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#DemocracyWins trends on twitter – whatever

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 17 November 2022

In the woke echo chamber that is twitter news that the Democrats will almost certainly still control the Senate is greeted with #DemocracyWins. Hmmm.

With the Republicans now showing net gains of 8 and on course to take control of the House will the same folks be cheering on democracy then as the GOP inches past the finishing line?

And with the GOP winning 51.4% (versus 46.7% for the Dems) in House races will these folks who yakked on ad nauseam about the popular vote back in 2016, demanding that the constitution be retrospectively changed so that crooked Hillary could beat Trump, also discuss that in terms of democracy winning?

One suspects not. For folks on the left insisting that the mid terms were a triumph for the party that got far fewer votes, and fewer members of Congress and State Governors elected, democracy is only about their side winning and only talking about a race that is won, not those that are lost.

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