 days ago

Short twitter?

The big tech stocks have led the US markets ever higher and valuations as a whole for this subgroup look, to me, to be stretched. But I have been saying that for a while so you may choose to ignore what follows. However, while I have compared shorting such enterprises to standing in front of an oncoming express train waving your red flags, is there now a case for shorting Twitter? At $47.42, the market cap is $37.8 billion.


1253 days ago

Do you fire someone for tweeting a call to murder?

Earlier this year, a BLM/ANTIFA demonstration in Washington DC turned ugly, stores were being burned and looted, a church was attacked and a British DJ tweeted out about the demonstrators “shoot them.” Was she fired?



1255 days ago

#JeSuisTalkRadio – Youtube moves to stop any debate on lockdown, Orwell vindicated again

UPDATED: What is happening in the UK right now is the biggest assault on our civil liberties in history and is causing the worst recession for 300 years. You may argue that in order to stop the spread of a disease where the average death is at 82.4 years, a year greater than UK life expectancy, such measures are justified. I support your right to do so. But I might counter that since all prior lockdowns failed to stop Covid, then why should this make any difference and that, in any way, the response is disproportionate and unwarranted. But big media does not want that debate to happen at all. The GroupThink of the media and political classes just must not be challenged.


1264 days ago

Jew hating Labour “Lord” Nazir Ahmed commits blood libel against Israel with fake news and photos on twitter and folks lap it up

He was made a Lord by Tony Blair but is one of the few Jew haters with whom Labour has actually parted company. He is not actually a member of the house of Lords any more having been booted out of the chamber last month because of a spot of bother with rape and sexual assault allegations. There are also a couple of child rape charges outstanding.  He has form as a Jew hater claiming that when he was convicted of killing someone by dangerous driving in 2013 that was just a Jewish conspiracy. Today he has sent the tweet below which, as I write has been retweeted 253 times and liked 412 times. It is fake news with fake pictures and a blood libel against the Jews.


1267 days ago

Twitter thinks it is okay to call a one-month-old baby a bastard if her Dad is a journalist who you fantasise about killing

Yesterday I reviewed how one fellow on Twitter who was a self-confessed shareholder in a con of a company I continue to expose, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), had responded. He did so by fantasising on Twitter about killing me, about me being bankrupted and by suggesting that my wife had slept with another man to produce our one-month-old daughter, as you can see HERE. Normally I let these things go but just now and again when my family is roped in for abuse I complain to Twitter.


1273 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Of course Jesus was a refugee & Clem you are talking out of your arse

I start with Joshua’s Advent caldendar and with some right wing harridan on twitter who reckons suggesting Jesus was a refugee is anti Jewish left wing fake news. Then it is onto Falanx (FLX) en passant,  Online Blockchain (OBC) and to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) both of which have disgraced themselves yet again today.


1274 days ago

Pity Nick Reeves #FBPE for his case of Brexit Derangement Syndrome is severe and he is a scoundrel

Samuel Johnson was talking of William Pitt when he noted that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Johnson did not think patriotism was bad.  What he objected to was those who used it in an argument for which there was no basis in fact. That distinction appears lost on Nick Reeves whose Twitter handle boasts the 4 letters #FBPE which mark him out as a man who froths and rages about Brexit as would a rabid dog. Let us pray for Nick, as his #BrexitDerangementSyndrome is severe. He is ill. He is also a scoundrel.


1278 days ago

I noted earlier, in another context, that it was increasingly hard to tell genuine hate-filled woke liberal Twitter warriors apart from parody accounts of hate-filled woke lefties. Is this vicar/lecturer at a Marxist madrassa/Guardian reader a member of one of the Teacher’s Unions for real or just another send up by Andrew Doyle?  That brings us to Steve McKellen whose deranged outpourings on the matter of Brexit featured here yesterday.  Is Steve for real and thus a man we should pity and pray for as he battles severe BDS or is he a parody?
Surely even those on the left could not be so filled with hatred & contempt for freedom that they are advocating snitching, Stasi style, on colleagues for voting for Brexit and advocating P45s for the “deplorables”?  These days I am afraid that such a stance is seen in some circles as perfectly acceptable.  Anyhow, Steven is tweeting again. What are the odds for our own in house Euro loon Jonathan Price being one of the 31 who liked this tweet?
" target="_new">Does Steve McKellen have such severe Brexit Derangement Syndrome that he wants 17.4 million folks sacked tomorrow or is he a parody?

I noted earlier, in another context, that it was increasingly hard to tell genuine hate-filled woke liberal Twitter warriors apart from parody accounts of hate-filled woke lefties. Is this vicar/lecturer at a Marxist madrassa/Guardian reader a member of one of the Teacher’s Unions for real or just another send up by Andrew Doyle?  That brings us to Steve McKellen whose deranged outpourings on the matter of Brexit featured here yesterday.  Is Steve for real and thus a man we should pity and pray for as he battles severe BDS or is he a parody?


1280 days ago

Pity Steven McKellen, his case of Brexit Derangement Syndrome is severe: he knows just how stupid, racist and unworthy of voting you are

In these last days before the UK confirms how we leave the EU, many of those on the losing side of the referendum in 2016 are suffering recurring bouts of Brexit Derangement Syndrome. Pity folks like Steven McKellen for he is not well. But at least he knows why his side lost.


1281 days ago

Now the MSM finally starts reporting about Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes – this is the real election fraud exposed

It seems as if the tax affairs and China business dealings of Joe Biden’s cokehead son Hunter are now being investigated by Federal authorities. And with Hunter admitting this, the MSM is starting to report on it. This exposes the real fraud at the heart of the US election a fraud that should terrify all of us whether we are liberals or conservatives.



1281 days ago

A real journalist, Tristan Kirk, exposes the fascist and arbitrary penalties brought in for breaking lockdown

I stand by my view that most journalists in the MSM are rightly despised as expense fiddling, PR-cock-sucking worms. However, I take my hat off to Tristan Kirk of the London Evening Standard, a paper that has in the past employed some amazing journalists though modesty prevents me from naming them. His expose on the crazy lockdown laws and penalties for breaking them is stunning. The only question is why is he running it on Twitter rather than in the paper?  But as it is on Twitter, I bring it to you in full: Kirk writes:


1293 days ago

Twitter morons of the week - its a UK Oil & Gas tie

Oh dear, as they say, these tweets did not age well after Fridays planning setback. Let’s hope these UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) ramping chumps did not spend all their “winnings” too early. The shares closed the week at 0.145p, down 32% on the day.


1296 days ago

The Real US election fraud, new data on media suppression of real news and what George Orwell did say

I am far from convinced that Donald Trump won enough real votes in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to swing the electoral college. US elections are always, to some extent, corrupt but right now I’d bet heavily on Joe Biden being the next President. However, there is a new poll out today which convinces me that an enormous fraud did take place and I will call as my first witness the late Mr George Orwell.


1299 days ago

Award winning liberal journalist Karen Attiah spreads fake news via Twitter which censors real news: welcome to 1984 again

Karen Attiah has a blue tick on her Twitter account so Twitter tells you to trust what she says. She is the National Association of Black Journalists Journo of the year, has 200,000 Twitter followers and a highly paid gig at the uber liberal Washington Post.  So Twitter allows her to tweet out what is divisive and dangerous fake news as if it is gospel as you can see below.


1300 days ago

Okay Mr Liberal, you were okay with facebook censoring the US election but what about Professor Carl Heneghan?

During the US election, Facebook and Twitter took it upon themselves not only to restrict what President Trump was able to communicate to electors but also to stop folks discovering about the sordid business deals and sexual antics of Hunter Biden and allegations that his dad Joe was involved in the former.  The new media giants were happy to link to stories about Trump which were palpably untrue and had been proven to be untrue, but Biden allegations which are well sourced were blocked. Twitter and Facebook claimed, without evidence, that they were fake news and folks had to be protected.


1330 days ago

Podcast: Now calling the Senate for the GOP as the MSM & twitter suppress two massive scandals

Can Trump win the General Election? I discussed how he could HERE and this morning things look a little better for POTUS. I see the Economist says Joe Biden has a 92% chance of winning. Its writers must be sharing Hunter’s crack pipe. The same publication says the Dems are more than 80% likely to win the Senate. I explain why, as things stand, I am scoring it at 51-49 for the GOP as I look at the eight swing races. Then it is onto two breaking bombshells from last night that is not the Borat sting on Mayor Giuliani which the MainStream Media is focussing on. But Iran exposed by the FBI, not Trump’s friends, as batting for Biden and more damning evidence on the #BidenCrimeFamily – this time fingering Creepy Joe himself. The MSM and twitter/facebook are working hard to supress this and I demonstrate how, but this is seeping out and let’s see how Trump plays the debate tonight. The Donald has the big Mo right now.


1336 days ago

Podcast: The darkest day for democracy in the dark year of 2020 - Facebook & twitter cover up for disgraced Hunter Biden and his complicit Dad Joe

You have a right to know about Hunter and his business dealings and how his dad Joe was involved. Emails that emerged yesterday are, even the Bidens concede, genuine and show them in a terrible light as liars and worse. Yet Twitter and Facebook have taken extraordinary steps to stop you reading about this story which first appeared in the New York Post. And that has allowed folks across the Deadwood Press and MSM, notably charlatans such as Jon Sopel at the BBC, to ignore it completely. 19 days before polling day, Americans have a right to know about the story and the cover up which in these dark times marks a new low point in the suppression of a free press and free speech. I explain all and show why the position of Twitter and Facebook is inconsistent and unjustifiable in this podcast.


1354 days ago

The sad decline of Oxford University: woke Dr Jennifer Cassidy on The US Constitution

As each day goes by, there seems another sign that the University in the City of lost causes is, itself, becoming more of a lost cause. Meet Dr Jennifer Cassidy. You can hire her as a speaker if you have an appetite for expensive woke nonsense and her agency says of her:



1357 days ago

Stupid meets even more stupid as the SYME shareholder list takes to twitter

I think you know I am a bear of the con run by liars and market abusers that is Supply@ME Capital (SYME) but on the parallel universe that is twitter….


1380 days ago

Twitter so very wrong to ban BLM leader Sasha Johnson - I Stand with Sasha

This is the difference between we on the right and the new left when it comes to free speech. When one of us says something the left do not like, they form a flash mob and try to get the sinner booted of twitter or youtube, they try to ruin his/her career, and the Marxist Madrassas students and lecturers unite to no platform the miscreant who is denounced. His or her opinion is silenced and his or her career may be ruined without any debate on what he or she actually said. We on the right want our opponents to enjoy free speech, not only because we hope, in vain, for the same for ourselves but also because we are confident that in a free debate, the folly and in some cases sheer toxicity of their views will be exposed. Meet Sasha Johnson, a leading member of BlackLivesMatter in the UK.


1393 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest: market lunacy and deluded fantasy edition sponsored by Supply@ME Capital

Can you beat this gem from the LSE Asylum Supply@ME Capital (SYME) board. I put it to you, as I return from my Greek eco palace never having held a short position in Eurasia (EUA), as suggested below, that council house dwelling fantasist Andre01 is quite simply bonkers. Anyhow in these fevered times can you spot a better example of lunacy, delusion or just sheer stupidity on a Bulletin Board or on twitter? Entries in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 23rd August. Now over to Andre01 who is bonkers:


1408 days ago

AIM Investor - a twitter moron who blames me for him losing money for investing in a fraud: Supply@ME Capital

Such are the stages of grief, those who have lost out seek folks to blame. Supply@ME Capital came to the market via an RTO at 0.68p on March 23 2020. Its prospectus was, at best, grotesquely misleading and, in my view, fraudulent, mistating both assets and the trading posution. Today we have published yet more shocking revelations and shares in the, almost insolvent, company languish at sub 0.05p to sell. They are worth 0p. So who is to blame for the losses suffered by morons like @Aimfatgreek who takes to twitter? Er…. you will never guess. Or maybe you have seen this play out before.


1413 days ago

Miserly Investor with a genius trading strategy for these troubled times

All that guff you read in the deadwood press about reallocating assets for this new era is just worthless tosh. One investor from the world of twitter explains his“genius” trading strategy – one which is almost identical to mine, except that I have also bought more, largely gold, shares from cash.  Prepare for enlightenment:


1418 days ago

You don't have to be Jewish to boycott twitter for 48 hours from 9AM Monday - I shall

I waste too much of my life on twitter anyway and so I am more than happy to take a 48-hour break starting at 9 AM on Monday. I urge you all to do the same. Rap artist Wiley – a man with an MBE who I admit to having never heard of – last week posted a stream of vile anti-semitic tweets. His manager was so disgusted that he quit. Folks complained to twitter which responded by removing only some of the tweets and giving Wiley a short ban. Twitter should not be offering a platform for a jew-hater and should not allow his messages of hate to remain. 


1452 days ago

What is the collective noun for a group of share rampers? A Lenigas?

Peterhouse is the broker, Chris Akers is on board, Dave Lenigas is too and now there is a paid for interview over at ShareTalk. It is almost the perfect cocktail. So what is the collective noun for a group of share rampers> A bluster? A promote? A festering turd? The stock here is Pires Investments (PIRI) and Big Dave has twitter diarrhoea.


1458 days ago

The Madness of the Leftwaffe woke twitter mob - #BoycottDominos

The power of a twitter witch hunt by the woke mob should not be underestimated. It can, in the current climate, ruin lives and careers, erase history and crush businesses. It does not need to have any factual basis at all. In New York this morning, trending on twitter was #BoycottDominos. This will astound you.


1463 days ago

First they came for the statues, then they came for the comedy: as Fawlty Towers is banned the woke revolution rolls on

Though, as I demonstrated earlier, he invested not a cent in slaving, the statue of philanthropist Thomas Guy is now officially for the melting pot. First they came for the statues. Then they came for the comedy. I have just played the video below to my woke Islington based daughter Olaf and she laughed loudly.


1465 days ago

Twitter suspends Titania Mcgrath again but gives a blue tick to a Jew hater to spew lies to 100,000 followers

Poor old Titania Mcgrath suffered another temporary twitter ban this week. Dare to suggest on this platform that there are 2 not 108 genders, that you have reservations about your teenage daughter sharing a changing room with a bearded “woman” with a penis, or that Israel might be allowed to defend itself and you get banned. Twitter only seems to believe in free speech if you say the correct things. Take this little gem below. Ali Abunimah has a blue tick so does twitter condemn his absurd Jew hatred which sees him accuse a Jewish activist, David Harris, of “holocaust revisionism” as he defends the desecration of Churchill’s statue in London by Black Lives Matter activists?


1529 days ago

The sheer nastiness of some folk - Boris Johnson goes to hospital

So the Prime Minister had to go to hospital as his recovery from Coronavirus is not progressing as planned. The reaction on twitter was sad and predictable. This tweet below from a chap whose emoji indicates membership of the American Socialist party, being just one example. Once again humanity does not always show itself in the best light.


1536 days ago

Coronavirus brings out the true nastiness of the left in Scotland & Argentina

The twitter exchange below is self explanatory.I despair…


1543 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is, no great shock, a Versarien shareholder

Last week I asked you to supply your idea of the most moronic post on the ADVFN, LSE or iii Asylums or on twitter. There were some good entries as you can see HERE but thanks to Aiminvestor for spotting this gem from the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread, natch, explaining why shorters should be in prison  whatever they say but share rampers create wealth and should all be lauded whatever they say. Our BB of the week is “Scrutable”: 


1548 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition – Coronavirus edition

Covid 19 brings out the best in folks and the worst in folks. In that vein to lighten the mood I bring you a Bulletin Board Moron contest with a difference. Simply find the most idiotic post on the LSE, ADVFN, iii asylums or on twitter which must reference the virus and post it in the comments section below before midnight on Sunday 22 March. I challenge you to surpass this effort below, from Versarien (VRS) ramper superg on the ADVFN asylum who thinks short sellers want folks to die from the virus for their financial gain.


1560 days ago

BREAKING Versarien’s Neill Ricketts tells another lie as he prepares to break podcast cover: placing ahoy

The FCA and AIM Regulation are now looking Neill Ricketts claim to have sold shares to fund the building pf a laboratory at a school which has not built the lab and claims a much smaller sum is NOT coming from Neill persobnally. While the regulators deal with that act of market abuse here is another twitter lie from Ricketts.


1578 days ago

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week is natch a Versarien shareholder

I asked you to nominate the moron making the most moronic comments on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN and iii asylums last week and there were many fine entries as you can see HERE. But the winner is clear and was spotted by me so I win the non prize. From the ADVFN Asylum, Versarien thread


1591 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – can you trump this one from Versarien owning moron mavfav

Okay, I want to make Juicin happy so let us have another Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest. The deadline is midnight on Sunday 9th February and all you have to do is find another comment from twitter or the ADFVN, iii or LSE Asylums which is more moronic than this one from mavfav on the ADVFN asylum, Versarien (VRS) thread. Entries in the comments section below


1602 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron contest in honour of the savants who own Eurasia Mining

Last night I was flamed on twitter by a host of Eurasia Mining (EUA) investors, a group who made your average Versarien (VRS) investor look like a true multi brained genius. I kid you not. One wanted me to hire him as a journalist as he had posted a few comments on BBs about Eurasia and that, he thought, qualified him. Another said I couldn;t be a proper journalist if I did not interview Eurasia, preferably by flying to the Indaba coke and hooker fest. And so it went on. The fact that Eurasia lies to investors ahead of fund raises & abuses market rules in private chatrooms was dismissed as irrelevant. Anyhow this is a hint as to where to seek out a winning entry in this week’s contest. What is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 26th.


1613 days ago

New Bulletin Board Moron contest of the week in honour of the ADVFN paedo guy

It seems as if ADVFN is happy for its own house paedo guy to carry on doing his bit in support of Versarien (VRS) by libelling me in so many ways and encouraging folks to attack my wife. And there was I thinking that Clem Chambers had standards and would no platform such scum…. So while Clem continues to allow this creep and others to operate, what is the most moronic post you can find on the ADVFN, iii or LSE Asylums or on twitter? Entries should be posted in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight on Sunday 19th.


1615 days ago

BREAKING: The scale of Neill Ricketts AIM Rule Breaking is damning – that China deal again

On 9th August 2019, following comments here and a letter to the authorities, Versarien (VRS) was forced to put out a statement relating to a twitter post a day earlier by its boss Neill Ricketts. But it gets far worse as I can reveal today.


1616 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest: In honour of Neill Ricketts

Just for one week, the contest is being brought back at the request of reader Juicin. The rules are slighty changed in honour of Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS). What we are looking for is the most moroniic comment on shares on the LSE, iii or ADVFN Asylums or twitter. But this week you can also add in comments on the private Discord chat room where Ricketts tells lies to investors without his Nomad, hapless Quindell loving Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord, knowing anything about it! The deadline for entry is midnight on Sunday 12 January ( my birthday). Entries in the comments section below.


1618 days ago

BREAKING: Neill Ricketts & Versarien – private chatroom with shareholders & rampers exposed

Last year I forced Versarien (VRS) to issue a clarifying RNS after Neill Ricketts made unverified and it seems untrue claims on twitter. Nomad Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord read Ricketts the riot act and his twitter outpourings have been greatly diminished. But I can reveal that he has a new conduit on a private chat group on Discord. I doubt his Nomad or AIM Regulation are aware of it but thanks to Winnileaks they will be soon and will be horrified as I have a series of screenshots to share.


