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The Real US election fraud, new data on media suppression of real news and what George Orwell did say

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 25 November 2020

I am far from convinced that Donald Trump won enough real votes in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to swing the electoral college. US elections are always, to some extent, corrupt but right now I’d bet heavily on Joe Biden being the next President. However, there is a new poll out today which convinces me that an enormous fraud did take place and I will call as my first witness the late Mr George Orwell.

I have commented before on how new media giants Facebook and Twitter actively suppressed coverage of the Biden family financial scandals and how old media, notably the BBC, simply failed to report them. They should at least have been investigated and the contrast with the way all media gave wall to wall stories about certain fake news stories about Donald Trump and Russia is there for all to see.

Yesterday a survey emerged from a company called MRC which, pages 8 and 9, looks at the FBI investigation into the Biden family and crime, something the BBC is still not reporting. It seems that 60% of those who voted for Biden were unaware of this. Having said that, only 16% of those folks who were unaware would still, with the knowledge of it, have not voted for Joe Biden. 4%. Those 16% were split, roughly, equally between those who would have voted for Trump, for a 3rd party candidate, not have voted at all or who would have voted Dem down ticket but not voted at a Presidential level.

So we are talking here about 16% of 60% not voting Biden which is just under one tenth of Biden voters.

Caveat caveat: I suspect that even had the mainstream media reported the allegations and Facebook and Twitter allowed access to articles in the NY Post and elsewhere, a good whack of those 9.6% would still not have heard about it as they are not news junkies and have better things to consider.  But had 2 in 10 of those folks heard about it and acted according to this poll then we would not now be disputing Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin – they would all be Trump states. Make it one in four and Michigan also goes red.

As such it seems to me that there is a very strong case for saying that the role of media, old and new, was, very possibly, to create a fraudulent result in the US Presidential election.

Now where does Orwell come into this? Many years after his death, a forward to Animal Farm, a book penned in 1943, was unearthed in which he discusses the problems he had in publishing the book and the censorship of idea that challenge the world view of the bien pensants among the liberal and left elite.  I had not read this foreword until yesterday and, as it is under copywrite, I do not reproduce it in full but urge you all to read it HERE.

What Orwell rages against is censorship. He argues that while the State generally behaves quite well on this matter, it is those elites who behave badly, rewriting history and attempting to suppress views that challenge their own. Not to challenge those views but simply to stop them being discussed. In light, of events relating to masks and covid which I covered HERE, this is extremely topical. And I am sure that Orwell would have been alarmed by the way that the media behaved in the US election.

There are some on the left who argue that ends justify means. So it does not matter why the Orange man lost as long as he did lose. But Orwell notes on this matter, with regard. in particular, to the fact that Oswald Mosely, a man he rightly detested, was held without trial from 1943. It was right to detain the old fascist in 1940 but by 1943 he merited a trial. Once you establish a principle that you can ignore certain freedoms, who know who will be suppressed next? For Orwell was clear, you either believe in freedom or you do not.

The American left decided in 2020 that it did not believe in a free press in the case of the Country’s General Election because it wanted Biden to win and Trump to lose. And this censorship may well have swung the result.

With the left having accepted that it is hard for it to complain when Twitter and Facebook censor hard data on why masking up is pointless. What will they suppress next?

Orwell is claimed as a hero by both left and right. We can discuss where he sits on another occasion. But I am in little doubt that while he would probably not have been a Trump supporter, he would have been outraged at the fraud on the American people which big media has just inflicted.

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