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Welcome to 1984: Twitter again censors the conservative truth as liberal media flip flops on election rigging

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 January 2021

You may remember that many of us expressed some concern that mail in voting in the US elections would lead to cheating. But the liberal media, led by the Washington Post, said that this was all another Trump lie. Even after the event, the Post and others ran with the line “so what if it enabled folks born in 1865 to vote in swing states? Joe Biden won anyway. Orange man. Bad.” Well now that the free and fair election is all settled, it seems as if one individual has seen the light, Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and the boss of Amazon.

He has now stated in Amazon’s internal union election, mail-in voting is not safe, might lead to rigged results and that, notwithstanding a plague where the survival rate for folks of working age in America is 99.97%, workers should have to vote in person. Now we on the right might view this as a flip flop and one worthy of commentary. Certainly what Mr Bezos said about the Amazon elections is an undisputable fact.

But when conservative commentator Jack Posobiec took to twitter to make this point, look how twitter censored it. It did so in a way that limited its spread and suggested that it was not only a lie (it was not) but that it incited violence, a smear.  Twitter will just say that it was the result of a poor algo. But is that really an excuse for censorship and perverting the truth?


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