1648 days ago

Neill Ricketts of Versarien in bizarre twitter spat - his Nomad must be livid

Neill Ricketts has already had one bollocking from his Nomad after his twitter comments forced, thanks to my efforts, his Nomad to force Versaien (VRS) into issuing an RNS “to clarify“. But the poor old Nomad must be livid after this spat last night. Remember that results are on bury bad news on General Election day. It started when Neill did not like a tweet from a chap called EasyBrent to which the shameless ramper responded…


1652 days ago

Meet The AIM Clown - additional evidence that the biggest morons on AIM now own Eurasia

@THeAIMClown is long of Eurasia Mining (EUA) though he doesn’t declare as such as he drones on ad nauseam about how cheap its shares are. But he demands to know on twitter of, the wrong, Gary Newman and myself if we, our families, friends or associated parties are short. Where to start?


1704 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest Result – no-one could beat aidenabettin

I asked you a week ago to nominate your Bulletin Board Moron of the week from the iii, LSE and ADVFN Asylums or from twitter. There were some great entries which, in a normal week, would have won, as you can see HERE.  But..


1718 days ago

Versarien – D day tomorrow at the Gloucester Rugby Club

In the days before his Nomad ticked him off for his ludicrous tweets, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) would have been on twitter like a maniac 24 hours ahead of the AGM telling folks of all the good news in store. Well tomorrow, in a dingy side room at Gloucester Rugby Club the faithful will gather for an AGM where Neill has promised big news from China. But has he got any?


1732 days ago

Twitter bans the voice of woke - #FreeTitania

As @Titania McGrath has said so many times, for free speech to flourish it is vital that all those with the wrong opinions are no platformed and silenced. But twitter just showed, once again, that all capitalists are fascists by handing out a seven day ban to Titania herself. I have already started work on lighting a candle at the Welsh Hovel as I am sure that as such acts combat terror it will also serve to liberate Titania whose recent tweet about the late former President of Zim served to show how biased and out of touch the MSM and twitter is. Titania noted “I can’t help but think that all this criticism of Robert Mugabe is just another attempt to demonise people of colour.“ Twitter may have silenced the voice of woke for a week but the cries of freedom can never be silenced. A statement has been issued:


1747 days ago

Brexit Derangement Syndrome victim of the day Susan Scarrott

With the hashtag #FBPE on her twitter account poor Susan Scarrott was always likely to be struck down with a severe case of BDS. Pity Susan for she is ill. She does not compare Boris Johnson to Adolf Hitler but to Josef Goebbels. 


1759 days ago

Brexit Derangement Syndrome Victim of the day Marc Hayo

#FBPE (Follow Back Pro Europe) added to your twitter account is a good sign that you may well be suffering from Brexit Derangement Syndrome and today’s tweet from Marc Hayo shows that he sure is. Marc lives in the liberal, Euro loving, millionaires ghetto of Kensington, has a good degree and a cunning plan to stop Brexit involving Gerry Adams & co…


1808 days ago

Neill Ricketts of Versarien takes to twitter to bullshit about spoof US order - cripes his followers are thick

As I explained on Saturday, there is no reason why Neill Ricketts cannot say the value of his spoof US order. The only reason he will not is that it is tiny.  None the less Ricketts took to his usual medium, twitter, to find a new reason not to admit how small his dick, sorry I meant order, is. And look at how dumb his followers are with their replies!


1808 days ago

Patrick Abbott (ex Versarien) in unhinged twitter meltdown against Tom Winnifrith - what sort of company would employ this nutter?

Patrick Abbott clearly does not like the fact that I reveealed and published the fraud charges against him that could see him to a 20 year stretch and which AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS)  finally responded to by, eventually bowing to my pressure, and parting company with him last week. Last night he went into a twitter meltdown as you can see below. I ask you what sort of company employs a nutter like this in the first place?


1821 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest – Versarien edition

It seems as if Versarien (VRS) owning morons take particularly badly to exposes on how senior execs may be fraudsters and are certainly liars and respond with abuse for the messengers. And thus in honour of these prize poltroons Bulletin Board Moron of the Week is back. Simply post the most moronic comment found on twitter or the LSE, ADVFN or iii asylums in the comments section below. It does not have to be about Versarien but moronic deadwood press Neil Woodford articles by Ali Hussein or Jeff Presstrip are not eligible. The deadline for entries is midnight Saturday and the winner will receive a mythical photo of Julie Meyer filling in a tax return.


1881 days ago

Twitter shuts down Ariadne Capital whsitleblower accounts – so much for free speech

Ariadne Capital, the flagship vehicle of Julie Meyer may now be in administration but with the Insolvency Service and the FCA (as well as the IRS, HMRC and others) formally investigating Ms Lingerie on Expenses, whistleblowers should surely be cherished and protected? Er…


1899 days ago

Chris Ronnie, is my MRS troll THE convicted fraudster or worse...

As you can see below, I am being attacked on twitter by someone purporting to be a shareholder in tecnically insolvent, red flag strewn, Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Is my troll really a convicted AIM fraudster?


1937 days ago

Twitter shows in does not believe in free speech if you dare to challenge the liberal orthodoxy

The thread below is self explanatory. George Orwell would be proud of twitter. Greetings from Airstrip One...


1952 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: my moral maze with Mrs Chav's Pussy & another day of shame for AIM

I start with my big moral dilemna - listeners do you have any advice? Then I look at another day of shame for AIM ref Maestrano (MNO) and, more particularly, Immotion (IMMO). I look at Gama Aviation (GMAA), Numis (NUM), Finncrap (FCAP), Greatland (GGP) - another Dave Lenigas twitter ramp heading south - and at Avanti Communications (AVN)


1988 days ago

A twitter gem - Polixenes13 on the Tesla car crash waiting to happen

Most material on twitter is unadulterated junk. But there is the odd gem. In the case of Tesla (TSLA) where the sell side analysts are all paid bulls, some of the best insight is on twitter. Like Lucian Miers, I regard this company as an accident, no an outright car crash, just waiting to happen. In that vein I bring you a most instructive series of tweets yesterday from @Polixines13 who knows his or her onions.


2004 days ago

The terrorists Christmas party - twitter at its best

Regular readers know that I view Sinn Fein/IRA and Hamas with almost equal disgust. But I see that the Fenians had a Christmas party for their jew hating pals from the Middle East. What followed, as you can see below, is twitter at its best.


2025 days ago

Video - classic Remoaner ButtHurt and post Brexit insanity

A hat tip to Skipster X on twitter for this complete classic of Remoaning lunacy. This has it all.


2031 days ago

On this day let us remember two 17 year olds, the 51 year old Railwayman, the factory worker - 25 lives ended by SinnFein/ IRA

On this day we should remember the anniversaries of 25 folks murdered by the IRA. They were civilians, largely in Birmingham. There were two 17 year olds with their lives ahead of them, numerous other young folks on a night out in a pub, a man away from his pregnant wife who never got to see her give birth or his kid grow up, a factory worker, a railwayman, the list goes on and on.


2039 days ago

The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 2 - The Gender gap & the myth

I have flagged up before the twitter genius that is @TitaniaMcGrath a radical intersectional feminist on twitter. Her true genius is that her account is a parody but it is so plausible that folks get really angry with "her" dismissing her as just another idiot uber-liberal millenial. Yesterday's offering, below, is another classic which has generated an amazing response from those with no sense of humour or who are just plain dumb. But as with all great parody a serious point is made about some of the rubbish talked about gender equality.  Enjoy.


2039 days ago

The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 1 - Tom Cruise & Su Pollard - the gender pay gap

I have flagged up before the twitter genius that is @TitaniaMcGrath a radical intersectional feminist on twitter. Her true genius is that her account is a parody but it is so plausible that folks get really angry with "her" dismissing her as just another idiot uber-liberal millenial. Today's offering, below, is another classic which has generated an amazing response from those with no sense of humour or who are just plain dumb. But as with all great parody a serious point is made about some of the rubbish talked about gender equality.  Enjoy.


2047 days ago

David Lenigas tweets on Angus Energy ahead of placing at 9p today

Of course David Lenigas is not on the board of Angus Energy (ANGS) and thus had no idea at all that a heavily discounted placing at 9p would be announced today. And thus his aggressive pumping of the stock on twitter last week, as you can see below, is just another remarkable coincidence. Just like this one ahead of the last UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) bailout placing.  Big Dave.., an AIM casino leopard who never changes his spots.


2102 days ago

When you think the law fails you it is time to take it into your own hands - Big Dave Lenigas is...Charles Bronson

Having failed to ramp shares in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) on the back of its utterly misleading RNS yesterday, an episode discussed at length here, Big Dave Lenigas tried to deflect attention by launching an amazing rant at anti drilling protesters at Horse Hill. It started off as only semi-Musk but by the end, as you can see below, it was alarming.


2112 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron Contest Result - Juicin fails again, Daniel Victor wins semi naked photo of Thirsty Paul Scott

Having demanded we bring back this contest, once again Juicin Drumroll fails to win with his nomination. Come on Juicin, we are doing this for you, please try harder. This week's winner of a semi  naked photo of  Britain's top share blogger, before lunchtime, Thirsty Paul Scott, is Daniel Victor. You can see all the entries HERE but Daniel's winning entry, from twitter, is from a Tesla loon:


2122 days ago

The stupidity of UK Oil & Gas owning David Lenigas sycophants on twitter - meet Donato Perretta

I trained as an oil analyst 27 years ago and have been writing about the sector ever since. Those morons who thought they knew better, as they filled their boots with Gulf Keystone (GKP), Xcite (XEL), Magnolia (MAGP), Andalas (ADL) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) always thought they had greater sector experise and on twitter came up with devestating responses to my hard analysis. Meet utter fucktard Donato Perretta, a UK Oil & Gas owning moron.


2122 days ago

The Russians are quaking because of Horse Hill - is this the most ramptastic David Lenigas tweet yet?

A man who slammed Elon Musk of Tesla for making irresponsible statements that he could not validate via twitter has just made the most ramptastic claim in history about the Gatwick Gusher. Step forward David Lenigas. Without extensive drilling which has yet to take place Big Dave Lenigas cannot justify this statement in any way shape or form. But apparently the Russians are quaking that little old UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is going to transform the metrics of global oil supply... whatever...


2123 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - at absolutely every level Big Dave Lenigas talks bollocks on Twitter

In today's podcast i look at tweets from Big Dave Lenigas which at every level would, in the US, see him heading for the cell next to the one being prepared for Tesla's Elon Musk. He just cannot substantiate what he is saying. I then look at Pantheon Resources (PANR), have a question about May 25 2019 and the Horse Hill Woodlarks walk, at Condor Gold (CNR), one of Jim Mellon's dogs, at Imaginatik (IMTK) at what price would I buy for Vin Murria? Finally there is a detailed look at Marechale Capital (MAC) a true AIM Casino POS. The goat milking video to which I refer is HERE and the latest Hovel photos are HERE


2141 days ago

UK Oil & Gas misleads mug punters on twitter: spot the difference

An RNS has to be signed off by a Nomad as fair and not misleading. UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) is sometimes forced to correct an RNS which it turns out was in fact misleading but there is at least some control. On twitter UK Oil & Gas says what it likes. So can you spot the difference?


2150 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: C'mon Dave Lenigas tell your UKOG twitter trolls that attacking a charity for the disabled is disgusting

As of last night a group of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) twitter trolls have moved from attacking me over THIS ARTICLE to having a pop at Woodlarks over the walk on Saturday. Big Dave Lenigas is copied in on these tweets. I urge him to state clearly that attacking charities for the disabled is obscene and to make a donation HERE - as should any bearcast listener who has not done so already!  I have recorded a special Woodlarks podcast today which you can listen to HERE. In this bearcast I ask what will make an overvalued market crack and look at Tern (TERN), Amur (AMC), Metals Exploration (MTL), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Uk Oil & Gas (UKOG) once more. 


2151 days ago

Horse Hill oil tankered out – no evidence at all that the Gatwick Gusher is an, er…gusher as David Lenigas tweets suggest

The UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) twitter feed, dutifully retweeted with added hype by David Lenigas, has so far reported three tankers leaving Horse Hill full of oil to be sent to the BP refinery. But is this proof that the Gatwick Gusher is a gusher? That is what the Bulletin Board Morons believe but they would believe almost anything. Let’s look at the tweets below and do some maths, not Leni-maths, real maths.


2185 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Time to be nice to Paul Scott but John Meyer needs to listen hard about MySquar & get off his arse

Okay despite all the harsh ( but arguably fair) things I have said about him, thirsty Paul Scott has just donated £50 to the Woodlarks sponsored walk charity appeal so I am going to be nice about him for a while unless he has a twitter meltdown. Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan. Cheeese. Anyhow surely you can follow Paul, watch this video HERE to see the great works Woodlarks does then donate a few quid HERE. In the podcast I take MySquar (MYSQ) apart, John Meyer at SP Angel needs to wake up, listen and get off his arse. I also look at Frontera (FRR) - bailout placing at 0.3p? - IDOX (IDOX) and Herencia (GER)


2185 days ago

The dishonesty and double standard of Irish Republicans who say they want peace

I was flamed on twitter by a cluster of IRA apologist Republicans yesterday for suggesting that their approach to reconciliation and bringing communities in Ireland together was somewhat lopsided. 


2209 days ago

Another bad day for Julie Meyer as she tries to gag whistleblowers - @ariadnebankrupt is back!

Last week I reported that twitter had suspended the account of @ariadnebankrupt which is run by a whistleblower and has exposed all sort of damaging material on Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer's crumbling empire. In the face of a blizzard of letters from Meyer's latest lawyer, Julian Pike of Farrer & Co, the account was silenced. Bad news is back


2214 days ago

Julie Meyer's shamed lawyer shuts down another critic thanks to spineless twitter

It is only a matter of time before devout Christian Julie "sex toys on expenses" Meyer and her lawyer Julian Pike of Farrer & Co - slammed for illegal and unethical behaviour on her behalf by a Maltese Judge the other week - try to get this website or my twitter account taken down. For now they pick on other critics and weedy twitter is showing whose side it is on. It is not that of free speech.


2226 days ago

Quindell nutter Ian Hislam - Bulletin Board or twitter Moron of the Century

We have received an email from a chap called Ian Hislam who is now officially the Bullettin Board Moron of the Century. I know we still have 82 years to go but this Quindell (QPP) shareholder is surely unbeatable.


2250 days ago

As Barbara Bush goes home to die, the liberal left takes to twitter to show its "caring" nature

92 year old Barbara Bush, wife of the older President Bush, has opted to receive no more treatment for various illnesses but to return home to die surrounded by her family. At this point we would all consider her fortitude as she considers that final journey we must all make one day and how her family are feeling.On twitter the liberal left who always scream that they are the caring ones, as opposed to we heartless conservatives, went into action quickly as you can see below. What nice people. Not.


2275 days ago

That dog with the Nazi salute, the death of free speech and the stupidity of the whining Police

I heard yet another whining Policewoman on the radio today saying that the Old Bill were not able to contact victims of sexual assaults for several days, in some cases, because they were overstretched. Whatever. The Boys in blue have time to paint their nails blue in protest against slavery, to arrest someone for tweeting a picture of a burning poppy, to investigate Katie Hopkins for hate crimes every time she opens her mouth. I am sure we could all add in numerous other examples of things the Old Blue do have plenty of time for.


2276 days ago

#DONOTCONGRATULATE - Would the bedwetting millennials really prefer more tensions with Russia?

It is trending on twitter Stateside and as you might expect the man who is being slated is the bogeyman of a generation of bedwetting snowflakes, that is to say the leader of the Free World, President Donald Trump. His latest "crime" in la la land? Congratulating President Putin on winning the Russian election.


2299 days ago

Hemogenyx shares soar 117% after two tweets - is this the new RNS? Surely this is a bit naughty

Is @HemoGenyx the corporate account of HemoGenyx (HEMO)? Sadly PR poltroon Paul "Queenie" McManus of Walbrook and pouting brokerette Lucy Williams of Peterhouse have yet to return my calls as I pose this question. But since the lamentable Walbrook has tweeted directed to @HemoGenyx in the past they are either complete idiots (well they are) or that is all the confirmation one needs. Which makes the last two tweets on this account all the more outrageous. You can see them below. Bear in mind there has been no supporting RNS.


2318 days ago

#ReplaceLovewithAnal - what my twitter feed says about the two Americas

My twitter feed is set up to track what is trending in New York. I used to live there and feel as much affinity with that City as I do with any other City, i.e. almost none. And so this morning I find out that what is trending among the the snowflakes of the Big Apple is #ReplaceLovewithAnal. Cue a series of tweets God is Anal, Jesus anals you #Replacelovewithanal etc etc etc.


2319 days ago

#EndFGM, the useless virtue signalling weasels of Surrey Police cry "Islamaphobia"

Tomorrow is world end Female Genital Mutilation day and to show how they support this Police Forces across the land are taking time off from painting their fingernails blue to show how they oppose slavery, to send out some tweets. Surrey Police Force has taken an admirable lead in is social media fight to #EndFGM but seems annoyed by the response.


2334 days ago

How long before Julie Meyer tries to shut down this twitter account with legal threats?

There is a new kid on the twitter block, @ariadnecapitals seems to ask a lot of questions of the Ariadne Group and Julie Meyer as you can see below. How long before Julie sends a lawyers' letter to get it shut down?


2375 days ago

It is a year old but still the best ever twitter put down - Gerry Adams

Okay it is a year old but it is so funny that like tree decorations it is worth putting up every year. Blood-stained murder Gerry Adams walks right into it...


2395 days ago

Team Chris Oil - you are truly pathetic twitter pillocks

Yesterday I exposed how fantastist Chris Oil was buying bogus bot twitter followers on an industrial scale to make it look as if folks really cared about what he tweeted. He or someone close to him has responded in predictable fashion.


2395 days ago

Chris Oil brings honesty back to AIM - number of twitter followers 2,787 to 46,300 in just 5 days!

As I noted earlier the fantasist Chris Oil has returned to twitter as a result of "exceptional demand". And as you can see he wants to take AIM back for the "good of honest investors". Great Chris. we wish you well and it is good to have someone as honest as you fighting the good fight. I see that I am not alone in holding that view. Last Thursday, according to twitter counter he had just 2,787 follower. Wind forward a few days...


2395 days ago

Chris Oil is back - surely another sign of a market top

The only suprise is that the market abuser Chris Oil has not rebranded as Chris BlockChain. But after an absence of well over a year from the public arena, the man who, modestly, compared himself to Warren Buffett is back! Hooray, his investment advice has always been a golden (counter) indicator.


2401 days ago

Tory MP Anna Soubry you are a collaborator, you are a disgrace and you should stop bleating and lecturing a free press

Arch remoaner Anna Soubry was yesterday bleating about press coverage of her and 14 other Tory MPs who are going to make it as hard as possible to pass Brexit legislation. Soubry views terms like "collaborator" as offensive and links it directly to the fact that she had received 5 threatening tweets on this matter.


2430 days ago

MySquar: twitter "news": Tom Winnifrith under Police Investigation & to be sued for defamation

Heck it is on twitter so it must be true as you can see below


2459 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Stratex rebels are dreaming, 1Spatial & the hookers & a Twitter moron

A three part bearcast. In part one I look at Stratex (STI) where old managers are trying to oust new. l explain why the old boys are dreamers and should be told to foxtrot oscar. Then it is onto 1Spatial (SPA) which is behaving as if it is placing ahoy and I am almost certain that it is placing ahoy. Either way - avoid. Finally I waste time debating with a total fucktard on twitter. Folks like @Aimfatcat deserve poverty.    


