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Struggling for an ideal Christmas present for a lefty in your life? Here’s an idea – think of Fiona Bruce

909 days ago

…in prior years the complete works of Ayn Rand and Titania McGrath. What to do in 2020?   Here’s an …


Twitter suspends Titania Mcgrath again but gives a blue tick to a Jew hater to spew lies to 100,000 followers

1086 days ago

…Poor old Titania Mcgrath suffered another temporary twitter ban this week. …


Photo article: Bad News for @TitaniaMcGrath – she has a rival as the UK’s leading woke poet

1240 days ago

…Pickering in the far North of England. I am sure Titania McGrath would not visit a place like this as it is …


Twitter bans the voice of woke - #FreeTitania

1353 days ago

…As @Titania McGrath has said so many times, for free speech to …


The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 2 - The Gender gap & the myth

1659 days ago


The Genius of Titania McGrath Part 1 - Tom Cruise & Su Pollard - the gender pay gap

1659 days ago

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