Doha Tweets and King Eco Loon and Parasite Peter Coville

Tom Winnifrith Saturday 8 December 2012


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I tweeted out a link to an article the other day with #Doha in its title. That is where al sorts of self important NGO and political scumbags are meeting to discuss how after 16 years of global cooling they are going to spend gazillions of pounds of taxpayers cash to stop global warming. Hey presto something called #Doha immediately retweeted me to its 111 followers.

You have to be a prize global warming nutter to sign up to receive some of the 6,600 tweets emitted by this beastie. But if you want to the 111 eco-loons who do indeed follower #Doha might I suggest tweeting out #Doha global warming is a con or #Doha you can stick Michael Mann’s fraudulent hockey stick where the sun don’t shine, etc, etc.

So who are these eco-loons who want to receive these great pearls of #Doha wisdom? One grabbed my eye: @Petercoville “Philosophy teacher, climate activist, London occupier.” His twitter feed is a scream – a triumph of deluded lefty garbage. One assumes that he would not teach in a fee paying school (that would be delightful hypocrisy worthy of Comrade Margaret Hodge) and so his existence is funded by the grateful taxpayer. I wonder if he actually does teach anymore since he is clearly very busy being an “activist” as well as tweeting and reading all the #Doha tweets. Perhaps he is on welfare? Either way you and I fund his lifestyle.

And he is happy to take more from us. On 7th December he tweets out to a comrade “are you properly insulated? Just got mine redone for free.” So the taxpayer pays for an improvement to his place. Is that council housing (i.e. subsidised by the taxpayer) or is he a member of the property owning classes, like all the best deluded lefties.

Presumably, given that his existence is so heavily funded by the taxpayer (that is to say companies that invest and so pay taxes and employ people who then pay taxes) he is grateful.

Yesterday he retweets @RadicalEcologist “Corporations destroy the environment. They will never reform themselves. They will always put profit ahead of everything else.

I give up. I wonder whether it is better for this country if this prize loon stays on welfare forever or actually gets a non job polluting the minds of the next generation: But before I depart, to leave you to send off a few #Doha tweets I bring you a few other gems from Comrade Colville:

4th December: M.Lowy: “decisions on #investment…must be taken away from the banks & capitalist enterprises in order to serve society’s common good“.
1st December: personally I’d just ignore pillocks who post insults on social media
6th December: @suzanne_moore ok we got the message Friedrich von Moore.

But the piece de resistance from Comrade Colville arrives on 24th November:
I wouldn’t just take foster kids from #UKIP foster parents, I’d take ‘em off #Tory foster parents too.

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