2488 days ago

#TheResistance is laughable #TrumpResign trends on twitter for a few hours - back in the real world look at coal exports

My twitter feed is set to a New York location. In many ways it is where my heart is though my body is rarely there. And overnight #TrumpResign was trending. How pathetic it was.


2504 days ago

The Bearcast the Audioboom pussies pulled after Roger Lawson threatened is back: find out what Roger wants you not to hear!

Has Roger Lawson of ShareSoc not heard of the Streisand Effect?  Last week his lawyers sent a take-down letter to Audioboom about a bearcast that he asserted (wrongly) was defamatory and libellous. Since the podcast is more than a year old and so was rarely listened to these days his act was pointless but, more importantly,, Audioboom had no legal liability as libel is time limited by statute.  But Audioboom has no cojones just like it has no FD after the last chap resigned without any explanation given but with immediate effect the other day. We explained this tale of media cowardice in full HERE.  However...


2537 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: Conman Darren Winters and his evil wife Tatjana slammed by Judge in another Courtroom thrashing - full transcript

No doubt charlatan and snake oil salesman Darren Winters and his evil cancer-patient conning wife Tatjana Valujeva will again use Europe's daft privacy laws to ensure there is no google link to this article which contains a full transcript of a court case showing what complete and utter bastards and conmen they are. So we beg you ALL to use the tweet & Linkedin buttons below the headline, to put a link on every Bulletin board or every finance article you find soi that folks can be warned about this man who has been conning decent folk for almost 20 years.


2537 days ago

Fake news outlets show fake outrage as Donald Trump uses (just about funny) humour to make a point

It was the second lead story on the BBC News last night. The metropolitan elitists, the liberals inside the Westminster media bubble, spluttered with indignation as they talked to liberal minded colleagues inside the Washington Beltway. It is the story everyone is talking about they agreed. Of course that was more fake news too. Out there in the real world no-one really cares what President Trump tweets or perhaps, judging by the RTs, a lot of folks like what he tweets. Unlike 99% of liberals he has a sense of humour.


2544 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why Paul Scott's fucktard follower will always lose & should you sell all your oil shares?

Okay this really is the last one until September. But I have packed and am ready to travel and am bored, so here goes one more time. First up I discuss those who always blame others for their lack of profits, citing some twitter chum of the great Paul Scott. Then as Brent plunges through $45 I discuss why it is falling, where it will go next and if you should sell all your shares. The answer is a very selective no.


2551 days ago

Finsbury Park terror attack - humanity appals me but impresses me

Last night a white man driviing a white van ploughed into folks standing outside the Finsbury Park Mosque. One man is dead, ten are injured and the terrorist is in police custody. Yes he is a terrorist. Folks may say that he has mental health issues but the sort of people making that excuse fail to accept it as a defence when someone committing a terror attack is a Muslim. The man carried out an act of terror and apparently shouted out "I want to kill all Muslims" - he's a terrorist. That the attack took place outside a Mosque that has been a hotspot for extremism and hate makes no difference and is no justification.


2636 days ago

Twitter Investment Genius Caption Contest

The fellow or lady from the Costa del Crime is yet to tweet but he (or she) has a cracking portfolio, as you can see on his/her profile, headed up by the fraud Cloudatag (CTAG). In light of that I wonder if you would care to suggest a first tweet as our caption contest with a twist. Submit your entries in the comments section below. The deadline is midnight tonight, 23rd March


2653 days ago

Hugo Rifkind - piss off you pompous and privileged ass you do not know what you are talking about

A twitter spat to start the day with Hugo Rifkind a journalist who is a journalist because of who his pop is (Malcolm) not because of any great ability. Or in fact any ability at all. Mr Rifkind spews out inane tweets in the same way as my morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley pisses on the doorstep. He does so constantly and the world is none the wiser as a result. Among this morning's bon mots was:


2662 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Sponsored by tomwinnifrith

One Bulletin Board Moron is already under FCA investigation this week for impersonating me and suggesting, inter alia, that Cloudtag (CTAG) shares would treble from here. They won't it is heading to 0p. But whoever tomwinnifrith is is so obviously the moron of the week that everyone else is competing for second place. So nominate away with any example of extreme stupidity from twitter or Bulletin Boards The deadline to enter is midnight on Sunday 5 March. Do your worst in the comments section below.


2675 days ago

#TrumpimpeachmentParty - Get over it Democrat losers you lost!

My twitter feed is set to the USA and what is trending right now is #TrumpImpeachmentParty - ok so what has the Donald done that merits such an action?


2735 days ago

New Bulletin Board & Twitter Moron of the week sponsored by Lookers payroll Cloudtag genius Hayley

Who else but Hayley Whittaker could be the sponsor of this week's contest? The prize is a night out with homophobic Cloudtag cheerleader Greg Brittan at the Admiral Duncan on Old Compton Street. To win simply post the most inane comment you can find about shares on either Twitter or on a Bulletin Board. The deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 17th December. Post your entries in the comments section below.  


2742 days ago

Cloudtag homophobe and ignoramus of the day - Greg Brittan

Of all the Cloudtag (CTAG) lunatics out there, Greg Brittan has to be the stupidest and also the most homophobic.It seems quite common among Cloudtag supporters on twitter to label someone "gay" as a term of abuse but Greg is obsessed about the subject. Almost every other tweet refers to a homosexual act, someones anus or a claim that someone else is gay.


2758 days ago

Gary Gritter - how Oldham Council wastes its cash

It was all the rage on twitter last night, Oldham Council has launched a contest to name its new gritting lorry. Personally I thought that the suggestion "Kerb Crawler" was the best choice. But it appears that the popular vote is going for Gary Gritter. Apparently it prefers working on minor roads. Amid this festival of tastelessness there is a serious point.


2765 days ago

The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

I was rather fond of Michelle Obama if not of her other half, President hopey change. Okay she has a range of misguided views on all sorts of things but she seems to have a sense of humour and a pleasant enough demeanour. But there were those who criticised her generating, in many cases, a stock response from the liberal left and media: racist. If it was not racism that drove attacks on Mrs hopey change it was sexism. Now many of Michelle's defenders are now on the attack against the latest Mrs Trump, the lovely Melania.


2768 days ago

#BoycottGrubHub - Nasdaq listed company commits commercial suicide over Donald Trump

Nasdaq listed GrubHub is one of many companies offering an app to allow you to order food from your local restaurants. Its boss Matt Maloney was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and he has just committed commercial suicide for his company after telling Trump supporting workers to resign. #BoycottGrubHub is trending on twitter across the USA.


2772 days ago

Twitter suspends Clint Eastwood for supporting Donald Trump - please suspend me too you Nazi pigs

Clint Eastwood tweeted repeatedly in support of Donald Trump before the election and celebrated on twitter afterwards and his account has now been suspended. Meanwhile there on folks out there on twitter calling for violence and all sorts of illegal acts in protest against the democratic call of the USA and twitter does nothing. As a supporter of free speech I am appalled at how the liberal establishment just cannot accept our basic liberties - aren't you too?


2792 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - can you monetise a twitter Troll & Belfort, Bushveld & the AIM Cesspit

A late bearcast. Sorry. I was working on the new share tip. Away from that I look at just two stocks: twitter and how you monetise a troll? So what does that make the shares worth? Then onto Bushveld Minerals (BMN) and its placing today done by Belfort Securities. What does that tell you about AIM. There is a lot of PR horseshit flying about that placing as I point out. Warning: this bearcast contains bad language right from the start.


2804 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why twitter could be worth $0 & a note for stock owning moron homophobes

I again find myself asking about the high correlation between those who own shares in the crappiest frauds on AIM and those who think calling someone gay is a term of abuse. Whatever. Of more import I look at twitter a case study in bull market insanity. It will not be "different this time" and there is a case for saying that the shares are worth $0.


2807 days ago

Brexit: a Remainer in denial on facts: meet nutty eco-potting tweeter Petra Mason

We all have opinions about what might happen and no-one can prove that your opinion on the future is wrong.The sun will rise tomorrow is an opinion. I suspect few would disagree with it but since it is in the future not the past it is not a fact. Facts (a word derived from the Latin for it has happened) are a different matter. But not it seems if you are a nutty Euro loon who cannot accept the Brexit vote. Meet Petra Mason who has a degree in behavioural ecology and is into pottery and tweeting gibberish.

Petra served up this tweet.


2810 days ago

Patronising lefty academic Caroline Dodds Pennock shows undisguised contempt for the great unwashed (who pay her wages) & for free speech & tolerance

Out in Colombia a referendum on whether a peace treaty between the State and the loathsome murderers of the Maoist terror group FARC should be ratified has just seen the great unwashed vote the wrong way. It seems that the oiks were not so keen on an amnesty for the butchers and so voted in a way that the liberal intelligentsia across the world do not understand. it is Brexit all over again, why can't the lower classes do what is good for them, wails the elite. Meet academic Caroline Dodds Pennock from Sheffield University. She won't like me posting her photo but since you, the taxpayer, have been paying her wages since she graduated from Oxford you have a right to know how she thinks.


2821 days ago

The default liberal fascism & double standard of twitter: Glen Reynolds suspended

Twitter is run by liberal left fascists who apply a double standard to free speech. You can say what you want as long as you don't say anything which might upset your average Guardian reader, fuckwit millennial from hipster central in Brooklyn or Shoreditch or the Reverend Jesse Jackson.


2857 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Pricks who cant check facts report me to the FCA again

I am almost getting bored of this but to see poltroons get all their facts wrong and delight in their own stupidity gives me a vague feeling of superiority. Meanwhile I explain the latest farce that is entertaining various morons on twitter. I then look at Xtract Resources (XTR) and also, in detail, Rose Petroleum (ROSE). 


2866 days ago

Humourless bastard, DJ and TV presenter Jay Hynd tries to floor me on behalf of his welfare addicted, thieving neighbours in Liverpool

I have wasted too much of my time with a long exchange of emails this morning with a humourless bastard called Jay Ryan who appears to be a DJ, TV presenter and web presenter in Liverpool. One of the few folks in a City wherer idling is in theb genes, to get up at 10 AM he seems offended by comments I made on twitter. Jay started it off with the offering below which I retweeted with the comment


2869 days ago

Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

Airports across Britain are today being disrupted by activists protesting that #blacklivesmatter - well of course they do. All lives matter but for white middle class liberals in the media and on twitter and facebook this is an opportunity for angst, guilt and self loathing that cannot be missed. But what about the hard data?

Sod the hard data, lets just feel guilty about slavery and how everyone, especially old Brexit voters, are all racists, facts do not matter any more do they? This is Airstrip One and its 1984 every day these days. Okay 


2870 days ago

#PrayforLondon after Russell Square - fuck off you Godless liberal hypocrites

Hashtag praying & a City. Yes it is another terror attack carried out by a person of faith. The response from the latte sipping Metropolitan liberals is at once to rush to twitter and show solidarity.

First up append whatever national flag is appropriate to your avatar. Oh Hells teeth you can hear them shrieking from Islington all the way to Stoke Newington and up in Central Manchester, we can't have the flag of St George, that is for white van driving common people. Its so racist and 20th century. Whatever.

Ok send out a tweet #prayforLondon


2872 days ago

Show you support the law, visit a Byron Burger Bar today - here's where to find your local store

A couple of weeks ago the great cuase of the liberal left was to protest about how democracy is only good when the little people vote the right way and to demand another referendum on Brexit. Those without useful jobs have now found a new cause, demanding that we all boycott Byron's Burger Bars because this chain decided to assist the Home Office in obeying the law. Byron's crime is not to support crime.


2879 days ago

Donald Trump masters Crooked Hillary Clinton with twitter wit

However much of a deluded liberal you are, you must surely admit that on this twitter exchange The Donald well and truly mastered crooked Hillary Clinton. Heck even my business partner Darren Atwater admitted it was funny and you do not get much deluded and misguided than a hipster Canadian do you?


2892 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Gooseberry Crumble, Avanti crumbles

I have spent the morning getting twitter grief for this article but the one polite twitter enquiry concerns BoxHill (BOX) and I answer that in this podcast as well as explaining why shares are both up and down since Brexit - it all depends how you look at it. I also cover Gulf Keystone (GKP), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and Avanti Communications (AVN), I meant to talk about Bovis (BVS) but forgot. I shall try to remember tomorrow when I am down to make a gooseberry crumble. I shall report back on that over the weekend.


2895 days ago

Cloudtag - Option spoof and Bulletin Board Morons Fail to understand basic maths

The sort of folk who not only believe every word that the war criminals Blair and Straw say about Iraq but are also lobbying the BBC to have Chris Evans appointed as the new presenter of Top Gear, are heavily concentrated on the shareholder list at Cloudtag (CTAG), an AIM listed company that is almost insolvent and whose valuation is a joke. Its shareholders are possibly the stupidest folks I have encountered on twitter with the possible exception of the England soccer team.


2944 days ago

#Morrissey starts trending on twitter, oh no, I read he had health issues but

You see a celebrity name trending on twitter and at once you fear the worst. There had been reports that he was in bad health but surely not Morrissey? Indeed it seems as if fears of his death were a bit premature. It is just that he turns 57 today. 


2948 days ago

Chris Oil quits blogging - caption contest

Today we have the sad news that fantasist and criminal Chris Oil is to quit twitter and blogging - more on that and highlights of the past two years of crime, lies & fantasy HERE. But as an au revoir as we are sure that the little twerp will be back, we have a new Chris Oil caption contest. Do your worst. 


2953 days ago

BREAKING: Chris Oil Twitter Fantasy "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy"

Market abuser and criminal Chris Oil (as explained here) has now deleted the tweet below, perhaps on the advice of PR genius Steffi. But I suggest to you that it shows a man whose Walter Mitty condition is now becoming critical.


2957 days ago

Search "actor sex toy" on google: Another #celebrityinjunction farce: both the famed actor & the law take it up the arse

The British laws on injunctions are a total mess and we have another celebrity injunction story today which demonstrates this. A well known actor paid a £195 a n hour hooker for sex and as part of this session the hooker shoved a sex toy up the actor's bottom. The hooker, Miss Helen Wood, had previously has relations with the soccer player Wayne Rooney. Back in 2011 the actor took out a super injunction to stop the UK press revealing his little secret.

Back then I knew who he was as did 


2957 days ago

Mad twitter loon Kathryn Buckley lying Lenigas loving bitch

To his credit after a little final flourish last night Mr David Lenigas has gone all quiet on twitter in terms of character attacks on me and I shall reciprocate. Its a summer truce on twitter although I have a few articles to write. But I do worry, for his sake, that Mr Lenigas appears to have attracted some of the stupidest people on this planet to tweet nonsense which they - mistakenly - think might please him. Meet Kathryn Buckley.


2968 days ago

Sad & morally bankrupt David Lenigas tweets blatant lie & smear

David Lenigas has no shame. He yesterday told the most blatant 100% lie and smear on twitter, duly retweeted by a collection of morons - two of whom also posted comments underneath my article of yesterday here. It really is just rather sad to see a man move from shameless ramping to blatant lying and smearing about demonstrable facts. I fear Jabba is losing it. Poor man. Let;s start with his tweet


2972 days ago

Bogus twitter accounts talk to each other telling lies for the Lenigas ramps

Gracie May Turner sent out her first tweet today Her best pal who she chats to Miriam Sharples also sent her first tweet today. Both have tweeted just five times. Both tweet on David Lenigas themes only and love shares in his companies. And both commit market abuse. I put it to you that both are bogus accounts. In response to the damning Horse Hill bombshell earlier, Gracie May tweets:


2985 days ago

Having sex with 10 people is like shagging the whole of Belfast? Really? Gerry Adams included?

The lastest warning on why we must all either have no sex or safe sex tells us that if you sleep with ten people then, if you count back their partners and their partners former partners, etc etc it is the same as if you had slept with the entire population of Belfast. I contemplate this matter as I examine the twitter connections of someone who, I belatedly notice, has followed me.

The idea of sleeping with the whole of Belfast is profoundly worrying. It is not that you would not have some fun as you worked your way through 286,000 people. But I would have thought that images of Gerry Adams stripping of and striding across a bedroom towards you would be enough to put anyone off sex for life. Perhaps that is the hidden message from the public health campaigners. 

As you are about to engage in a casual unprotected sexual encounter suddenly you will, going forward, find yourself thinking of St Gerry standing there with blood on his hands and wearing just his Y-fronts. "Gerry is that a kalashnikov or


2990 days ago

David Lenigas ramps up the smears and threats: Tom Winnifrith I shall not be silenced

By email and by twitter last night David Lenigas sank to new depths in an attempt to bully me into not speaking out at UK Investor Show on April 30 explaining why the fat Aussie share ramper has no place on AIM. Mr Lenigas should be truly ashamed as he wakes up this morning to what he posted last night. I doubt he will be. Mr Lenigas and his associate the tobacco smuggler Yusuf Kajee have both in the past tweeted references to my mental health and the death (by suicide) of my mother. And so one of Jabba's offerings last night was


2995 days ago

David Lenigas on twitter: Lying, insider dealing or what?

Due to the huge interest in my UK INvestor Show session "Why David Lenigas should be drummed off AIM forever" we are now miving this session to the main auditorium on April 30 2016. I would not want anyone to miss out. And if you needed further evidence of why the case is such a slam dunk here is a tweet from 48 hours ago:


2998 days ago

A ditzy liberal explains why mad Bernie Sanders trumps The Donald on Social Media

Writing in Forbes ditzy liberal media airhead Kathleen Chaykowski explains why Bernie Sanders is winning the social media contest hands down and why, of those folks still in the Presidential race, The Donald is doing the worst. Naturally Kathleen can come to only a couple of conclusions and there are no prizes for guessing what they are.


3000 days ago

Twitter idiot rather than racist Matthew Doyle and Britain's 1984 Police State of Political Correctness

It will not take you long to find images on the internet of folks holding up placards in London demanding the beheading of those who offend Islam or with a Swastika daubed over the Star of David. Arguably such actions could be described as an incitement to racial hatred but if you search for details of those charged you will find no such records exist. On the other hand last week Matthew Doyle, a 46 year old idiot from Croydon tweeted


3002 days ago

LeniGas Cuba - something critical that ramper Big Dave failed to mention

LeniGas Cuba (CUBA) fans will remember that they purchased a 15.8% interest in MEO Australia on 29 February as described below in its announcement. They will remember how Jabba The Hutt ramped this news via twitter to the morons who follow him and trust him with their hard earned cash. Hmmmmm.


3011 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week (8/2016) in honour of Lenigas diehard Lynda Duval

Before we turn to Lynda Duval who is a twitter diehard follower of David Lenigas par excellence, blowing him off by tweet on a daily basis, we go to last week's contest and an excellent winner. There were many fine entries as you can see HERE but the winner was a standout, a FastJet moron.


3018 days ago

Chris Oil & the Dubai Supercars - is this the ultimate twitter fantasy?

What on earth is the little criminal and market abuser Chris Oil up to? A twitter conversation just spotted by an eagle eyed reader from the welfare safari is recorded below and begs a question or 29 for the twerp.


3027 days ago

The Unnacceptable face of Capitalism that is David Lenigas misleading investors again

On 19 November 2015 shares in Rare Earth Minerals were 0.8p and I warned that they were overvalued and that a placing was 100% inevitable - HERE. David Lenigas took to twitter and explicitly accused me of lying/being a troll/making it all up. Today the shares stand at 0.57p after a placing today at just 0.55p. So who is the liar now?


