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#ReplaceLovewithAnal - what my twitter feed says about the two Americas

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 7 February 2018

My twitter feed is set up to track what is trending in New York. I used to live there and feel as much affinity with that City as I do with any other City, i.e. almost none. And so this morning I find out that what is trending among the the snowflakes of the Big Apple is #ReplaceLovewithAnal. Cue a series of tweets God is Anal, Jesus anals you #Replacelovewithanal etc etc etc.

In New York to trivialise sex as a purely physical act and to insult the Christian faith is just the way folks act. Natch no-one is tweeting Muhammad anals you #Replacelovewithanal as that would be culturally insensitive, racist, insulting and would get an immediate life ban on twitter after a general new media flaming. But bash those Christians, those of the old discredited faith, hell they are fair game.

This is New York. I guess that the LA and San Francisco twitter feeds were pretty similar. These are the folks enjoying the asset bubble ( until Friday) and who voted for crooked Hillary. But most Americans outside the coastal fleshpots not only don't think that way but actually find it offensive.

When the coach and the two star players of the Philadelphia Eagles were interviewed after their Superbowl win on Sunday all three thanked God or Jesus. They meant it. And most folks watching, outside of the coastal Cities, either murmured approval or would have done the same .

There are two Americas. The Democratic Party stands firmly with those in the coastal Cities of Sodom & Gomorrah who think telling jokes with a punchline involving Jesus and anal sex is at the cutting edge of wit. Donald Trump stands with the rest of the Country who don't get that, not funny, joke and are offended by it. And there is no sign that those cultural battle lines will change by 2020.

For what it is worth folks should be allowed to tweet unfunny jokes about Jesus or Muhammad having anal sex without any fear of the consequences. That is called free speech. But equally folks like me, and all those folks in the flyover states, should be free to say that such tweets are pointless, unfunny and offensive and show the tweeters up as vacuous and unfunny airheads whom all right thinking folks can justly despise.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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