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Hamas supporters in UK try to get pro-Israel tweeter fired by blackmailing employer

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 13 August 2014

What is it about the intolerance of the liberal left/Islamofascist alliance when it comes to free speech? I do not deny anyone the right to say that they support Hamas and why, that is their call. They are on the side of terror, of homophobes of folks whose desire is genocide but they have the right to be heard. And that is pretty much the view of all Israel supporters we believe in a free world where folks can say or do what they wish.

In Israel one can dissent, one can speak out against the Government, one can pursue a career if female and you can sleep with whom you want. In Gaza life is very different and it is shameful that in the UK supporters of the organisation whose charter commits itself to wiping Israel off the map appear to be adopting a similar attitude to free speech.

My pal, Mr Frog (not his real name) works for a FTSE 100 listed marketing and communications group. He is a vocal supporter of Israel and of her right to defend herself. He does not celebrate the death of any innocent in his tweets or Facebook pages but he is clearly partial. And this has come to the attention of certain Islamofascists in the UK who have now swamped his employer with emails accusing Mr Fish of “racism” and “supporting child killing.”

This is clearly bogus but such is the fear of PLCs of being branded racist and such is the media inspired anti-Israel frenzy, that Mr Frog almost certainly now faced a formal enquiry and disciplinary meeting within days.

How many folks have faced such action for accusing Israel of genocide or comparing them to the Nazis? Almost none because no-one on the Israel side complains. You see one reason we support Israel is that we support a free society where one can exchange all views. In Israel all its citizens (including 1.5 million arabs) can say what they want about the way that society is run.  It is a concept called democracy which is unusual in that region.

But Gaza is not a free state and thus those who support Hamas see nothing wrong in trying to silence dissent by whatever means they wish, including blackmailing PLCs with accusations of harbouring racists.

I shall watch this case with interest and will name and shame the FTSE 100 Company if it panders to the free speech deniers. Do we live in 1984 or 2014?

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