3031 days ago

Evelyn Waugh: the missing link with the Other Great 20th Century writer Time also missed

Evelyn Waugh is trending on twitter. I guess thousands of uneducated young folks are saying "who is she?" "Is she dead?" I say this only partly in jest, knowing full well that Mr Evelyn Waugh was male and died about fifty years ago. But it seems that the old reactionary is trending because Time Magazine has just named him as one of Britain's top 100 female writers. I rather despair.

I wonder how Time coped with George Eliot or indeed Acton Bell. Actually I do not wonder I just reflect on how stupid are most young people and most Americans. In some sort of Venn diagram of stupidity the editorial team at Time will be in that dark coloured convex sharpe in the middle.

The missing link you ask? 


3032 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus Bearcast: David Lenigas your soul will burn in hell (mental health smears) & LGO RNS unspun

There is an RNS out from LGO Energy (LGO) which is being spun as a triumph. It is not. The shares are up 37% today (so just 90% down on the IPO) but I systematically expose the truly bad news LGO is fessing up to. David Lenigas is - as you can see - on twitter having a go at me. Like his tobacco smuggling pal Yusuf Kajee he plays on the suicide of my mother, implying again that I have mental health issues. I do not, but Mr Lenigas will see his soul burn in hell. He is shameless and all folks with any conscience will just refuse to have anything to do with him. 


3034 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 Feb: A dying cat, a moronic follower of Lenigas & Gavin Burnell's kiss of death

A lot of references today to yesterday's podcast covering cats and Andrew Monk's puzzles (see HERE). Today I answer the money puzzles and I am afraid there is very bad cat news indeed. So I really dont care about shares and it was not a good day for a moronic disciple of David Lenigas with 9 followers to have a go at me on twitter. As it happens I have a few things to say about Jabba who I will be nailing for good within six weeks. I also look at Nomad resignations, Auhua (ACE), DQ Entertainment (DQE), Milestone (MSG), Litebulb (LBB) and then at Magnolia (MAGP) and the wider career of Gavin Burnell.


3037 days ago

Market abusing criminal Chris Oil: I am going to "kick the brains" out of Tom Winnifrith - here's his chance

Chris Oil has taken to twitter threatenening to "kick the brains" out of me. I guess at least I had some brains to start with. The little twerp says that he will do this if he meets me in the street before going on to boast that he was the U-18 school boxing champion at school. Hmmm. Which school was that you lying twerp? Until 2005 there were only c20 schools in the UK still boxing, I suppose I could check whether the man whose family discovered the North Sea/owned half of Birmingham really is a great pugilist. Mr Oil's demented tweets are below.


3047 days ago

A 100% sure fire way to make money on the stockmarket

I have an idea which cannot lose. This is a stockmarket scheme which has to be a winner. First we set up a new company...

The Company is called Rare Avanti Minerals PLC (RAMP) and its chairman will be David Lenigas - also responsible for twitter promotion - whilst its CEO will be the bombast David Williams Of Avanti Communications (AVN) infamy, who will be responsible for raising ooodles of bond finance so that we can drown in debt, as we seek to make a killing mining Rare Earth Minerals on the moon.

Nutec will be commissioned by Jabba


3063 days ago

Block @TomWinnifrith on twitter - moron campaign of the year

There is a campaign out there urging folks to block me on twitter. Jabba The Hutt started it. He said that anyone following me would no longer receive ramptastic and occassionally true tweets from the great David Lenigas as he would block them. But now a swathe of morons are urging folks to block me...


3069 days ago

MX Oil - Placing Scoop Confirmed, Questions unanswered, Morons in a frenzy

It is not a good start to the week for MX Oil (MXO) as it has essentially confirmed my £2 million at 1p placing article from Friday. It is reshuffling the board, now considering asset sales, its shares are slipping and its moronic shareholders blame it all on Tom Winnifrith and are stating on twitter and on various chat room asylums that they are reporting me to the FCA.Where does one start?


3070 days ago

Bulletin Board & twitter Moron of the week contest (2016/1) - You can't beat this can you?

Some prat abused me on twitter so I checked out his feed and it contained the tweet below. Surely this guy has to be the biggest moron out there? He is - natch - a Glenwick (GWIK) shareholder but just how stupid is he? Anyhow this is my entry in this weeks contest - can you do better?


3070 days ago

Glenwick - Ramptastic bollocks that stinks

Every single Bulletin Board and twitter ramper seems to have a field day with AIM listed Glenwick (GWIK) over the past few weeks - it is the rampttastic cash shell of the moment. This stinks in oh so many ways and why can't these folks do basic maths?


3075 days ago

David Lenigas - a pompous and deceitful arse: new media, trolls and lies

Fat Aussie share ramper Jabba The Hutt is still new media obsessed and is apparently starting a series on his new blog on twitter, trolls and how the media are all such bad guys while Big Dave is left to carry the sword of truth and wield the shield of justice. His first article is a classic in self delusion and well, er...lies.


3098 days ago

David Lenigas now breaking ISDX Rules for POS Lenigas Cuba

What is it with Jabba The Hutt and rule breaking? The poor man seems addicted to it. His latest offence concerns the ISDX Lobster pot car crash of an IPO Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) where he has clearly broken ISDX Rule 32 (disclosure of price senistive information).

It seems as if this overvalued POS is seeking a dual listing in North America. This is price sensitive information. It should have been announced to the market, Instead we learn about it via Jabba-RNS that is to say twitter. Here is an exchange with some moronic shareholder.


3102 days ago

David Lenigas - tell us about Marsden Resources Ltd NOW!

This is very very simple. I shall state the known facts about Marsden Resources Ltd. And then Jabba The Hutt can explian this all away either by twitter or with an RNS for Afriag (AFRI) or direct to AIM Regulation. Big Dave it is your call.


3102 days ago

MX Oil forced to admit to fund raise by Chris Oil lying as he commits market abuse

Earlier today we flagged up that Chris Oil was committing market abuse by revealing information given to him as an insider in claiming that he owned bonds in MX Oil (MXO). We passed this information onto the Nomad by sending it our article - apparently no-one at Cairn understands how twitter works. That forced MX to issue a statement saying it was doing a debt fund raising - which I gather Oil is participating in - but had not yet completed it. So not only was Oil revealing inside information but he was also lying...the issue is not yet done. As for whether you should follow the little twerp and sign up for the issue?


3102 days ago

Afriag wants to fly me to South Africa - - why that is not needed

Clearly the twitter addiction of David Lenigas is contagious as his Afriag (AFRI) colleague Yusuf Ismail Kajee is plaguing me on twitter with dozens of tweets, he is emailing and posting here in ShareProphets an invitation to South Africa. Where Yusuf fitted in at Lonrho and at Afriag in the world of tobacco is explained HERE. The original message reads:


3103 days ago

David Lenigas panics over Afriag revelations and signs its AIM death warrant on twitter

Sometimes when the bad guys come under pressure it all gets too much for them and they panic and make a silly mistake. The Quindell "response to a blogger" statement actually gave proof of certain frauds. It was a blunder made in panic. And that brings us to David Lenigas who was so panicked by yesterday's Afriag (AFRI) bombshells and so effectively signed the AIM death warrant of the company with one single panicked tweet.


3105 days ago

David Lenigas tries a pre-emptive twitter smear as the Afriag construct is laid bare

Jabba The Hutt knew I was running a piece today on Afriag (AFRI) so braced the lemmings, the few peasants who still believe him, with a twitter smear callimg me a drunken twirp (sic) and predicting I would produce a whole new set of "unfounded lies". I have never penned one lie on Jabba, all my damning criticisms are valid and today's Afriag article is no different in that respect, it is a bombshell. Just in case the former Lonrho chairman wants something else to tweet about here is some more.

Here is the Jabba tweet


3105 days ago

Saturday caption Contest - David Lenigas prepares for a slaughter of dumb creatures edition

Tomorrow I shall be examining the Afriag (AFRI) ramp of Friday in detail and Jabba The Hutt will not like that expose one iota. Ahead of that we have a picture of Mr Hutt preparing for a weekend shoot, an event in which a lot of dumb creatures will face wipeout. Anyone have a suitable caption for this picture of Jabba spending a rare monent away from his twitter account? All entries in the comments section below by midnight Sunday


3106 days ago

Drug addled Tom Winnifrith is losing twitter followers says the LIAR David Lenigas

I do not follow the twitter diarrhoea of Jabba The Hutt, partly because the fat Aussie share ramper blocked me and partly because his share ramping is just so tedious. But a kind reader alerts me to two tweets today which suggest that David Lenigas is quite simply cracking up.


3124 days ago

Senterra Energy – all very cosy round at Optiva Securities wih market abuser Chris Oil on board

Tired of acting for shite companies run by David Lenigas? I can’t blame Optiva Securities for feeling that way. Acting for Lenigas Cuba must be a bit of a drag. So why not set up your own shite company and float it. Welcome to Senterra Energy (SEN). Rope in a few mug punters like market abuser Chris Oil to pump it on twitter and off you go.


3125 days ago

LGO Energy – is Neil Ritson trying to shit on David Lenigas over his share dumping?

Hat tip to twitter follower @Terryfwit1 for flagging up a fascinating new section on the LGO Energy (LGO) website – Q&A.  It displays clear signs that CEO Neil Ritson is trying to distance himself from David Lenigas over his share dealing i.e. selling).


3130 days ago

David Lenigas gets new job: Troll hunter – please report me to the rozzers as well

Fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas says that he has a new job. Well I guess after the way he had car crashed so many companies on AIM plus ISDX lobster pot listed Lenigas Cuba that has to be a relief to the wider investment community. Apparently Big Dave (pictured left) is now a full time troll hunter. Well part time. He still has his main job of gushing twitter diarrhoea to keep him happy.


3130 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 17 November - in sights: NHS, blinkx and Jabba the Hutt

In today's podcast I start with my thoughts on the NHS. Guardian readers may wish to fast forward past that.Then it is onto assisting a twitter dickead (not David Lenigas) on Reach4Entertainment (R4E) and Nigel Wray. Then it is onto CDialogues (CDOG), blinkx (BLNX) and Havelock Europa (HVE). Finally a few more words on Gulf Keystone (GKP), Alba (ALBA) and Horse Hill.


3147 days ago

David Lenigas goes twitter mad – help the poor man follow him

I increasingly fear for the sanity of my friend David “I just love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning” Lenigas. Instead of answering simple questions he just tweets increasingly deranged abuse. Have a butcher’s at this classic from last week.


3148 days ago

Fraudster Rob Terry tweets into life again via the Quob Park Ponzi

The last tweet was September 23. But Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry and his Knob Park ponzi are again tweeting promising news next week. Might this be an update on his discussions with the Serious Fraud Office or from fraud to farce, news about AIM Casino POS Daniel Stewart (DAN)?


3154 days ago

Quindell fraudster Rob Terry: Go on tell us about your boardroom discussions with Daniel Stewart

Once upon a Quindell (QPP) time the fraudster Rob Terry seemed to be suffering from twitter diarrhoea. But for the past six weeks his new mouthpiece, the Quob Park Ponzi scheme has been almost silent. One might almost suspect that on legal advice the fraudster was being advised to say schtum as he awaits arrest by the Serious Fraud Office. He should not have to wait long. But, meanwhile, what about his discussions with Daniel Stewart (DAN)?


3155 days ago

Bitch fight at the twitter OK coral: top share blogger Paul Scott trashes Roger Lawson

I have long maintained that Roger Lawson of ShareScoc promoted blinkx (BLNX) without declaring a position and attacked folks like myself and Ben Edelman who disagreed, declaring that he was a “software expert”.  It now appears that the software expert was also long of Monitise (MONI) and Globo (GBO)


3158 days ago

Fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas goes (pea)nuts on twitter - its official

Play the man not the ball. That is the way of fat Aussie share ramper David "I love the smell of newly issued confetti in the morning" Lenigas. Big Dave has again blocked me on twitter so I cannot see his deranged rants and blatant ramps. But a kind reader has supplied me with today's attack on this website even before we commented on the latest ramperoonie nonsense from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) - HERE.


3161 days ago

Tom Winnifrith an abuser and sad drunk says Chris Oil

It seems that market abuser Chris Oil is in meltdown, rather like the share price of Sefton Resources (SER) of which he owns 5%. His latest twitter abuse is directed against me. And is below


3164 days ago

David Lenigas and your PR bully - welcome to the kiddies' playpen - more questions

Big Dave Lenigas still will not answer TWO QUESTIONS.  His PR man last night refused to condemn and almost condoned the barbaric behaviour of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) shareholders. And now the big fat Aussie stock ramper is playing the man (two men) not the ball again on Twitter:


3166 days ago

David Lenigas on twitter – proof of insanity as he won't answer questions

As you know I spend a few months a year in Greece at a hovel half way up a mountain. I work more efficiently there and it is good for my health. For family reasons I have actually only spent 5 or 6 weeks there this year but will return in December for the olive harvest. Right now I am in Bristol as per normal but bonkers David Lenigas seems to think there is more to it. In – even by his standards – an insane tweet he now offers up


3175 days ago

My second team crashes out of the Rugby World Cup – Hooray! Family joy

My Welsh speaking daughter and her mother Big Nose were over the moon. Not only had England been caned by the convicts but there was the delight still to come of seeing Clive Woodward being interviewed. He was unlikely to show much grace. My father is in Spain but had called in earlier to say that he’d be cheering on the Aussies with a pint of Guinness.

Natch in this little outpost of Ireland here in Bristol I was lining up the drinks and shouting loudly as the Aussie walloped a lamentable English side.  My England supporting wife had wisely opted to head off out with a Syrian friend. I am not sure who the Syrian was supporting but the Mrs arrived back home to find a couple of empty bottles and the Scottish gin disappearing fast. She does not understand my pleasure. I tried to explain about Clive Woodward and


3188 days ago

Can I please be on Market Abuser Chris Oil’s hate list?

In the latest proclamation from the castle on top of Looney Mountain, market abuser Chris Oil has warned the City he is making a list of those whom he is going to “distroy”. Quite what provoked this latest little Twitter temper tantrum is anyone’s guess, but I am sure there are dozens of folks now quivering in their boots, in dreaded fear of an assassin’s blade. For my part, I shall endeavour to do my level best to appear on the top of Little Augustus’ proscription list.


3203 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in defence of Andrew Bell and of free speech

When the swarm attacks someone on twitter it is an ugly spectacle and the man attacked on two counts on Friday was Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR). I publish this podcast knowing it will not win friends but becuase the spectacle was unedifying. I speak in defence of free speech and in defence of Andrew Bell.


3223 days ago

AIM Regulation tells CEOs to stop tweeting – what utter plonkers

Some CEOs have clearly abused twitter telling outright lies (Rob Terry) and being somewhat aggressive with the Truth (Mr 3D I meant 2D seismic). But having failed to deal with major scandals of fraud and lying the oxymoron that is the AIM Regulation is wading in with draconian edicts that will achieve nothing.


3251 days ago

Daniel Stewart & Quindell: same ramper, same lunatic shareholders, same harassment of critics – same end game

Last week I had a feeling of déjà vu – it was the Quindell summer all over again. The harassment had begun and I was wondering why.

At Free Speech & Liberty Pizza the phone kept ringing. We’d pick it up and there was silence or music. We’d put it down.  Few minutes later we’d get the same call. Same result. Someone was trying to jam our phones. There were a few patently bogus reviews of the restaurant on Tripadvisor – obvious fabrication.   That was just what happened last summer as Quindell morons thought they could shut me up by putting this place out of business.

As it happens we are trading more profitably than ever. Folks rather like us for standing up for free speech.

Then there was the twitter harassment.


3252 days ago

Twitter Moron/Rob Terry worshipper of the week – profitseeker

I sense that this bloke chose a name based on hope rather than actual achievement as his last two tweets show him to be 100% delusional. 


3275 days ago

Heading past 6,000 twitter followers – just outside the top 1 million twitterers worldwide: so 'ffing what?

And so today, just over three years since I started tweeting I went past 6,000 followers. I follow 645 folk so apparently my follower/follow ratio is way over average and I have a retweet ratio of 14 which apparently is way over an average of 8 so I am apparently “interesting”. Hmmmm.I guess it is all relative.

I am ranked 1.02 million in the twitter world. And I do not really give a toss. I tweet out thinks that interest me and appear to offend quite a lot of folk. And that seems to attract about 5 new followers a day. Does it make me richer? No. Happier? No. I just thought I’d note that 6,000 landmark. 


3339 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special - Brokerman Dan Quits Sefton Resources

With a fifty grand golden thank you my pal Brokerman Dan has ended his career as a crony capitalist at Sefton Resources (SER) after just two months and twenty days. Back in the welfare safari of the Manchester slums that £50,000 will go a long way, just think of all the rats you can buy to feed the kids a roasted treat, think of all the crack and illegal cigarettes you can ship in to sell at the school gates. I imagine that Dan now has enough to buy half the sink estate. I discuss Dan's payoffs, lessons I am sure he has learned, CEOs on twitter and where this leaves Sefton.


3350 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition 16

By popular demand it is back. As ever the rules are simple. Filthylucre and Bananabob cannot post their own comments on this website as entries as they are just too good. But any other comment on a Bulletin Board or twitter is eligible. The most ludicrous or idiotic statement wins.


3405 days ago

Blocking someone on twitter is NOT free speech denial

Anyone can set up a twitter account in minutes. And once on twitter you can shout out to the world what you want. Of course if you call a Police Horse gay, tweet a burning poppy or insult David Cameron the Old Bill might feel your collar if you happen to live in Airstrip One. But if your sole purpose is to insult non-celebs (i.e. Tom Winnifrith, rather than Tom Daley) you can tweet pretty much what you please.

And so it should be. I support free speech to the hilt. Some of the interventions by the Old Bill are disgraceful, a matter I have highlighted here before.

But free speech does not mean that I have to read what folks tweet.


3414 days ago

David Lenigas vs Doc Holiday Round 67 –Je Suis Charlie Holiday

Controversial entrepreneur Big Dave Lenigas is my pal. So too is outspoken blogger Doc Holiday. But the two men appear to loathe each other passionately.  And the latest step in this battle came with a twitter threat from Big Dave “I will block on twitter anyone who follows Doc Holiday”. Oooh er missus…

Blocking someone on twitter does not mean that you do not believe in free speech. There are numerous complete arseholes on twitter and they can tweet whatever nonsense they wish but none of us is obliged to have it pushed into our timeline. As such blocking someone is not a denial of their right to spout piffle, merely a sign that you choose not to read their piffle.

I block folks regularly. I do not wish to get direct messages from Jew Haters or from folks who tweet to me their desire to cut my throat or who tweet direct to me defamatory lies about me. Folks you can spout off as you wish but I have no interest in what you say so you are blocked. 

But Big Dave has gone one step further. I am 


3429 days ago

The Quindell Morons and Market Abuse on Twitter re Gotham City Research

And so a new twitter account has appeared in recent days @gothamresearch_ -you may have noticed it and thought this was real Gotham City Research. Boy have those bears changed tack. Er no…this is just Quindell shareholders breaking the law (again)


3430 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Reader Request Bearcast - Golden Saint Resources

I am a nice guy but don't tell anyone! And so a bloke on twitter asked me to look at Golden Saint Resources (GSR). as I drrank my first coffee this morning I got a call from Golden Saint who were apparently utterly terrified that they were about to get a good kicking on BearCast. We chatted away and so here is what I think.


