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The Georgia 6th - a $30 million fuck you to America's liberal elitists & fake news media

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 21 June 2017

In the UK the narrative from the liberal media fake news outlets let by the accursed BBC is that Donald Trump and his Republicans are enmeshed in scandal, in league with the accursed Russians and loathed across America. So what if the FBI has cleared Michael Flynn? So what if there is scant or no evidence that Donald Trump obstructed justice let's shriek on about a new Watergate anyway. Fake news tells you that Trump is on the ropes and so an special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional district was hailed as a "referendum on Trump". The vote was yesterday.

This has been a safe GOP seat since 1979 but demographic changes mean that Trump win it by just 1.5 points over crooked Hillary. With no incumbent there the Dems thought it was totally in play and so poured 30 million dollars into their campaign aiming to back up the media narrative that Trump was on the ropes. Guess what, Republican Karen Handel won by 6 points.

Make no mistake this was a referendum on Trump because the Dems fought it that way and Trump won. As Handel thanked her supporters the chants were not about her but was Make America Great Again and President Trump.

Once again the liberal elites for all their money just got it wrong. Channel 4 Fake News which was naturally predicting a Dem victory got it wrong. Outside the beltway no-one in America gives a flying fuck about Congressional machinations to smear the President. On main street they care about jobs, which Trump is delivering on. They care about making America safer where at least Trump, unlike his useless predecessor, is trying. They do not believe in fake news.

Well done the Georgia Sixth. Jon Sopel at the fake news BBC, Kylie Morris at Channel 4 fake news, the arsehole Dem pundits on CNN, the NY Times, the Hollywood luvvies and the Democrat Establishment can smear as much as they want, they can chuck as much money as they want at elections. But while they continue to ignore the concerns of those Americans living outside the asset bubble economies of the North East and West Coasts they will continue to lose.

The Georgia 6th, good god fearing tax paying hard working Americans, just sent a $30 million fuck you to the liberal elites and the Beltway swamp dwellers.

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