Search "actor sex toy" on google: Another #celebrityinjunction farce: both the famed actor & the law take it up the arse

Tom Winnifrith Monday 9 May 2016


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The British laws on injunctions are a total mess and we have another celebrity injunction story today which demonstrates this. A well known actor paid a £195 a n hour hooker for sex and as part of this session the hooker shoved a sex toy up the actor's bottom. The hooker, Miss Helen Wood, had previously has relations with the soccer player Wayne Rooney. Back in 2011 the actor took out a super injunction to stop the UK press revealing his little secret.

Back then I knew who he was as did everyone on Fleet Street. But it just seemed to go away. Celebs who demand that the media print trivia and piffle to plug their latest offerings managed in the post Leveson world to ensure the media never printed anything that might harm their reputation as a family man or whatever.

But yesterday a US publication published the story in full. You see this celeb is now a name in the US as well as over here. The story will now run in publications across the globe. Search "injunction" on twitter and you will find the guy's name at once. Search "actor sex toy" on google and on the front page you can link to a publication naming him, publishing his photo and giving the low Down on the show he starts in.

It really takes only 30 seconds. As with celebrity xxxxxx and celebrity xxxxxxx who may have injuncted the papers of England & Wales, this gag will not work. Within days more folks will know the name of the celeb who pays hookers to stick a sex toy up his backside than would ever have cared to know about it without the injunction.

This is the Streisand effect and it is why the UK's privacy laws, for those with money only, are an arse.

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