3436 days ago

David Lenigas and Rare Earth Minerals – Something Not Right here

Entrepreneur Big Dave Lenigas has got into a spot of bother before for his activities on twitter. I accept that Mr Lenigas is enthusiastic about his investments but for his own sake he should get off twitter now. Pre-placing tweets about Rare Earth Minerals (REM just look wrong. And then there is the email. 


3441 days ago

Sam Antar on tweet warpath again – this time it is research analysts

My good pal Sam Antar, convicted fraudster turned fraud buster is on the twitter warpath again. The FD of the 1980s Wall Street mega fraud Crazy Eddie’s is this weekend warming up his campaign against useless Wall Street analysts. The man is a genius and the tweets follow. 


3479 days ago

Audited Accounts Mean Nothing – The Great Sam Antar on twitter fire overnight

For some reason I could not sleep so at 3 AM I had a good chat with my good pal Sam Antar the mastermind of the biggest Wall Street accounting fraud of the 1980s ( Crazy Eddies) who is now a fraudbuster. Sam is a bit of a night owl but also a twitter fiend and overnight he laid into the idea that audited accounts mean anything. We also exchanged tweets on the BearCast earlier on TNAV (HERE). Time for bed Sam but this is a great volley at the accounting profession on the 13thanniversary of the demise of Enron.


3483 days ago

Heading through 5,000 twitter followers – so ffing what?

I started tweeting about two and a half years ago and the number of folks following me as grown pretty much from day one – which growth has accelerated in recent weeks on the back of Quindell I suspect. Apparently I am in the top 1.2 million most followed folks on earth. Big deal.

I read the other day that more than half the twitter accounts created in 2013 are already inactive. You can buy thousands of twitter accounts for just a few dollars. Okay you are tweeting to people who don’t exist but in Willy waving contests some folks think it matters.

I am open about my twitter account. Occasionally there is some banker with folks on twitter. I have enjoyed baiting Peter Tatchell, who I admire greatly, but who can be a prize loon


3496 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board/Twitter Moron of the week (5) – winner announced

Once again we were inundated with entries for the Quindell Bulletin Board Moron/twitter moron of the week contest. I was almost tempted to give a retrospective prize to this comment from March from a Mr R Terry of Hants “The only question is whether Quindell goes in the FTSE 100 or the FTSE 250, a main market listing is just a tick box exercise.” Rob that was a stormer but this week’s entries were even better – you can see all of the madness HERE  And so to the winner.


3522 days ago

David Lenigas Abandons Twitter and a few Horse Hill thoughts from me

After the episode revealed here yesterday by Doc Holiday, marmite AIM serial CEO David Lenigas has announced that he is to stop tweeting. For a 50 tweets a week man that will be some cold turkey. I just hope he does not try quitting the fags at the same time.

David tweeted earlier:


3522 days ago

The Bears Scent Death at Quindell – King of the US Bears Muddy Waters weighs in

Quindell (QPP) took on the bears and Quenron is losing. I first cited red flags about this fraud in April 2013. A year later Gotham City Research took it apart and now the shorters are upping the ante. The smell of Death is clear and now the best known US Bear Muddy Waters has also chipped in via twitter.


3535 days ago

Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week – Ron Clifton

As the Quenron (QPP) share price slips away losing more and more of the hard earned savings of the morons who have invested in this company which has demonstrably lied to its shareholders in a serial fashion, the morons response is sheer comedy genius. Today’s twitter moron of the week is Ron Clifton @CliftonPlace who is possibly the thickest of all the Quindell morons on twitter.


3548 days ago

Horse Hill update c/o twitter – I was fooled

It seems an unusual way to keep investors informed but one of the Horse Hill runners and riders, Doriemus (DOR) has provided a drilling update by twitter. Oh no it hasn't. DoriemusPLC is not an official account - I was fooled. I apologise.The tweet reads:


3570 days ago

Quindell Morons Smear Campaign – these people are just so incredibly stupid

I see that on the Bulletin Boards Quindell owning morons have a new smear against me from 2010. It is just a pity that they are so clueless they cannot get their facts right. Our own demented loon of a poster Kebab has happily reposted it here while the guy who sent me a death threat on twitter – James Beckwith has now moved on from bogus restaurant reviews to tweeting the failed smear to me.

Here is Mr Beckwith:

Beckers ‏@Beckers1992 


3592 days ago

Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer

What is it about the intolerance of the liberal left/Islamofascist alliance when it comes to free speech? I do not deny anyone the right to say that they support Hamas and why, that is their call. They are on the side of terror, of homophobes of folks whose desire is genocide but they have the right to be heard. And that is pretty much the view of all Israel supporters we believe in a free world where folks can say or do what they wish.

In Israel one can dissent, one can speak out against the Government, one can pursue a career if female and you can sleep with whom you want. In Gaza life is very different and it is shameful that in the UK supporters of the organisation whose charter commits itself to wiping Israel off the map appear to be adopting a similar attitude to free speech.

My pal, Mr Frog (not his real name) works for a FTSE 100 listed marketing and communications group. He is a vocal supporter of Israel and of her right to defend herself. He does not celebrate the death of any innocent in his tweets or Facebook pages but he is clearly partial. And this has come to the attention of certain Islamofascists in the UK who have now swamped his employer with emails accusing Mr Fish of “racism” and “supporting child killing.”

This is clearly bogus but such is the fear


3599 days ago

Some hateful and vile twitter comments from deluded western liberals because #IstandwithIsrael

Heck I believe in free speech but I do rather worry about the sheer stupidity of some of those who support Hamas, an organisation whose charter calls for Israelis to be swept into the sea. But I the West liberal opinion is pretty much behind Hamas which allow folks to spout such twitter comments as these:

Tracy ‏@BSfromPS  32m

Ok, Winnie, whatever you say.  Shouldn't you be out killing innocent children about now? @TomWinnifrith @oc_f1fan @DreyfusJames

Sir Jack Splatt ‏@JacksplattJack  15m

@mrD80385887 Maybe Jews need to understand us, we have had enough of their bullshit, understand? @BSfromPS @TomWinnifrith @oc_f1fan

Back to Tracy responding to a tweet from someone other than me about why she hides her face on twitter..

Tracy ‏@BSfromPS  22m

BUT, Winnifred, I would hide MINE if I were you. You look like a child predator. @DreyfusJames @TomWinnifrith @oc_f1fan

And best of all

Chris Erion @oc_f1fan  ·  28m

@TomWinnifrith The IDF has committed more evil crimes than the Nazis ever did or could.

I rest my case.


3629 days ago

Quindell owning Twitter Moron says “I have the money to shut Tom Winnifrith up”

Quindell (QPP) owning twitter moron Keith Allen does not like what I say about the company. And his response appears to be overt threats. For the avoidance of doubt I do not respond to threats and will not be cowed into silence.

I bring you today’s trail with starts with a general tweet to those who choose to follow me, from me. The rest is self-explanatory.


3639 days ago

Mr Contrarian is a Genius – A Song for Quindell

Blogger Mr Contrarian is our official genius of the day with his Song for Quindell (QPP). This should be sung to the tune of Michelle by The Beatles.

Given that he is such a total genius we recommend that you check out his blog HERE and follow him on twitter @MrContrarian 

Quindell, a sell
These are words that go together well
Quindell, a sell


3643 days ago

For my twitter pests, free speech once again explained to a moron

For those plaguing me on twitter I hope this explains free speech with reference to the comments board on this website very clearly. You guys can go post links to competing products, spout bigoted abuse and make defamatory comments as you wish. But I am under no obligation to publish them for you. You have plenty of other forums to rant on about the blacks or the Jews, accuse me of being a crook, attack my restaurant, or promote other publications. But I have no obligation to publish such lies and filth.


3646 days ago

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

The twitter and bulletin board morons are demanding that I admit that I am a joker and admit that my accusation of lying against Astar Minerals (ASTA) was wrong. For the avoidance of doubt: “In its RNS of May 27th Astar Minerals lied.” If Astar disagrees it is free to issue libel proceedings and The Sheriff of AIM will see you in court bitchez. Astar lied and its directors are thus liars. But this gets better (unless you are a shareholder) 


3658 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith Quindell Special

I am tired of arguing with shareholders in Quindell (QPP) on twitter. Some folks will insist that 2 +2 equals 5 forever. And so I have recorded a video just to set the record straight.


3665 days ago

Financial Twitter Moron of the week – A Quindell Moron

It is not just on the Bulletin Boards that financial morons lurk, twitter abounds with them. As such my Moron of the week comes from the twittosphere and is, needless to say, a shareholder in Quindell (QPP).

A close runner up for the award was @Lon_Don who tweeted to the 201 folks who follow him for a nonstop diet of tweets about one subject only, er Quindell…

 @TomWinnifrith is a Troll. #QPP #Quiindell

Hmmmm. How incisive. A Troll apparently is someone who causes emotional upset by online harassment. I do not follow Mr. Lon_Don and have never contacted him. He on the other hand chooses to follow me on twitter and to read my words. He does not have to but he makes an explicit choice to do so and then complains that what I write upsets him. Whatever…

Mr. Lon_Don is a multi-brained frigging genius when compared to @IanHislam a man who looks like one of those 1930s leaders from the Hitler Youth and whose 35 followers are treated to a nonstop diet of tweets about er... Quindell. He describes himself as “A thinker. A gambler. A long time dead.”  Whatever. He is certainly a gambler. As for the state of his brain, he may well be correct.

His tweet


3675 days ago

The best of #ImvotingUKIPbecause – very funny twitter parody

Apparently Nigel Farage is rather upset by this stream of paradoy tweets on twitter. Come on Nigel you are going to win anyway so just sit back and laugh as there are some real gems there. In case you are not on twitter I bring you the best and also a note to My Mother in law (Dr Devedason) that my own contribution was just a little joke on my part and I am really looking forward to you coming over tomorrow.

Gary Oliver ‏@HarerTheDog  14s

#ImVotingUkipBecause my parents didn't come here from Ireland, to have to mix with bloody foreigners 

I AM GIROUD ‏@Andy_Orbell  7h

#ImVotingUkipBecause Mr sheen left smears on my mirror and it says on the bottle that he's polish


Paul Stevenson ‏@Gweilouk  14m


3679 days ago

The Mrs Buys a hovel in Greece and I head off to the Building Site in July

I gather that on twitter there are a few folks who thing that I am writing a bit too much and should take up gardening or tai-chi and “chill” Hmmmm. Have I got news for you…

As it happens the Mrs is away for the weekend so I am catching up on a few things. One of which is the paperwork on a new house the Mrs is purchasing in Greece. The deposit is paid tomorrow. It is not a lot as it is a total train wreck.

When we visited it last the only sign of life there was a snake we met sitting on a terrace. The house is not really fit for human habitation but comes with vast amounts of olive groves so can be expanded and renovated over time.  The nearest neighbour is a ten minute walk away and is the one old monk left in a vast monastery. Ten minutes drive along a very rough track gets you to a village.

And so I shall be working like a dervish in the UK until June 30th when, all being well I head off to Greece to start work renovating the place. I do not mind that the shower (pro tem) is a hosepipe or that the outside lavatory does not work. I shall install an eco-loo (more on that later) in my first week. I will work alongside the Greek builders as their Albanian (i.e. unskilled labourer) for three months so that by the time the Mrs arrives in August to inspect her new property it is just about habitable and by the end of September, phase one will be complete.

I am ensuring that the fridge contains antidote in case I meet any other snakes and that I can somehow connect to the Internet so that I can write when not building. If three months on a building site in 39 degree heat does not knock me into shape nothing will.

So twitter friends, how’s that for relaxing?


3701 days ago

Steve Moore finally gets this twitter thing figured out

Steve Moore who started working with me when he left University and has been in comrade in arms ever since has – after one false start – finally got the hang of this twitter thingy. I do wonder if he is a 90 year old disguised as a young person some times. 

Steve co-edits the Nifty Fifty with myself and Lucian Miers and is also a contributor to 

To follow his tweets search him out at @SMooreN50


3733 days ago

W Resources – why I disagree with Robert Tyerman & a twitter cretin and would sell

The ethos of Shareprophets is that we allow our writers to arrive at whatever conclusion they want. I do not endorse any view (other than my own) but I welcome debate and diverse opinion. It is what makes a market. That is a point lost on some total cretin giving me abuse on twitter today regarding W Resources (WRES).

I thought the article by Robert Tyerman on W Resources that we published earlier was interesting and merited a wider audience & thus tweeted a link. Robert, as you would expect from such a Fleet Street legend,


3748 days ago

Barraco barner 17 GCSE twitter girl is dumb but Britain is dumber still

If barraco barner is our president why is he getting involved in Russia, scary tweeted 20 year old Gemma Worrall (@gemworrallx) a 20 year old receptionist at a Blackpool beauty salon the other day. This tweet from a bird who is not a bad looker but is quite obviously thick as two short planks is now attracting worldwide attention.

Woolly-minded liberals say that at least she is showing an interest in politics and should be applauded for that. Gemma says she is now going to look more closely at events in the Ukraine. Those of us who are less charitable are minded to say that she is obviously just stupid both for her spelling of the name of President Obama and for thinking that he ran the UK.

Taking the third way, to quote the war criminal Blair, I do not think that Gemma is in relative terms that stupid although in absolute terms she is obviously thick. After all she has 17 GCSEs and two A-Levels (in Travel & Tourism).  For that I like to think Gemma has done us all a service.

If this brainless bint has amassed 17 GCSEs that shows that, as some of us reactionaries have been suggesting for years, that these qualifications are so easy to gain that they are almost worthless. I imagine that there are tens of thousands of other imbeciles who are applauded for their “hard work” in racking up their GCSEs by their bone-idle liberal teachers but who are, in fact, just as thick at Gemma. GCSE’s are worthless pieces of paper.

Then we turn to A-Levels.


3748 days ago

The Voltaire of Twitter – Mr Luke Woods

A very pleasing tweet received this morning from Mr Luke Woods (@applelover79) who in the manner of Voltaire notes:

Even when I don't like what you're writing I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work.”

Thank you Luke. That is much appreciated.


3751 days ago

#UKInvestorShow on April 5 full 44 person speaker line-up revealed – win a ticket with a tweet

Tickets for the UK Investor Show on April 5 are now 70% sold out but we have five £10 tickets to hand out today if you do us a favour on twitter, as we TODAY release the full timings and speaker agenda for the UK’s top investor show.

All you need to do is to tweet out this article to your contact base. We will early next week contact five of those tweeting to get details and send them a ticket. Tickets are being despatched on March 18th

Remember that 90 Growth PLCs are also presenting – a full list is HERE

Doors open at 9 Am and the full speaker line-up of a show hosted by Louise Noel is:

To win your free ticket simply  tweet a link to this article – get tweeting and we may be in contact next week



3753 days ago

Call Me tasteless & see if I care: Recycling the Oscar Pistorius twitter jokes

I first published this a year ago but since Mr Pistorius is back in the headlines as his trial gets underway, I guess this is worth recycling.

Some may describe this as being more tasteless than a Findus horse lasagne. There will be those who gloss over the reports of repeated domestic incidents in this household and say that we should all move on. I haven't. And so I bring you the best of the Oscar Pistorious twitter jokes today

 *@MrWard_* Oscar Pistorious killed his misses on valentines day so dont complain when yours forgets 2 get a card

*@sickipediabot* Roses are red, Violets are glorious, Don't try to surprise Oscar Pistorious.

 *‏@FattusAntus* Oscar Pistorious. Proof that a man with no legs is better at shooting than Theo Walcott.

*@FattusAntus* Oscar Pistorious. A history of violence against women and has spent most of his life legless. He’s the South African Paul Gascoigne.

*‏@aidan_fletcher* Oscar Pistorious shot dead his girlfriend last night. By the looks of things, he doesn't really have a leg to stand on...

*@Brandy_Carroll* Can't blame Oscar Pistorious for mistaking his girlfriend for a burglar. One takes half your money and possessions. The other is a burglar.

 *‏@NeilInbetween_* I think Oscar Pistorious took the band name 'Bullet for my valentine' a little too far

*@cobbo3* Lesson from Oscar Pistorious' girlfriend shooting? If your boyfriend has a gun, always try and get home b4 him.

 *@mrkennysenior* Police confirm that when Oscar Pistorious was arrested he was armed with a gun and two blades ‏

*@theponyboy* Think its pretty clear that Oscar Pistorious is an un-stable man

 *@LRPBaldwin* Apparently oscar pistorious shot his misses because he thought she was an intruder, police say he was on a night out an came home legless

*@JackMinall* Oscar Pistorious has now taken the worst boyfriend title away from Chris Brown. Shooting your misses on Valentines day.

 ‏@alex49200 Why was Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend burgling him? Yet more proof that women are mental.

*@richie_dgs* Oscar Pistorious- by the sounds of things he may not have legs but he is fully armed!

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To read the best of the Ryanair ( after losing ash cloud cast) twitter jokes click HERE. 


3763 days ago

More than 4,000 twitter followers

I guess I still have a long way to go before I catch up with Stephen Fry or vain businessmen who buy in stacks of twitter followers. But I inched passed 4,000 followers this week. I reckon that all twitter statistics are bogus.

I am sure that many of those who are follow me do not read a single tweet I send. A stack are bound to be bots or spammers. But it does seem that quite a few people are following me as I tweet the odd interesting thing. I gather I am the 1,533,109th most followed person on this planet!

Anyway 4,000 passed this week @tomwinnifrith ( with a followed/follower ratio of 5.98 which I gather is good)  and meanwhile I see that @shareprophets which follows no-one at all is now up at almost 1200 after just eight months. That is almost more impressive.


3776 days ago

Twitter may be outraged but the Danes were right to kill Marius the baby Giraffe

Across twitter there is anger and condemnation of a Danish zoo for killing Marius the two year old giraffe. Pictures of his body, hacked to pieces, as it prepares to go to the Lion cage are everywhere. An animal loving nation is outraged and we are all urged to sign an online petition. Bugger off: The Danes were correct.

Zoos exist primarily to preserve endangered species. As a secondary measure they give entertainment and education to folks who will never see exotic animals in the wild. But they all have limited resources in terms of space and money.

Marius did not come from an endangered species and moreover there was evidence of in-breeding so his gene bank hardly served a useful purpose. Nor is there a shortage of giraffe’s in zoos across the planet or in this Danish establishment.  Meanwhile, lions need food and it may surprise some of our de-sensitized fellow citizens who think that meat comes from Tesco’s and does not involve animals being killed on farms, but lions are not vegetarians. Lions eat meat. And so to feed the Danish lions an animal somewhere has to be killed.

If it was not Marcus the giraffe (humanised with his human name) it would have been Cornelius the cow, or Cedric the sheep. If you want to keep lions in zoos you have to kill other animals. That is just a fact of life.  Faced with a lack of space in the giraffe enclosure and lions who refused the vegetarian meals sent in by well-meaning “animal lovers” in Britain, there was only one sensible option.

Perhaps those on twitter might let us know what they think lions eat in the wild? Tofu? Broccoli? Grass?


3790 days ago

Reflecting as we mark World Holocaust Day in this home

On this day in 1945 the Red Army entered Auschwitz to encounter industrial scale horrors. Hence today is World Holocaust Day, 24 hours to reflect and ponder. In this household, as in homes across the world, we are burning a candle as a sign that we will not forget.

It is important to make a positive effort not to forget when one faces a daily barrage from those who either deny the holocaust, those who seek to diminish its importance by claiming that numbers were inflated or, worst of all, those who trivialise it by describing any event as a holocaust.

