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#DONOTCONGRATULATE - Would the bedwetting millennials really prefer more tensions with Russia?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 21 March 2018

It is trending on twitter Stateside and as you might expect the man who is being slated is the bogeyman of a generation of bedwetting snowflakes, that is to say the leader of the Free World, President Donald Trump. His latest "crime" in la la land? Congratulating President Putin on winning the Russian election.

Okay Putin cheated a bit but like Nixon in 1972 he would have won anyway. It may cause butt-hurt for the pampered liberal youth of the West but Putin's support of Christian values, nationalism and defence of oppressed Russian speakers outside mother Russia and his no-nonsense approach to Islamic terror ( kill the bastards even if like the Al Qaeda run FSA they are backed by the misguided West), plays well back in Russia. Russians are better off than they used to be and Vlad is popular.

Of course Trump could have refused to show basic civility and not congratulate the leader of the world's second most powerful nation. Putin could have quibbled about the electoral college and not congratulated Trump when he won on that glorious November day in 2016. But grown men should show some civility.

When Trump and Putin met for the first time they seemed to get on reasonably well. A normal person would be rather glad that the leaders of the two most powerful nuclear countries on this planet can engage at a personal level. But it seems as if a generation that cannot remember the very real terror many of us felt during the cold war, a time when we really thought that we might see mushroom clouds at dawn, somehow wishes for a return to those days. They actually seem to want the leaders of Russia and America to get on less well, to show no civility and merely to rack up the tension.

Kids you really have no idea what you are asking for. You are young and foolish. Speak to your parents, listen to what they say, for once, and then STFU.

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