Award winning liberal journalist Karen Attiah spreads fake news via Twitter which censors real news: welcome to 1984 again

Tom Winnifrith Sunday 22 November 2020


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Karen Attiah has a blue tick on her Twitter account so Twitter tells you to trust what she says. She is the National Association of Black Journalists Journo of the year, has 200,000 Twitter followers and a highly paid gig at the uber liberal Washington Post.  So Twitter allows her to tweet out what is divisive and dangerous fake news as if it is gospel as you can see below.

I am not little Macron’s biggest fan but, in fact, President Macron has not stated that Muslim kids need ID numbers to go to school. Macron has said that ALL kids need ID numbers to go to school in France. There is a massive difference.  Naturally, Karen has not apologised for spreading such divisive and inflammatory fake news.

The Twitter fact checks which, for instance, stopped the NY Post tweeting out links to articles containing actual genuine Hunter Biden emails and claiming they were false and which are also stopping links to studies showing masks don’t stop Covid spread, have allowed Karen’s tweet to stand.

You either believe in free speech or you don’t. If, like Twitter and Facebook, you only allow freedom of speech for your ideological bedfellows – whether they are telling the truth or lying – you do not believe in free speech. You view 1984 as a blueprint rather than as a warning.  

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