There are places in the world where deaths occur driven by hatred, intolerance and anger. But perhaps only in Cambodia and Ruanda have we seen anything on the scale of the holocaust where genocide was committed against an entire race on an industrial scale with the intent of wiping out that race. Those who use the term holocaust liberally to describe any death seek to trivialise true evil.  In doing so they become apologists for evil. And yes folks like David Ward MP, Baroness Tongue and others I am talki9ng about you.

In not forgetting


3790 days ago

1,103 People follow @ShareProphets on twitter – why not join them and win a prize?

Unlike some we could mention, ShareProphets has never bought twitter followers nor do we follow folk just to get a follow back. @shareprophets follows no-one, not even me - @tomwinnifrith – and yet, in eight months, we appear to have accumulated 1,103 folks who follow us on twitter to keep tabs on what we write. Why not join them and win a prize.

Already six of our followers are down to win a voucher entitling them to a 50% discount on a bill for a party of up to four at our new wine, sherry and tapas bar opening in Clerkenwell on February 3rd – Maribelle’s.  Those vouchers will be sent out this week. 

And there are ten more vouchers up for grabs – we will choose at random ten of those who were followers 1,101 to 1,201 and they too will be sent a Maribelle’s voucher.

So follow away @shareprophets


3808 days ago

Michael O’Leary of RyanAir set for twitter PR disaster at 4 PM today - #AskRyanair

Do not folks who have a few enemies learn their lessons from doing live twitter Q&A’s? it seems not. At 4 PM today Michael O’Leary from RyanAir (RYA) will be on line tweeting questions sent to #AskRyanair ? Oh dear. It already looks grim for the odious O’Leary.

Among the early starters are:


3827 days ago

Should Justine Sacco the PR bimbo be fired for twitter racism?

Justine Sacco is some American PR bird (quite high flying until yesterday) who tweeted ahead of a flight to South Africa “Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm White!' One suspects that her employer IAC will be sending her a P45 for Christmas.

IAC has already suspended her, airbrushed her name from its website and says it will be taking “appropriate action.”

Her tweet is tasteless and it is racist. IAC will undoubtedly be able to show that she has breached its employer handbook (bibles of political correctness and jargon) in some way and/or that she had brought it into disrepute. We all know that making a racist remark is now the most uber-crime of all. Ok it is marginally less of a heinous offence in the eyes of a Western liberal than first degree murder but it is marginal. Incidentally the crime is not just making a racist remark but making a remark that may be deemed racist. And that means saying more or less anything.

Hence in the 21st Century West Ms Sacco is toast.

For the avoidance of doubt I do regard her remark as racist.

Thirty years ago this thick woman would have made this “joke” next to the office water cooler and got away with it. Thanks to email and twitter comments like this go viral and once the “activists” and media elite get onto the case there can only be one outcome.

My Christmas hope? Ms Sacco learns her lesson. Her prejudice is unpleasant but if she can keep it to herself I hope that she finds another job and is allowed to get on with it.

Do those baying for her blood really want to ruin her whole life? I suspect many of them do. And I find that just as unpleasant as the prejudices of Ms Sacco.


3833 days ago

Twitter followers willy waving – a well-known businessman exposed

How many followers do you have on twitter? Ooooh I have more than that. My willy is bigger than yours. It is all a load of rubbish – you can quite simply buy followers on twitter and it does not cost a lot. And then you appear to be a really big swinging dick in the twitter world. But…

Sadly it is perfectly possible to validate whether your twitter followers are fake (bots bought in), inactive (old unused accounts bought in) or valid. And thus while you might superficially appear to be a BSD you might actually only be a small chipolata.

Just for fun a pal of mine ran the tests on a well-known investor figure and Sunday Time Rich List member who naturally I shall not name and shame for his sheer vanity. His twitter followers have grown from less than a thousand eighteen months ago to more than 400,000 today. Christ that man must have cajones the size of Mellons.

Er….maybe not. It seems that 88% of his followers are classified as “fake.” Another 7% are classified as “inactive.” And thus only 5% are real.

Whatever… the headline number looks awesome.


3853 days ago

Misleading, Deceitful and Repellent: UKIP on Immigration

Why did I rise to the bait of a twitter fight with UKIP loons regarding immigration? Paul Nutter UKIP’s deputy Fuhrer is on C5 News tonight ranting on about how we will be swamped with millions of Romanians and Bulgarians on 2nd January.

What Nuttall does not say is that Romanians already here, on average, pay 34% more in taxes than they take in benefits, which is a far better ratio than native born Brits. Romanian workers are good news for Britain. What Mr Nutter also declines to mention is that folk arriving in 2014 will not be able to claim a single cent in benefits for at least a year. So they will take the low paid jobs Britain needs to fill if it is to compete.  

Aha…they are stealing British jobs. So goes the chant from UKIP followers on twitter.



3888 days ago

Twitter PR Disaster for EU President Herman Van Rompuy - #AskThePresident

Why do these fools set themselves up for humiliation? Well if you are President of the Evil Empire you are used to it. And so this afternoon Herman Van Rompuy (@auHvR) tweeted:  Welcome all to this live Twitter Q&A on innovation. I may not answer all Qs, but will try to answer as many as possible #Askthepresident – if he was expecting not to get any questions he was in for a shock. Tosser! You deserve it. Here is the best of #Askthepresident

The day the Evil Empire met British twitter users at their best and was trashed:


3889 days ago

Debating with the mentally unhinged on Israel

I should not have risen to the bait and commented on the video which tried to smear the entire Israeli state and people as racist. I was goaded into it on twitter and responded with a detailed critique showing why and how the video was at best crap journalism and at worst crude propaganda.

The argument I outlined is full and detailed and can be found here.

What happened then? I have now received a stream of abuse and hostile comments on twitter. Not one of the folks care to answer questions about why Israel HAS to observe higher standards than the EU on illegal immigrants if it is not to be racist. Not one cares to comment on the Falashas. Not one cares to comment on the Israeli Supreme Court banning camps which are deemed kosher across the EU and in Australia. No one. There is not one answer on those matters.

Instead there are comments of two types. 

There is abuse. One Russian Jew hater says I should compare the actions of the Israelis to Sudanese people with those of the Nazis to the Jews.  Anyone who makes that sort of comment is patently a Jew hating bigot beneath contempt. 

Others choose not to discuss the FACTS as outlined in full but just hit back with other questions.  Surely Israel is racist because it does not:


3891 days ago

The Best of #Ourday – Infuriating shite from the Public Sector

#Ourday was a twitter PR fest. Apparently local Government staff from across the UK took time out from their busy schedules to tweet examples of how they make our lives better. I bring you a few classics below. Be calm as this might annoy you.

MT @SouthHams_DC: Kate is the co-ordinator of our Walk & Talk Health walks taking place across #SouthHams#OurDay

EastLindseyDC ‏@EastLindseyDC8h

Our Communications Team is heading off to bed after 24 hours of tweeting for #OurDay #Goodnight

Did you know that the Council produces 4 editions of BH Life magazine a year? Check them out online:  #Ourday

North WarwickshireBC ‏@North_Warks_BC9h

Dean in Environmental Health is working on how much noise the High Speed 2 train would make if it comes through here. @stopHS2 #OurDay

South Holland DC ‏@SHollandDC9h

Staff awareness campaign on energy saving has been the order of the day for our carbon management officer Jacqui. #ourday


3944 days ago

Best tweet I have received this week - many thanks Luke

Many thanks to Luke for this tweet which is the sort of encouragement that makes me carry on writing.

Luke Woods     @applelover79                17m       

Reading Winnifrith articles is my guilty pleasure.

Luke, fear not I have an absolute scorcher of a story for next week. Nothing to do with Sefton but an expose of a vile creature of the deluded left. I have been saving it for a train journey and so aim to go live tomorrow.  Thanks for the tweet. It is certainly worth a picture of Miss Albania.


3946 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

City law firm Pinsent Masons played its part in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against Dan Levi and me with its infamous letter to the FSA trying to stop me writing about shares. To protect its bent client it tried (and failed) to deprive me of a living. And it then (at great expense to Sefton shareholders) tried to bully me in the libel courts. As such you might understand why I am not its greatest fan.

Pinsents tried to destroy me on its chosen playing field (the law). It failed. Now the rematch is set to take place on my chosen playing field – the internet and new media.

Pinsents disgraceful behaviour is now all over the internet. Those responsible for its new media promotion cannot be enjoying what they read. Its role in the Sefton scandal is now laid bare and my triumphant visit to its luxurious office with a glass of champagne is now a well watched video. The Times newspaper mentioned it in full and Pinsents must be squirming.

In case you missed it or ( better still) wish to pass on the link to everyone you know it is here

But still the fuckers will not withdraw their law suit (which they admit is in tatters). Still there is no apology. I am not asking senior partner Chris Mullen (hey Chris you now feature in google searches alongside a pic of a scantily clad Cheryl Cole which is not pornography and the word fraudster thanks to liar and fraudster Jim Ellerton) to come and grovel personally. But Chris, you could send along a few of the other partners to buy me a slap up dinner at RMPC or just write a public letter of apology.

Oh shite, Chris now appears on google searches next to the word pornography. Welcome Pinsent Masons to my chosen battleground of new media.

Meanwhile I know Pinsent Masons has spent a great deal of effort building up its twitter presence so if you are bored just head off to @pinsentmasons find any one of its worthy tweets and draft a suitable reply.  As an example earlier today I found a tweet from PM

Financial firms to set targets for female board members - Linda Jones of @PinsentMasons talks to @BBCNews  #ukemplaw

So naturally I replied (including both @pinsentmasons and @bbcnews)

@PinsentMasons @BBCNews how about as a priority ensuring boards do not have contain crooks like Pinsents star client Sefton @TomWinnifrith

If you having nothing else better to do this weekend, feel free to go and tweet a reply to one of the numerous dreary tweets sent out by Pinsents and bring some life to its twitter feed. I am sure that they will appreciate the gesture.


3974 days ago

Brokerman Dan Unsuspended by twitter – what went on? Another Sefton dirty trick?

A couple of days ago my pal Brokerman Dan  a co-defendant in the Sefton libel trial) had his twitter account suspended. He had not been abusing it by follow/unfollow tactics of spammers (he follows only 42 souls) so why was it suspended?

Yesterday Dan and his solicitor contacted twitter saying that he does not break any rules of twitter but is involved with a libel trial which he expects to win against Sefton. He asked twitter if the suspension was prompted by complaints and a request to block Dan from Sefton or its uber expensive bully boy City lawyers Pinsent Masons.


4001 days ago

The Best of #socialistchatuplines – thanks twitter

Trending overnight among sad right wing folk on twitter ( i.e people like me) is #socialistchatuplines – since I am unable to sleep ( too much non Fair Trade coffee after a day of successful capitalism enjoyed with two employees on the minimum wage) I bring you the best of what has appeared to date with the undoubted winner right at the end. I write as someone who is dating a socialist but I did not use any of these lines...
Billy Bowden ‏@Ontablets 28m

#socialistchatuplines Did you hurt your head when you fell from heaven? Thats Thatchers fault!
Scott ‏@TheBenitezYears 33m

#socialistchatuplines I would love your number. But I don't have a phone as they are tools of the bourgeoisie, Capitalist pigs
Scott ‏@TheBenitezYears 59m

#socialistchatuplines Can you buy me a drink?
Jon Persson ‏@J__Persson 39m

Thatcher stole my milk when I was little. Buy me a drink? #socialistchatuplines
The devilish one ‏@Jigglypuff2344 1h

@Shugism #socialistchatuplines Roses are Pretty, Violets are Ok, but I can't buy you either, cos I'm on JSA.


4019 days ago

Blocking some tool (Clive Winward) on twitter

This moron tweets me directly now and again accusing me of buying shares, tipping them and selling. That is called pump and dump and it is illegal. I do not do it and have never done it. My share dealing records are open for all to see. To make my life rather simpler these days I just do not deal in shares at all. Winward knows this and knows that if I have an interest in anything I write about I declare it, but happily runs a twitter account solely for the purpose of sending tweets to @tomwinnifrith making this accusation.

And so at three levels:

1. What a pathetic way for Clive to spend his life.  What sort of cretin just keeps himself happy tweeting a defamatory statement for which he has no evidence (for there can be none) for pleasure.  Cannot he get a more socially acceptable hobby like masturbating to hard core pornography?

2. I am not going to demand he be banned from twitter or sue him. He is a cretin but I believe in free speech and this Louise Mensch Idea that you spend half your life reporting obvious loons to the Old Bill is just silly.

3. I am happy to engage in sensible dialogue on twitter but simply receiving a stream of abuse and defamatory comments adds nothing to my life. I do a job and get on with it. Clive can tweet away as he wishes, when not heading off to download his next dose of hard core porn, but I have no interest in seeing his rubbish appear in my twitter stream so I blocked him.


4023 days ago

Louise Mensch – what don’t you get about freedom you silly cow?

Last summer we thought that we had heard the last of the dreadful author of crap books Louise Mensch after she got bored of being a Tory MP and quit to spend more time with her family in the US. I guess it is late morning NY time but Mensch’s poor kids have not seen much of mummy so far today as she has spent all morning on twitter.

First up she stuck the boot into RadFem2013. Good for you Louise.

Then she found comments made by a twitterer called @petercoles44 offensive and started tweeting insanely about how someone should call the Met Police, twitter should boot him off, etc.

Coles has now deleted his tweet which offended Mensch prompting the devoted mother to tweet:

Coles appears to have deleted his tweet before the police come knocking at the door. Now make me a sandwich, troll. #feminism

So it is okay for Mensch to stick the boot into the dungaree wearing loons at RadFem2013 in a way which might offend the crackpot wimmin but if someone says something Mensch finds offensive she threatens to call the Old Bill who – as we know – are all too keen on arresting tweeters.

Ooooooo #Girlpower or should that be #fascistcow or #killfreespeech


4024 days ago

Nice work if you can get it - Rob Terry at Quindell: but what is Indoor City Golf Ltd?

At last, the annual report of AIM Cesspit listed Quindell PLC is out this morning. This is the company that said it had raised £17.5 million in November but er.. had not actually raised the cash. Its CEO is the twitter and share price obsessed Mr Rob Terry. I have not had time to dig deep, but a few things stick out – one of which is Mr Terry’s remuneration. I guess he is paid a bonus related to how many tweets he sends?!

Terry is well rewarded.  His basic pay in 2012 was £402,000 and he got a cash bonus of £488,000 making a total of £890,000 up from £407,000. Inflation busting or what?

 In addition, there is a note saying that Quindell made sales of £7,000 but bought goods and services totalling £99,000 from Indoor Golf City Limited, a company controlled by twitter obsessed Bob. Indoor Golf City?


4029 days ago

The Downing Street Affair – Cameron is dreaming if he tries to gag the story

We now all know that the two folks who had an affair that Dave Cameron reckons could rock his Government are a) a man and a woman ( hence no Lib Dems involved), b) both Tories, c) both married, d) both reasonably well known ( another reason no Lib Dems involved) and neither is currently in the cabinet.

Both have already been named in internet speculation although most folks have not got a perfect match yet. It is however only a matter of time before the twittersphere or a foreign paper has this all out in the open. Yet Cameron reckons that using the British Courts to silence UK Newspapers might stop this coming out.

Sorry Dave, I know this is painful but you might as well come clean now. Being seen to try to cover it all up will not help. I know the revelations will be painful for innocent parties but you really have no choice.


4048 days ago" target="_new">Quindell more on that loan and other questions about misleading investors

I will try to make this the last Quindell (QPP) piece of the week but I have slept on it and the statement of yesterday threw up far more questions than it answered. I am afraid that I must again start with that £15 million loan AIM Cesspit listed Quindell has advanced and which appeared on the year-end balance sheet.

The company says that its share price is driven down by misinformed press speculation. Such speculation abounds when a company declines to answer a simple question or two. To whom was the loan made, why and when and on what terms? I put the question to foxy PR bird Bex (via her assistant) on Monday morning. On Monday Afternoon I put the question to Twitter obsessed CEO Terry via his assistant. In both cases I was promised a call back with an answer. I have to tell you that no such call has been received.

And I am not the only one asking this question. Why the refusal to explain and to answer?

But I move on.



4053 days ago

US Oil & Gas: Lie after lie after lie exposed – target price 0p

I am grateful to a fellow on Twitter for flagging up yet another horrific lie from US Oil & Gas, this time from April 19th 2012. When a company issues a press release which contains just a 100% slam dunk utterly verifiable lie you do have to ask if anything it says is true. Given the weight of evidence about other porkies in the case of USOP my inclination is just to disbelieve everything it says. 

Brian McDonnell: “ 2 + 2 is 4”

Me: I know the dog ate your calculations but is that estimated or actual? Sorry I don’t believe you.

And so what is the latest whopper.



4063 days ago - big upgrades to service

A piece by myself and the great literary genius Zak Mir. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the service. And also for the suggestions! And so we have, over the weekend incorporated a few new features in the website.

First up is that your registration is now remembered so that you now do not have to login every time you access the site. Just periodically. This should make it easier to use.

Second up is that we have established a twitter account @ShareProphets – if you want an alert by twitter every time that we publish a new article just follow us on twitter. 

If you are interested...


4071 days ago

1984 Comes to Kent Police as they Harass stupid Paris Brown

Kent Police were the fascistic morons that arrested a man for tweeting a burning poppy. I had rather hoped that this was a one off. But it seems not. The latest super villain is 17 year old Paris Brown who until recently was employed by the idiots who run the Kent Old Bill on £15,000 a year to help them tune-in with teenagers.

It then emerged that Brown had last year tweeted about getting off her head on drink and pot, lusting after an older man and had used the words “fags” when referring to actors on Made in Chelsea ( a TV programme for those of limited intelligence), pikeys and niggers.

Brown is clearly a foul mouthed and very stupid young lady. What sort of imbecile would employ her? Er…someone senior in the Kent Police.

But now Kent Constabulary has sent in its Special Force, seized her phone and interviewed this wretched creature under caution. Hell’s teeth. Does not the Police Force have better ways to spend its time? Fighting real crime perhaps?  The days when we decided who would go first with a rhyme that did not end “catch a minnow by its toe” are long gone. But this is an over-reaction. Is the priority for the Police really in investigating a 17 year old whose life must be in tatters right now for a few ludicrous tweets?

At one level this is a waste of money. At another level it is offensive to me that the Police regard a few tweets made (almost certainly to sod all followers) as a crime more serious than common or garden offences such as burglary or drunk driving – offences where someone really can be damaged in a big way.

In 2012 there were 57 offences in Kent for every 1000 people there. How about the Kent Police go and bust some of those responsible for those real crimes and stop being such fascist dickheads and leave this silly girl alone.


4084 days ago

Thatcher who? say how many young people?

This is parody. But it begs a serious point. How many folks under the age of 30 know the facts about our greatest PM? How many are reliant on BBC half-truths?

For what it is worth I am in the blue camp. Not for the first time.




4090 days ago

Reporting back on New Media marketing - Facebook and twitter

I am in trouble. I am seven columns in arrears with the online magazine for SMEs. And so for the next 24 hours I shall be writing little else than articles with tips for small businesses. Enough is enough, it is SME time and so here is my first offering.

At the start of the year I outlined plans to market my excellent quirky Italian restaurant via old and new media and promised a report back after three months: it was a new foray for and I was uncertain of the outcome. Has it been worth it? On balance yes but to say that it has been a company transformer would be over-egging the pudding.

