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Tory MP Anna Soubry you are a collaborator, you are a disgrace and you should stop bleating and lecturing a free press

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- Tom Winnifrith

Arch remoaner Anna Soubry was yesterday bleating about press coverage of her and 14 other Tory MPs who are going to make it as hard as possible to pass Brexit legislation. Soubry views terms like "collaborator" as offensive and links it directly to the fact that she had received 5 threatening tweets on this matter.

There is no evidence linking those sending the tweets to the editorial line of the Daily Mail and the Express. But Soubry does not need evidence she is happy to smear and proceed without it. Could it perhaps be that 17.4 million of us voted for Brexit and are really pissed off that what we were told would be a binding vote is now being mangled, blocked or delayed by folks like Soubry who think they know better than the great unwashed? And that 5 of the 17.4 million have, in their anger, behaved disgracefully, without any guidance from the Daily Mail?

Of course, being an MP, Soubry can get the police involved and so have her safety ensured and she has reported the miscreant five to the rozzers. I do not deny her the right to do that and indeed I think the Old Bill should investigate explicit threats made on twitter. It is just that for we plebs no such protection exists.

When some poltroon objected to my exposes on the Quindell fraud he responded, inter alia, by expressing a desire, via twitter, to cut my throat. It was one of three death threats I received that year. Natch the Police refused to do anything, not even to pop along and warn the moron off. When MPs express outrage at awful things said about them on twitter they need to be aware that they enjoy far greater protection that others who may be in equal danger. They are of course blissfully unaware of this and just play the martyr, no-one more than Anna Soubry.

Anna does not like being referred to as a collaborator ore as someone who has betrayed her party or the voters. Well guess what Anna, 17.4 million of us do not like being referred to as "thick, old, racist, xenophobic, ignorant, little Englanders, being unaware of the real issues, etc". But that is how folks like Anna have described those of us who voted for Brexit for the past 18 months.

If you can't stand the heat Anna... get out of the kitchen. Or at least do not have the timerity to start telling a free press what it should or should not be saying. Politicians who go down that route are invariably those who think that they are our masters not our servants, that they know better than we do what is best for the little people and thus should not be held to account. Anna: Does the cap fit?  


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