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The vile double standards of the liberal left when it comes to Melania Trump

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 17 November 2016

I was rather fond of Michelle Obama if not of her other half, President hopey change. Okay she has a range of misguided views on all sorts of things but she seems to have a sense of humour and a pleasant enough demeanour. But there were those who criticised her generating, in many cases, a stock response from the liberal left and media: racist. If it was not racism that drove attacks on Mrs hopey change it was sexism. Now many of Michelle's defenders are now on the attack against the latest Mrs Trump, the lovely Melania.

One line of attack seems to be that she is dim. Maybe this is because English is not her first language. Some of it seems driven by the idea that stunning women just can't have brains as well. And some of it seems to come from the fact that, as a model, she was paid to take some or all of her clothes off. None of this provides any evidence at all that Melania is thick but the sneering liberal elite talk condescendingly of her broken English, describe her as a "former model" and the patronising sneer and clear implied message is there. There is no way on earth that the same sort of language would have been used about Mrs Obama as that would have been sexist or racist or both.

For what it is worth the evidence is that Melania was a studious and hard working girl at High School and not at all thick - she was an over-achiever. Moreover she can hold a conversation in six languages. That, I put it to you, is something very few of her critics could manage. But perhaps her critics are not good looking women who men would like to see naked so naturally they must be cleverer than Melania. After all, for a rich liberal from a comfortable background, any woman who is paid to take her clothes off must be doing so unwillingly and is just a dim bunny being exploited. She is making a bad choice because she is thick. That is why Page Three of the Sun must be banned.

There is no comprehension from the affluent lefty that some women, who might not be able to go to liberal arts colleges paid for by their parents, make a conscious decision to avoid working at the Tesco check-out by glamour modelling. Making that choice does not make them thick but it can set them free.

Those hard core Trump haters who the other day started tweeting #rapeMelania are of course the lowest of the low. I assume that twitter has not yet blocked them because it is too busy purging right wing tweeters like Clint Eastwood. Those new media trolls, yet to be condemned by that well known defender of rapists, oops I meant women, Hillary Clinton, are obviously disgusting. But It is the treatment of Melania by the patronising liberal elitists, as they display a predictable double standard, that I find even more nauseating.

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