The amount invested in cash terms has been trivial. We have an in-house web design capacity and so that took up some time. The hard cash outlay was about £50 for targeted Facebook adverts kitting one strictly defined market segment: students in central/East London.

New media gurus will measure tangible new media metrics.


4094 days ago

Bully Boy Lefties and an Orwellian view of free speech - re UKIP and Immigration

UKIP is running a poster at the moment “End EU Open Door Migration.” I disagree almost entirely with UKIP immigration policy as prohibition does not work and for many reasons I have explained numerous times. But the party has a right to express its view.

Deluded lefties always blather on about free speech and human rights to be heard, blah, blah, blah. Except when they disagree with what is being said. And so some deluded lefty tweeting as @binthecondems started complaining to the poster company - and getting others to do so – that the poster was racist.

The poster company is a giant enterprise but the bigger the corporation the more terror it has of being tarred as racist and so the lerfties claim that the poster has been pulled. @binthecondems is delighted and happily tweeting out about how UKIP is full of “bigots” “racists” and “Nazis.” The poster company says it may pull the poster, it is reviewing it.

This will be interesting.

Of course UKIP does not want this tweeter banned from expressing that (factually incorrect) view because it believes in free speech – that is the right of EVERYONE to be heard not just folks with whom you happen to agree. That more limited definition of free speech belongs firmly to the left.


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Register for weekend Tomograph out Sunday - Facebook and Twitter stats are so much hogwash issue

The next weekend edition of the Tomograph will go out on  Sunday evening

Register HERE to join the ever growing Tomograph mailing list. In this weekend’s issue you will, as always, find links to all the content that has appeared on the website this week. And given how much I am writing today (Sunday) the total scores on the doors will not be insignificant.

You will also find an exclusive piece explaining why Facebook and Twitter statistics are just so much hogwash

To receive all of this register HERE


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The best of #Askpermissionfromhugh – twitter reacts to State censorship from a crap actor

A posh English actor who always plays the role of a posh but dim Englishman has somehow managed to persuade the political class that the State should be allowed to censor free speech. And it all seems to have been driven by the fact that he was exposed for paying $25 to a hooker called Divine (who looked anything but divine) for a blow job in LA a few years ago. Thanks to the self-righteous prig Britain is less free. Twitter has reacted in a predictable manner. Here is the best of the tweets #Askpermissionfromhugh

I. McHunt ‏@AngryExile

Can Australia kill freedom of the press to protect politicians and slebs from awkward/embarrassing questions too? #AskPermissionFromHugh

Ranty Man ‏@ranty_man

Hi @HackedOffHugh I was going to tweet something you don’t like, hope you’re ok with that. #AskPermissionFromHugh

Andrew ‏@VoluntaryAnarch

RT "@Pontifex the Cardinals kind of made me Pope but they only asked God. Is it okay to go ahead with my coronation? #AskPermissionFromHugh"

Robert Pitt @bobpitt4

Can I #AskPermissionFromHugh if I can take one of his old birds out? …

He’s Spartacus @hesspartacus

MT @a_Londoner#AskPermissionFromHugh Since we've a state controlled press should @tom_watson restart fiddling his expenses? @HackedOffHugh

Tent101 ‏@Tent101

#AskPermissionFromHugh Can you get me a "babysitter" for tonight? (Don't worry, they won't have to actually turn up or anything).

Political Pryers ‏@PoliticalPryers

Should I wear my black shirt today!? I better #AskPermissionFromHugh

Damaine Gorman ‏@DamaineGorman


Sam Baxter ‏@SamJ_Bax

#AskPermissionFromHugh Should I tell me nan not to get the local paper in this week? I can't guarantee all the content will be agreeable.

Tent101 ‏@Tent101

#AskPermissionFromHugh The sunshine, moonlight and good times are all D-noticed, but can I blame it on the boogie?

Ross ‏@BrooksyEffect

#AskPermissionFromHugh Dear @hackedoffhugh my middle name is Hugh, can I change this please?

Marcher Lord ‏@MarcherLord1

#AskPermissionFromHugh I'm locked into an endless cycle of dating beautiful women to hide my homosexuality. When can I leave the closet??

Tent101 ‏@Tent101

#AskPermissionFromHugh My crack ho has fallen asleep halfway through. Do I still pay the full 25?

Tent101 ‏@Tent101

The $25 hooker doesn't have change. Is $30 OK? #AskPermissionFromHugh@HackedOffHugh

Andrew ‏@VoluntaryAnarch

This photo of a floppy haired actor getting a $25 blowjob... Is it in the public interest? #AskPermissionFromHugh

Andrew ‏@VoluntaryAnarch

I've got details of MPs expense claims... Am I allowed to publish them? #AskPermissionFromHugh

Ranty Man ‏@ranty_man

Hi @HackedOffHugh I was going to tweet something you don’t like, hope you’re ok with that. #AskPermissionFromHugh

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4111 days ago

Piss off cyclists – Not all of you just some of you

I am being roundly abused by a small minority of cyclists on twitter who seem to think that because they are saving the frigging world, none of their number can do any wrong. I feel that I have walked into a hornets nest. These cretins seem not to appreciate the fact that use of the word SOME in my article makes it clear than I am not attacking all cyclists merely those who display nauseating self-righteous arrogance.


It is as if I have attacked a religious cult – the way these folks lash out. They assume that I am a motorist. That is not entirely correct. They assume that I have no idea what it is like to cycle in a town. That one is 100% incorrect. And they assume that I think the road belongs to motorists. One might argue that since motorists cough up c£40 billion a year in various taxes for using cars and lorries and HMG spends well under £30 billion a year on all transport items that in fact the roads DO belong to motorists rather than cyclists who pay nothing. But I am not making that point. But to suggest that folks who cycle in the centre of the road, slowly so that they can use one hand to make a call on their mobile phone or those who cycle through red lights and across zebra crossings or those who ride so slowly around roundabouts as to inevitably delay traffic is to me a valid criticism. But you cannot criticise cyclists and so I get a hail of abuse. That is just my point: the self-righteous way that ALL cyclists are defended when my point was merely to attack a selfish minority makes my point for me. But for the zealots facts do not matter, you just cannot criticise any member of the brotherhood.


4122 days ago

US Oil & Gas – There’s nowt as deluded as a believer

My twitter feed today is full of tweets from shareholders in US Oil & Gas (USOP) who seem to think they have firm evidence that they are on to a winner. In the immortal words of Don and Phil:”Dream, dream, dream… only trouble is, gee whizz, I’m dreaming my life away.”


4134 days ago

A volley of twitter abuse from a deluded lefty

As I was happily preparing for the publication of another ebook tomorrow I see that I have received a volley of twitter abuse from a good man, but a deluded lefty of the highest order, @Mickkipper. In response to my suggestion that the crackpot Lib Dems wished to tax your jewellery and paintings as well as your house if you were rich, Mick replies ”Why not, most of them have been robbed pillaged during the common wealth days. Bring back slaves ehhhhh Tom.

Saints preserve us. Is this really the high level debate that the left offers up? I object to being taxed on wealth accumulated as a result of me buying assets with taxed income ( a double tax) and that means that I want to bring back slaves?

But it got better. In stating the fact that at least twice a day some young person from Southern Europe wanders into my restaurant with a word perfect CV begging to work at the minimum wage but in a City were 100,000 young Britons are without work and living off welfare , not one home grown applicant turns up, I am lambasted. Mick sent of a series of tweets of which the best were:

Caitt Reilly…. out of touch Winnifrith. Bring back the workhouse, chimmney boys and mine boys. Employ a eastern European



4137 days ago

Oscar Pistorious kills girlfriend - the best of the tasteless twitter comments

Some may describe this as being more tasteless than a Findus horse lasagne. There will be those who gloss over the reports of repeated domestic incidents in this household and say that we should all move on. I haven’t. And so I bring you the best of the Oscar Pistorious twitter jokes today

Oscar Pistorious killed his misses on valentines day so dont complain when yours forgets 2 get a card

Roses are red, Violets are glorious, Don’t try to surprise Oscar Pistorious.

Oscar Pistorious. Proof that a man with no legs is better at shooting than Theo Walcott.

Oscar Pistorious. A history of violence against women and has spent most of his life legless. He’s the South African Paul Gascoigne.


4140 days ago

Meaningless Statistic of the Day: I have 3,000 twitter followers

All new media statistics are meaningless and the obsession of man with numbers that are round but have no more real significant than round number minus x is well known. In that vein, I note that after eight months on twitter I have, as of today, 3,000 twitter followers. Apparently this puts me just outside the top 2 million twitter users. Thanks to all those who do follow me. I shall carry on tweeting what I think even if that occasionally causes bouts of rushes to unsubscribe.


4140 days ago

The best of the Pope quits jokes from twitter

Obviously at our Celtic Italian restaurant in Clerkenwell, Real Man Pizza Company. we are all devout Catholics. Well up to a point. But we wish his Holiness an enjoyable retirement anyway. As for twitter, its verdict was not always quite so charitable

You know that the economy is bad when even God is laying people off.

The Pope is resigning. He will soon be known as Ex-Benedict.

Text from Prince Charles: “Pope Benedict XVI is standing down to give someone younger a chance at leading a Church. Just saying.”

Nope Benedict

#Pope makes good on #Vatican poker night joke, gives up papacy for lent.

So the Pope is resigning. Is it something we did?


4143 days ago

I am in the top 1 Per Cent of LinkedIn which means er...nothing

LinkedIn has emailed me to say thanks. Aaah how touchingly American. And …I mean that most sincerely. Facebook for grownups is celebrating having 200 million users and apparently I have played my part as my profile was among the top 1% most hit upon in 2012. I am so touched. Grabs Onion. Weeps. I’d like to thank various of my stalkers, notably Mark & Sarah and those folks at legal firms Pinsent Masons and Kermans for crawling all over my activity log almost every day and making this possible. And so what does this all mean? Absolutely nothing.

While Facebook is inane, LinkedIn is just rather boring. Other than alerting me to the networking activities of Alecto Resources boss Damian Conboy ( liaising with the playboy PR bird Lucy HERE) I cannot say that it has really brought me much in the way of laughs over the past year. For what it is worth I am now on Facebook. I use it as I use LinkedIn to churn out links to my articles and so to attract readers to And for what it is worth, over the past month LinkedIn has brought in about 3% of my traffic and Facebook 1.3%.

Natch I ‘d like to thank the two firms concerned but not by giving them any money. I am a customer in that I add to their metrics they boast about to hoodwink Wall Street. But the cash I generate for both firms is exactly £0.00. I have never clicked on an advert & will not do so. I use them for free marketing and that is it. I will link in or whatever the term is on Facebook with anyone (even one of those aforementioned stalkers) as it means they get alerted to my articles and might just be read them.

I am also sure that the 1% is misleading. In the same way that I think I am around the 2 millions most followed person ( of 500 million) on twitter ( @tomwinnifrith in case you want to push me over 3,000 today), the scales are logarithmic. So the top 2000 twitter people in terms of followers are followed by 1 million + or whatever and hen it tails off quite dramatically. And of course most of the twitter followers of those with a million + followers are paid for robots, exercises in vanity ( as I explained here) I am pretty sure LinkedIn traffic patterns are pretty similar. So being on the edge of the top 1% is a lot closer to being in the bottom 1% than it is to being in the top 0.1%. And on twitter I am closer in absolute terms to being the least followed person on this planet than I am to being the 1 millionth most followed.

Alerts on this article will naturally whizz off into the ether by twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – I still fail to grasp why I add anything at all to your bottom lines, but thanks for having me none the less.


4144 days ago

The best of Tweet like a lefty #tweetlikealefty

If you do not understand that this is irony then you are probably a lefty. Perhaps we should put humour on the National Curriculum. Anyhow if you have missed #tweetlikealefty on twitter this morning here are some of the best comedy tweets.

What do you mean, give to charity? I’ve already called for higher taxes!

I support freedom of speech, but some opinions shouldn’t be tolerated in our society.

This isn’t about the deficit, it’s about fairness and equality.

If we reversed the Tory cuts, there’d be higher tax revenues and a lower deficit.

The trouble with referendums is people might not understand the question.

A one-off 20% wealth tax on the richest 5% would clear the UK debt.


4147 days ago

The best of the Chris Huhne MP (pro tem) jokes from twitter

As Chris Huhne MP (pro tem) prepares to leave the house of commons to spend some time an another institution full of liars and thieves ( so no change there), twitter erupts into a volley of abuse. Here’s the best

#Huhne has been driven out of office by this scandal. Or did he drive himself?

Vicky Pryce was furious about Trimingham now she’s pleased #Huhne is doing some bird.

Today is a good day to bury bad #Huhne’s..

Clegg ‘I am shocked and saddned that Chris #Huhne has admitted criminaly perverting the course of justice – he should have kept lying’

“Miss Pryce is using an archaic defence called ‘marital coercion’ ‘ So can I use the same thing to get out of shopping?


4148 days ago

EU to blow £2million monitoring people like me

The EU has announced that it is to spend £2 million “monitoring” twitter and other new media outlets in the run up to the 2014 European elections. Of this around 40% will not come from existing budgets in the Evil Empire’s Ministry of Truth but is new cash, part of the EU budget increase. The aim of this is explicitly to counteract Euroscepticism. In other words the EU is pissing away your cash to monitor folks like me who write and tweet stuff pointing out what an inefficient, misguided crook factory this edifice is. The stated aim is in persuading voters not to listen (and I presume vote UKIP or for other sceptical parties in Europe) but to “see the light” and vote for Eurofanatics (i.e. Labour, Lib Dems or Call Me Dave’s Tory party).

I quote from a document produced by the Evil Empire:

Particular attention needs to be paid to the countries that have experienced a surge in Euroscepticism…Parliament’s institutional communicators must have the ability to monitor public conversation and sentiment on the ground and in real time, to understand ‘trending topics’ and have the capacity to react quickly, in a targeted and relevant manner, to join in and influence the conversation, for example, by providing facts and figures to deconstructing myths.

But what is a myth? The EU tried to tell us that the bent banana directive was a myth until it was shown to be true. Would it say that my statement “The EU is the world’s largest donor of foreign aid and much of this cash is wasted or stolen” is a myth?


4150 days ago

RyanAir Loses Ash case - the twitter joke reaction plus another helping of Tesco

For once the European court gets it right and will force Ryanair to do what all other airlines did two years ago and compensate passengers who lost flights due to volcanic ash. And so I bring you the instant Twitter joke reaction, plus a few older RyanAir jokes for good measure and to go with your coffee (that will be €five please) an ater dinner snack (that will be €7) from Tesco

The DM Reporter ‏@DMReporter
TRAVEL: Ryan Air introduce new £510 admin charge for any customer claiming £500 compensation for delays.

Jim Kellam ‏@creativejimsez
If oxygen masks came down in an emergency (they do have them right?) Ryanair would try & charge for the oxygen

Ruth Dudley Edwards ‏@RuthDE
‘I’ve just about had it with Ryanair. Now they want to charge me for my emotional baggage!’ #ryanair

Ben Davies ‏@bt_davies
BBC News – French-led troops ‘have control of Timbuktu airport’ – excellent. #ryanair’s new route to Avignon

And a few older jokes:

Michael O’Leary of Ryanair goes into a Dublin pub and asks for a pint of Guinness.

“That will be one Euro, please,” says the barman.
“That’s a very fair price,” replies O’Leary.
“Would you like a glass with that, sir?” asks the barman.

Why won’t Al Qaida ever bomb a Ryanair flight?
Because they want to go straight to paradise, not 30 miles away and take a taxi.

So the new ‘Apple maps’ has cities placed miles from where they should be.
Hardly new, Ryanair pilots have been using the app for years now.

I have empathy with Lindsay Sandiford.
I would smuggle 5kg of cocaine into Ireland before the bills from Ryanair for excess baggage stopped it being profitable.

And that Tesco tweet:
*David Glass ‏@JacksonTar
Tesco in trouble again – traces of human DNA found in their Welsh Lamb


4152 days ago

Is New Media a waste of space for marketing?

My weekly Small business (SME) tips column from starts, as ever, close to home. There are some who dismiss Facebook and twitter as a complete waste of space when it comes to marketing. There are others who swear by new media. I wonder. For what it is worth I offer a few observations based on my own experience of trying to persuade more folks to try to come to the quirkiest Celtic Italian restaurant in Clerkenwell, London – the Real Man Pizza Company.


4152 days ago

The best of the Lance Armstrong tweets

We love cycling at Real Man Pizza Company. Sitting in our quirkly Celtic Italian restaurant in Clerkenwell I am at this very moment staring at a framed, signed Mark Cavendish jersey from a couple of years ( and teams) ago. Cav is a real man…he wouldn’t cry on a talk show. And that brings us to Lance.

Now that I have officially won exactly the same number of Tour De France yellow jerseys as Lance Armstrong, I bring you a quiick review of the best Lance Armstrong tweeted jokes. Twitter is not ALL rubbish.

Lance Armstrong’s darkest legacy will be that he convinced millions of men it was okay to wear cycling shorts – Andre Botha

Lance Armstrong sends a powerful message to the kids of America: don’t do drugs and cheat unless you want to be rich and go on Oprah.


4152 days ago

Range Resources – Flagging a Tweet from David Lenigas

I flag this with no idea what is behind this but David Lenigas runs Leni Gas & Oil (LSE:LGO) which like Range Resources (LSE:RRL) has extensive interests in Trinidad. Both were mant to present at some shindig but Mr Lenigas tweeted a few hours ago:

David Lenigas ‏@DavidLenigas


4157 days ago

Zoltav Resources – I am accused by a total moron of being an imbecile or misleading

In the mad world of twitter I receive a tweet from @danpeterpanfan (who is apparently known as the village idiot of share tweeting circles”) stating “You are an imbecile!” All publicity is good publicity I guess, so naturally I retweeted this shining literary gem to all of my followers. It seems that what has aroused the anger of this total moron were statements I made a couple of months ago surrounding AIM listed Zoltav Resources (ZOL) being the “most overvalued company on AIM” or having a “joke valuation.”

The shares were then anywhere between 3p and 3.98p. They are now 4.9p. So according to the Village Idiot, I am now either an imbecile or my articles were misleading as “the value of this company has gone up sharply”. Er… no.


4161 days ago

The Vanity of a Businessman – buying twitter users

I shall not name this British businessman. You can work it out for yourself but this is a lesson for those who think that if you have a million followers on twitter that makes you a big swinging dick. Nope, it might just be that you are a vain prick who pays a lot of money to buy followers. Buy followers you say? Yup it is perfectly possible. Just go to an agency, write a cheque and you get stacks of followers. Tell the agency how many you want and get your cheque book out. It’s simple. Nearly all the followers are bots so it is not as if anyone actually cares what you have to say it is just that some folks will think that people care what you say.

According to, this businessman had less than 600 followers on 21st October. Thereafter he gained exactly 11,147 per day until 21st December. From then until January 10th he showed an increase of exactly 24,124 followers per day. Since then ( one assumes the contract is over) he has lost exactly 1,467 followers a day.

What does this tell you? A) That the number of twitter followers someone has tells you nothing about how clever, funny or admired they are or how long their penis is. B)


4166 days ago

The best Tesco jokes from Twitter today. No foaling.

Sitting at Real Man Pizza Company enjoying a great lunch, clearly there is only story of the day to discuss.

