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First they came for the statues, then they came for the comedy: as Fawlty Towers is banned the woke revolution rolls on

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 11 June 2020

Though, as I demonstrated earlier, he invested not a cent in slaving, the statue of philanthropist Thomas Guy is now officially for the melting pot. First they came for the statues. Then they came for the comedy. I have just played the video below to my woke Islington based daughter Olaf and she laughed loudly.

She does not judge, she thinks and so understands that in the “Don’t mention the war” episode of Fawlty Towers, the joke is the xenophobia of Basil as he greets some German guests. But the BBC controlled UKTV has now removed the show because, natch, it is racist. No statues, our history erased or ignored and now only officially sanctioned jokes.

Today’s victim of the mob is JK Rowling who is attacked on all fronts for suggesting that only women have periods. JK has had a school hall named after her renamed and the twitter mob is whipped up by Owen Jones to demand blood for stating a fact but one that now qualifies as thoughtcrime. The intolerant left is winning the culture wars with our elected Conservative (in name only) Government seemingly terrified to try to fight back. Life in Airstrip One gets grimmer by the day. While you still can, enjoy the video below.


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