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Fake news outlets show fake outrage as Donald Trump uses (just about funny) humour to make a point

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 3 July 2017

It was the second lead story on the BBC News last night. The metropolitan elitists, the liberals inside the Westminster media bubble, spluttered with indignation as they talked to liberal minded colleagues inside the Washington Beltway. It is the story everyone is talking about they agreed. Of course that was more fake news too. Out there in the real world no-one really cares what President Trump tweets or perhaps, judging by the RTs, a lot of folks like what he tweets. Unlike 99% of liberals he has a sense of humour.

Donald Trump's latest crime is to tweet some footage of a mocked up wrestling match showing him duffing up a man whose head is replaced by the CNN logo. At the end the logo Fake News Network appears. The president's point uis that he will fight back against fake news. The media's response "The President is inciting violence against journalists and America is outraged."

That would be the same liberal media that has shown on magazine covers Trump's face in cross hairs, the same liberal media which defended as artistic freedom Shakespeare in Central park showing Donald Trump being violently stabbed to death. that is the same liberal media that tried to defend Kathy Griffiths for her "comedy sketch" with her displaying Donald Trump's severed and bloodied head. Time Magazine called that "free speech." It is the same liberal media that showed time and time again the placard at Saturday's march in London with a picture of Prime Minister May's severed head on a spike. That is satire. And that theatre production with Trump getting butchered is just so brave. 

You see when liberals make jokes about executing conservative politicians it is free speech or cutting edge satire. When Trump tries his hand at humour (albeit not very funny humour) it is incitement. I see no valid point in making jokes about killing POTUS but Trump does have a very real point about fake news. Over the past week CNN has been battered by a hidden documentary which caught its lead presenters and producers on tape admitting that the whole Trump Russia story was a non story and there was not a shred of evidence against him but that they were chasing ratings. The liberal fake news media is all guilty of that except Channel 4 Fake News which has almost no viewers, it is not chasing ratings, it just likes making things up, such as claiming that Donald Trump wants America nto be more white - see HERE.

In the past fortnight the NY Times, CNN's sister publication, ha had to fire journalists for making up Trump Russia fake news when they were exposed. The Washington Post is guilty of similar crimes against basic journalistic ethics.
Yet the media tells us that the whole world is furious with Trump. Just like they all told us that the Georgia 6th vote would be a referendum on Trump and that the Dems would win. The Dems spent $30 million and still lost. Tens of millions of Americans have lost all faith in the mainstream media not because it is partisan but because it simply reports fake news. It is not credible any more as it does its utmost to ensure that the 2020 election has a different outcome to that in 2016.

As for the rest of America they mostly just don't care. Outside the beltway folks are worried about jobs, immigration, terror, putting food on the table. Only smug well fed liberals living in multi million dollar houses in Washington, LA or New York care about this story and any suggestion otherwise is just more fake news.

To those reading this article in the USA I offer you one consoling thought. At least you do not suffer state funded broadcasters the BBC and Channel 4. They make CNN seem like the living gospel.

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