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Show you support the law, visit a Byron Burger Bar today - here's where to find your local store

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 2 August 2016

A couple of weeks ago the great cuase of the liberal left was to protest about how democracy is only good when the little people vote the right way and to demand another referendum on Brexit. Those without useful jobs have now found a new cause, demanding that we all boycott Byron's Burger Bars because this chain decided to assist the Home Office in obeying the law. Byron's crime is not to support crime.

You see Byron's co-operated with the Home Office on raids which allowed it to boot out35 illegal immigrants.  That is to say folks who had no right to be in the UK and were taking jobs from folks who did, almost certainly from our comrades from within the EU. I think protecting poor folks who have a right to be in the UK is not such a bad thing and I am all in favour of obeying the law.

But liberal opinion is that Byron's Burger bars acted like prize rotters if not to say out and out racists and thus we are all being urged to boycott Byrons. The twiter hashtag is #BoycottByron and if you search it you find gems such as 

I will never eat at again. Neither should you. Morally repugnant company

Channel 4 News, the BBC and the Guardian are revelling in reporting protests involving "hundreds of people". Hmmm. One suspects that those would be middle class lefties who will never find themselves competing for a job or for cheap housing against an illegal immigrant.

Byron operates 69 branches across the UK with a 70th opening soon. Photos in the internet show that most remain pretty much packed all day which would mean that the company is almost certainly serving c15,000 people each and every day. Oddly enough the liberal media is not reporting that.

One of the folks that Byron will be serving this week will be me. The Mrs wants a meal out ahead of a trip to the Cinema and I see that there is a Branch in Bristol. I shall show my support for a company that believes in upholding the law and in not denying opportunity to poor workers from across the EU who have a genuine right to be in Britain. I urge you to show solidarity too and you can find your nearest branch HERE

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