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#IstandwithBiden – like hell I do but twitter does. It does not speak for America

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 27 August 2021

Let me be clear. I did not stand with the creepy old guy back last November. I think the election was stolen and demonstrated why it was HERE. And after the most almighty clusterfuck for which Biden is clearly to blame in Afghanistan, I certainly do not stand with him now. Now that impeachment has been utterly debased by the attempts on both Clinton and Trump, creepy Joe Biden should certainly face it as I explained HERE. But I am not twitter.

My twitter feed is set to New York, a city which was once, when it was dirty, grungy, violent and fun, my home and which is the only city on Earth I’d consider living in again. But if I did I would, as a god-fearing, conservative, straight, male find myself very much a minority. For in my “home twitter town” on this day of all days what is trending is the hashtag #IstandwithBiden.

The folks tweeting this nonsense are, of course, the sort of privileged liberal folks who would not sign up to go to war under any circumstance. They would rather do a Springsteen and draft the dodge than fight. Going to war is for poor kids in the ghettos or from the flyover states or those folks who believe in God and family from the South, the sort of people Brooklyn hipsters so openly despise.

So folks who would not dream of signing up tweet #Istandwithbiden before indulging in their first Fair Trade organic semi skimmed vegan latte of the day. Meanwhile, 13 of the sort of folks they so despise will not be standing up with anyone today or ever again. They will return home in a coffin draped in a flag that the folks who live in Brooklyn and the folks who surround Biden also regard it as cool to dishonour.

Twitter as a whole does not reflect what America thinks. Twitter in New York usually reflects what it does not think as I have noted before.  As the horror of Afghanistan gets worse by the day, as it emerges how many Americans and those who helped America, will be left behind in the hands of the monstrous Taliban, fewer and fewer folks will be standing with a President who after less than a year is already obviously a lame duck. Even New York will see the light eventually.

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