No comment needed from me, the starter’s gun has been fired and we are off…

Perhaps #Tesco is an abbreviation for Total Equine Sourcing Coldcuts and Offal?

At least there were no traces of Jockey found

@frankieboyle: A lot of people longing for the good old days when
#tesco burgers were made from cows’ arseholes, cocks and eyelids

Had a burger last night, still got a bit between my teeth #horsemeat

Stop trotting out these horse puns. I’ve seen the mane ones hundreds
of times, didn’t think they’d last furlong. N equestrians?

Less far, more Shergar

A cow walks into a bar. Barman says ‘why the long face?’ Cow says
‘Illegal ingredients, coming over here stealing our jobs!’

Unexpected item in bagging area

#Tesco clearly taking “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse” a little
bit too seriously.

“Can’t believe that woman was sent to hospital after eating a horse
meat burger… Her condition is said to be stable”

We’re going 500/1 that a burger wins The Grand National this year……

I was a bit worried so I went to the freezer to check my Tesco
burgers, and….THEY’RE OFF.

#horsemeat in burgers? That’s cruel. Horses should be where they
belong: On a racecourse, being whipped by midgets.

Horse meat in burgers? All part of a stable diet.. #tesco


I tried a #tesco ‘beef’burger and thought the going was a bit soft – been nagging me ever since.


Hang on…… Twitter is awash with “missing dog” tweets, and Tesco burgers. Coincidence?

@TomSorbie: Forget the horse burgers, you want to try the
meatballs….. They’re the dog bollocks!!!

They found dog DNA in those #tesco burgers as well, didn’t they…
Every Little Yelps.


4179 days ago

My 3000th Tweet was today after seven months on twitter

I used to laugh at twitter as a place where morons swapped inanities. I now realise my mistake. That is Facebook. Seven months since my pal Paul Nicholson persuaded me that I should start tweeting I have today just sent out my 3,000th tweet. Of the 500 million tweeters on this planet I am, after seven months, apparently now just outside the top 2 million in terms of followers with 2,777 followers. It is a logarithmic table. The average following is sub 150. The most followed person (Lady Gaga) has 33 million followers. Heaven knows why.

I use twitter to send out links to all articles I write on the 10 free to access sites to which I contribute, links to articles elsewhere I find interesting and the occasional thought that crops up which is not big enough for an article. But I also find it strangely addictive, swapping ideas, arguing or swapping jokes with a few of my fellow tweeters. It is vaguely satisfying making sure that the twitter feed of the dilly cow who leads the Argies now has a link to my latest thoughts on her 3rd rate country with Imperialist ambitions. And so I confess I like twitter.

I am still not entirely sure how its business model makes it worth tens of billions of dollars but who cares. As a user I find it useful, a source of ideas and entertainment and a great way to communicate. I guess that I am now a confirmed twit.

You can follow me on twitter @tomwinnifrith


4205 days ago

Doha Tweets and King Eco Loon and Parasite Peter Coville

I tweeted out a link to an article the other day with #Doha in its title. That is where al sorts of self important NGO and political scumbags are meeting to discuss how after 16 years of global cooling they are going to spend gazillions of pounds of taxpayers cash to stop global warming. Hey presto something called #Doha immediately retweeted me to its 111 followers.

You have to be a prize global warming nutter to sign up to receive some of the 6,600 tweets emitted by this beastie. But if you want to the 111 eco-loons who do indeed follower #Doha might I suggest tweeting out #Doha global warming is a con or #Doha you can stick Michael Mann’s fraudulent hockey stick where the sun don’t shine, etc, etc.

So who are these eco-loons who want to receive these great pearls of #Doha wisdom? One grabbed my eye: @Petercoville “Philosophy teacher, climate activist, London occupier.” His twitter feed is a scream – a triumph of deluded lefty garbage.


4214 days ago

Global Warming Nutters (BBC Included) on twitter

As I noted on my blog yesterday inches of inconvenient truth were falling in Northern England. Here in the South West it feels very nippy indeed. After 16 years of global cooling we have had the wettest summer in eons and now, apparently, face one of the coldest winters in a century. As the Antarctic ice cap reaches record size you would kind have thought that the global warming nutters who have forced the planet to spend gazillions following their wacko religion might shut up. But er no.


4224 days ago

Tomograph to go twice weekly – register now for Wednesday share tip edition

I am told that quite a few followers of mine from days hate twitter and would like more regular alerts on my share material. And so as of this week, I shall be making the Tomograph a twice weekly newsletter. The Saturday edition will stay as it is. But the Wednesday edition will include:

1. Editor’s (that my) choice. Links to the three most interesting pieces of the past week produced across the free to access sites I write for

2. A free share tip. A tip will go up on one of those sites 1 minute before the Tomograph goes live. It may be from me or it might just be from one of the guest writers who will be appearing here in the New Year. The only way to get the alert on that tip is via the Tomograph.

3. Links to ALL the share based articles that have appeared on the website in the previous seven days in descending order of popularity.

4. A short piece from me on an investment related theme.

Going forward all Tomograph newsletters will be archived in arrears. So if you want to be kept informed and get the alerts on time for the free share tips and the other material you need to register.

I stress that I am not going to sell this list. It is for Tomograph purposes only.

You can sign up at once HERE

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4238 days ago

Does Anyone NOT know the Newsnight alleged paedophile Tory yet? New Media wins again

Since Newsnight bottled it last week and refused to name high profile Tory was an alleged paedophile abusing boys on North Wales (still alive so he might sue) new media has done its worst. As I predicted.

If you are one of the few folks in the UK who does not know his name I challenge you NOT to be able to discover it on Google within five minutes. I have seen several tweets today


4240 days ago

#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama – Trending on twitter

Okay this is meaningless stuff but there are a few cracking tweets. For what it is worth my own was:

okay then: He is just a bit less loathsome and appalling than Hillary Clinton. Best I could do. Sorry

Others did far better. Perhaps the medium works best if you follow on twitter. There are a few stormers in there including:

he’s killed way more people than any other Nobel Peace Prize winner has.

Under President Obama it takes me far less time to put $20 of gas in my car.

Because of Obama I’ve learned to spell narcissist without spellcheck

I’ve never seen a more loving relationship between a president & his teleprompter. It’s inspiring, really.

he is good at math. Subtracts from the workforce, adds 2 high gas costs, multiplies Debt, and Divides country

He turned me into a flaming reactionary, and it feeeels sooo goood!!!

Former President Obama has a nice ring to it.

He makes Jimmy Carter look like the greatest president ever!

He’s leaving soon.

He liked poor people so much, he made a million more.


4240 days ago

UK’s libel laws and new media – imminent collision: Paedogeddon Westminster Issue

Last night Newsnight said it was going to expose a top Tory who was a serial and active paedophile. But it did not name him. Well as it happens we all know of one dead senior Tory (Peter Morrison) and most of us know a far more famous dead leading Tory in this camp. As for the one still alive: I do also know at least one name but in paedo-obsessed Britain no doubt others will emerge. I say will emerge … they are already out there.

I have just been sent a link to a blog outing 4 senior Tories as part of a paedo-ring. I have no intention of landing in Court over this since I am 99% sure that at least two of those named are 100-% innocent but you can find it without too much bother if you wish. Meanwhile #Newsnight on twitter throws up a few other candidates for this week’s Jimmy Savile prize, Westminster edition.


4280 days ago

Yet Again, congratulations due to my good friend Zak Mir (and Mrs M)

Zak Mir was a late starter in the reproduction game but once he got going there has been no holding him back. And so once again I find myself congratulating him and Mrs Mir who gave birth to a boy on Friday, their fourth child. Having sworn to become a good Catholic when marrying Mrs Mir, I am sure that his Holiness is proud of how Zak has followed his teachings in at least one regard.

You are discovering my obsession with Venn diagrams. Rather like my LinkedIn isolation of being a friend of Albania, Israel and a West Ham Supporter, Zak also stands on his own. I cannot believe there are many Glaswegian, Old Harrovian Moslems now following a Catholic life. His Harrow education has left Zak barely literate,


4297 days ago

The Love that Dares to Speak its name all the bloody time

This twitter thing is getting all the more entertaining. It is not just the quantity of folks who follow you but who is following you that interests me. I am still not sure that I have tweeted anything of interest to the potato girls (the tweeters from the British potato council) but I am working on an idea of how I can combine the preparation of spuds with the issue of man made climate change. Is it greener to boil or roast? Will I save the poor polar bears if I recycle my boiling water to wash my socks? These are great questions and in the interests of saving the planet I shall turn my mind to them in due course. Meanwhile the potato girls and others will have to make do with my thoughts on other matters. But I now have one Tory MP following me (I have never heard of him but he is obviously a very switched on fellow) and two Master Investor speakers (M Slater and – as of today – J Mellon). I shall try to come up with something entertaining for both of them. I fear that I am beginning to become a bit of a tweet addict.

Meanwhile, those who are reading this piece hoping for a diatribe about homosexuality will be disappointed. The love I refer to is the love that certain private investors, who spend their lives on Bulletin Boards, feel for certain stocks. These chaps tend not to be promiscuous but monogamous and faithful to the last.


4302 days ago

1 or 2 Fundraising windows for Junior Resource stocks before Oblivion and another 1 million overtaken on twitter!

I see that twitter has delayed its planned IPO. Well there is a surprise. After the debacle of the Facebook (FB) flotation I cannot think that investor appetite for new media stock is exactly enormous. My other reason for showing lack of surprise is that I think that Twitter really does not wish to undergo the sort of metrics scrutiny of its user base that Facebook has suffered.

For what it is worth


4310 days ago

House Price Maths Explained to a 29 year old & More New Media Tomfoolery

My piece on how UK house prices will fall by 30% prompted a range of comments. I am not surprised, house prices and the weather are two defining British obsessions. A couple of folks asked why the media/politicians always talk about rising prices as a good thing when they are patently nothing of the sort.

Incidentally, the reason that they are a bad thing is that unaffordable housing prevents labour mobility thus making the UK economy less productive. Moreover the need to a) borrow vast sums to purchase a place and b) spend vast sums funding and repaying that debt leaves the UK population as a whole far too heavily overborrowed and b) have less cash to do sensible things like save for a pension.

So why do the media and politicians say that rising house prices is good news and vice versa? Simple. Demographics. Younger folk (who cannot afford to “get on the ladder”) and the poorest folk who are equally excluded are far less likely to a) vote or b) read newspapers than those who typically own homes. And thus the newspapers are simply buttering up their readers and politicians are simply pretending to have the interests at heart of those who are most likely to troop down to the polling station. It is naked self-interest, nothing more and nothing less.

Meanwhile a reader in his late twenties emails me to say that a) I am wrong – prices will not fall and b) he is saving vast sums by buying an apartment and not renting and handing over cash to a “fat 50 year old landlord.” On the first matter, assertion is not the same as reasoned argument. But I should also pick him up on the second matter


4315 days ago

New Media: Fraud or fad or both?

In terms of twitter followers I zoomed past another 3 million folk and am now among the top nine million (of 500 million on this planet). Richard Gill will be overtaken by Sunday evening. (Follow me HERE – RG). But I am now convinced that this means absolutely nothing at all. Sure, some folks are following me because they genuinely want alerts on articles I write or the odd thought from me. Great. Happy to oblige. But others are following me for no apparent reason. What interest does the British Potato Council really have in my thoughts? I have not opined on potatoes yet but I suppose as a long shot I might discuss my best roasting recipe. Others look even more spurious. Folk who have not tweeted in years, have very few followers themselves and seem to follow an eclectic mix but very few people remotely like me. I have to admit that I am bemused.

Frazer Thompson of Chapel Down is an enthusiastic tweeter


4320 days ago

Twitter Killing off Margaret Thatcher and ( almost Prince Phillip)

I am a bit new to this twitter game and so was horrified when I returned home from supper last night to find Margaret Thatcher RIP trending on twitter. The first tweet appeared to come from Sky and so seemed credible and so Maggie was dead. This followed on from a worrying morning on Monday when certain tweeters were convinced that Phil the Greek was gravely ill and that an announcement from the Palace was imminent.

I now gather that this is part of the “fun” of twitter. Folks are “killed off” and the rumours spread and might even trend until it is then found out that the person in question is not in fact dead after all.

In the 20 minutes or so before I discovered that Maggie was, in fact, still alive I had knocked out a eulogy which was, I thought, pretty good. At least that is now on file for when the sad day does come. I shall be in the camp who regard Thatcher as the greatest PM of the twentieth century


4324 days ago

Passing 6 million people in a week & The Fed Can't Say what it wants to say but the Presses are being oiled

An odd week. In the brave new world of new media, in terms of twitter followers I moved up from 18.25 millionth place to be just inside the top 12 million. Never before have I rushed past 6 million people so quickly! Only eight weeks in the twittering game I am hard on the heels of long time veterans like t1ps Editor in chief Richard Gill, although the tweets he sends out (pictures of floorboards) are, I can see a big draw (More interesting than your fizzy red wine – RG).

Geographically, I moved from Albania where I took some great snaps and had a very good time back to Greece where I found myself appearing (photo and all) on the website of the best bakery in Greece, here.. And now having left England to decide my future plans and to write a book I am a week away from almost finishing the book and have, I think, decided what to do next. And so have made plans to return in early September.

Meanwhile the world moves on.


4328 days ago

EU Couldn’t make it up – Olympics nonsense from the Evil Empire

I knew this tweet would come. I was waiting for it. The EU is a predictable body. And so here goers, an offering from some cretinous apparatchik of the Evil Empire. Here we go:

EU_London2012 ‏@EU_London2012

Remember Beijing 2008 EU 87 Gold medals!! Will EU break this record? #london2012 Rank (19:10 LDN): EU 61, CHINA 34, USA 30 #EU #teamEU

Er yes.. In the streets of Paris they are cheering the success of TeamGB, right? Has Germany won any medals today? Dunno. I better go and ask some of the Greeks watching the games, I bet they are cheering the krauts on enthusiastically. Remember it is your taxes that pay some the wages of the moron who tweeted this and indeed who was paid to set up the twitter name @EU_London2012.

Does he or she actually think the citizens of Europe give a damn about this? While we are on the subject, I wonder how many EU Officials are in London right now “working” on our behalf of games related business.


4329 days ago

Louise Mensch Quits – And talks Rubbish Again

Louise Mensch, the thickest MP in Westminster (see here, here, and here) and also the author of a series of novels which are an insult to basic human intelligence has announced that she is standing down as an MP and moving to New York. Our gain, America’s loss. But she cannot leave without talking more rubbish.
She told her local newspaper that she is quitting to spend more time with her family because she cannot juggle the various demands, bla, blah, blah. Like remind me just how many weeks holiday a year MPs get? It makes you wonder how the rest of us get by. But then the paper, in a clearly spoon fed release notes:

The author recently launched her own social networking site, as a rival to twitter where she has 100,000 followers. She is now expected to concentrate on building the popularity of the site.

We shall leave aside the fact that most of Mensch’s twitter followers are by her own admission ‘bots since even by the low standards of twitter her own thoughts are too inane to attract real followers. Louise appears to want to have her cake ( and fear not Louise I am not using the word in the rap sense, we know that you have moved on since then) and eat ( not snort) it.


4331 days ago

#Christmas on Twitter Trending and Insomnia

I could not sleep last night. Albanian TV was incomprehensible but just about kept me awake. I was unable to tune into a German comedy channel which normally does the trick. I tried reading an editorial by my new friend Roger from the ShareSoc, I tried watching Olympics weightlifting (men and women) and swimming – even that failed, though it was crushingly dull. And so I found myself tapping away surfing the internet and found myself looking at what was trending on twitter. I am told by SEO consultants to look at this every day and write an article about something in vogue. But who Justin Bieber is shagging does not interest me. The truth is I am not actually sure who Justin Bieber is. What I write about is what interests me and thus, almost by definition, will never trend on twitter.

What does trend seems to come in four categories. The temporary category is #Go(insert a name of a British Athlete about to win Bronze in a sporting event you had never heard of until yesterday). A perennial feature is #celebrity (insert a name of someone who is famous who I will almost certainly have never heard of).


4332 days ago

New Media Stats - Do you Believe 1 of them?

I rather sense that Facebook is the tip of the iceberg. In case you missed it the company has admitted that 1 in 10 of its (almost 1 billion) accounts are bogus.

Worse still, a customer has pulled its advertising claiming that 80% of the cash it paid over on a click per payment basis was for clicks generated by bots (automatic programmes). But I suspect it is not just Facebook where an obsession with headline users masks one or two issues.

I found myself celebrating this week as on Thursday I moved into the top 18 million Tweeters on this planet in terms of followers. By Friday I was in the top 17 million and by the time you read this I expect to be in the top 15 million. The power of my tweeting! My Chest swelled as I thought how, in 8 weeks, I have overtaken the vast bulk of the world’s 500 million tweeters in terms of following. Gosh I must be funny! Ahem. I then disovered that around 1 in 10 of those folks had not actually tweeted anything and had no followers at all. It appears that by the time my step sister Flea, plus my amour of 1986 Abbe and Karen, Colombia’s second greatest export after cocaine, had followed me I had already overtaken about 20% of twitter users in terms of following.


4332 days ago

Overtaking 1 million people in a day (obscure twitter stats) & welcoming new twitter followers

Celebration followed quickly by mind numbing death by a thousand cuts. The morning so far. First the good news. Having moved into the top 18 million most followed folks on twitter ( not bad out of 500 million) yesterday I now appear to be in the top 17 million. Steven Fry watch out, I am right behind you. In your dreams my son.

I suspect that leapfrogging past 1 million people at this stage is not that hard (gaining 25 users). It will require rather larger net gains to get into the top 16 million, 15 million etc – indeed it will get harder and harder to overtake another million people as I move up the leader-board. I am not sure how many followers you have but the average is, I gather, 126. So, after 8 weeks I am at more than three times the average. But the average is, I gather, pulled down by millions of accounts with 0 followers. After recent revalations about Facebook I am not sure I believe any stats.

Naturally I welcome all followers. I wonder why @medievalengland


4340 days ago

Cherie Blair – a reason to go on twitter

I re-tweeted this a few minutes ago (thanks Mark Wadsworth) but if you are not on twitter it is an example of why you should be. If you are not following me please do @tomwinnifrith – the tweet sums up all that is worst in a Marie Antoinette way about the wicked witch.

She is a freeloading wife of a war criminal who has made millions thanks to daft human rights legislation he passed which makes life in the UK ever more miserable. Across the political spectrum she is held in complete contempt. As such, you cannot but laugh at this tweet:

“Cherie Blair likes the idea of her family becoming a “Kennedy style dynasty”. So do I, but probably for different reasons.”

Boom. Boom. If the wicked witch feels the need to talk about anything perhaps she might discuss the actual tax rate that her husband and she pay on their earnings. That, I really would like to hear.


4384 days ago

Carlton Cole on Twitter – Something Not Quite Right

Heaven knows why I find myself reading Carlton Cole’s twitter feed. Okay the guy is a legend and a loyal West Ham servant but… I must be bored. But a few things strike me as odd. The first is his language. Carlton is a good striker but he is not that articulate. Would he really use the word conundrum in a tweet? What about protracted? Encapsulating? Secondly all his tweets seem to redirect you to a website on Facebook which is a commercial enterprise. And thirdly he appears to have tweeted during the playoff final against Blackpool at Wembley when I distinctly remember he was on the pitch and cannot remember him finding time to tweet before he scored our first goal. I am sure this is no conundrum but that there is a perfectly rational explanation.