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Struggling for an ideal Christmas present for a lefty in your life? Here’s an idea – think of Fiona Bruce

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 2 December 2020

No this is not for the Mrs, a card carrying member of the Labour Party, who has a rather nice present sitting in one of the barns at the Welsh Hovel. There are other lefties in my life, notably, almost my entire family. And thus, each year, one struggles for a suitable present for such folks. After all, you have already given them in prior years the complete works of Ayn Rand and Titania McGrath. What to do in 2020?  

Here’s an idea. Fiona Bruce is paid £1 million a year, most of it for presenting Question Time. Her big pay rise helped the BBC to close its gender pay gap and for the majority of poor folks who are done for not paying the TV license as they cannot afford to, i.e. women, this will no doubt be a cause for great celebration. Feminism is truly advanced by paying Fiona a cool Bernie each year by screwing over poor women.

Within living memory, QT attracted 3.5 million viewers. There were over 2 million within the past couple of years. The BBC now admits that viewer numbers have crashed to just 1.2 million, although I suspect that many of them are from i-player or catch up and that on the day it is now struggling to get past one million.

We wicked capitalists believe in performance related pay but there is no suggestion that the BBC apply the same principle to its increasingly little watched shows. It is yet another of many reasons to #DefundtheBBC.

In that vein, for a lefty in your life, might I suggest buying something HERE.

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