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Does Anyone NOT know the Newsnight alleged paedophile Tory yet? New Media wins again

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 5 November 2012

Since Newsnight bottled it last week and refused to name high profile Tory was an alleged paedophile abusing boys on North Wales (still alive so he might sue) new media has done its worst. As I predicted.

If you are one of the few folks in the UK who does not know his name I challenge you NOT to be able to discover it on Google within five minutes. I have seen several tweets today linking to blogs that name him (as well as a few other chaps from both Labour and Tory high circles, and the late Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith to make it an all party affair). If libel writs are to be issued the nonces in question can start today in earnest as they have now been outed in dozens of places. Does the Newsnight nonce have a case to build?

Incidentally I see that one of those named on a few sites is the step-father of someone I met at University and who I was told was a nonce a quarter of a Century ago. Maybe it was true after all.

Call Me Dave has tried to kick the issue into the long grass by ordering an urgent enquiry into North Wales abuse. While he is about it might he ask for a refund on the £14 million pissed away on the last enquiry into this matter which clearly failed to name and shame. The cat is out of the bag. New media wins again. There is no point in prolonging the cover up. Fleet Street has known all the names mentioned for ages. Thanks to the internet most of us ordinary “plebs” now know as well. Come clean Dave and pass the files to the Police. The UK libel laws, as I pointed out at the weekend HERE, just cannot beat the internet. The clash has come and new media has won.

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