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112 days ago

BREAKING: The David Beckham backed pot play Cellular Goods buries bad news at 6.04 PM Friday night

Here in Greece, it was Good Friday but, for shareholders in Cellular Goods (CBX), it was anything but good. Having initially denied reports – on this website – that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was banning its ingestible CBD products, evil PR genius, Neil Thapar, served up a dreadful admission to ruin folks’ weekend. That makes his rather hasty “don’t panic” RNS of 11 April, look all the more disingenuous.


1020 days ago

Aussie poltroon ambulance chasers Slater & Gordon to take on Hargreaves Lansdowne over Neil Woodford

There are some contests where you want everyone to lose: The FSA vs ISIS vs Hezbollah in Syria, the Democratic primary once Tulsi Gabbard pulls out, a tournament involving the English rugby team and the German and Argie soccer teams. You get my drift. And that brings me to Aussie ambulance chasing lawyers Slater & Gordon (SGH) of Quindell infamy. I have a word of advice for S&G.


1322 days ago

Christmas in Syria – the story the guilty Western Media cannot bear to broadcast

There are just two countries in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate their faith openly, as part of a supportive community and with no fear of having their head chopped off.  One is Israel, which is also the only country in the region where there are gay pride parades. But suggesting that Israel is a beacon of tolerance in a sea of bigotry is not part of the group think narrative for the liberal media elites here in the West. So what about the other place where Christianity is not a high risk activity?


1501 days ago

Syria – what the liberal media is not telling you – get ready for blowback as the West suffers the price of its folly

I have noted time and time again that the West has been backing the wrong side in Syria. And that side is now losing ground at an alarming rate much to the joy of native Syrians.  Now that  mortars belonging to the Free Syrian Army, aka Al Qaeda, the folks Call Me Dave Cameron termed “moderates”, no longer pound Damascus, the Western media begrudgingly and rarely shows footage of a capital that is safe, prospering, free and happy.  Now President Assad helped by Russia is seeking to seize control of the South West of Syria, the area bordering Israel and Jordan.


1585 days ago

Bombing Syria: Tony Blair is delighted but what have you achieved Trump and May?

Perhaps you remember that Tony Blair lied to the House of Commons about Saddam Hussein having WMD which could hurt Britain within 45 minutes and so got us involved in an illegal war. 179 British servicemen are dead as a result, hundreds are maimed for life, thousands of innocent Iraqis are dead, ISIS got its big break. There is so much blood on Blair's hands that any decent society would, at the least, shun him and should really send him to the Hague for trial.


1605 days ago

Exclusive: Sir Henry Bellingham MP (of 3DM infamy) reported to AIM Regulation as Pathfinder plans discounted placing

Having blotted his AIM CV in a big way with his involvement in the £65 million AIM fraud 3DM - even after its first bollocking from the FSA, the FCA as was, the toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham has now been reported to AIM Regulation over seedy plans for a discounted placing at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP)  which he is set to waive through to save his well paid job.


1609 days ago

#DONOTCONGRATULATE - Would the bedwetting millennials really prefer more tensions with Russia?

It is trending on twitter Stateside and as you might expect the man who is being slated is the bogeyman of a generation of bedwetting snowflakes, that is to say the leader of the Free World, President Donald Trump. His latest "crime" in la la land? Congratulating President Putin on winning the Russian election.


1639 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: I have reported myself, Waseem Shakoor & Lucian Miers to the FCA for market abuse over UKOG

I discuss the history of me being reported by Mike Walters and other morons to the FCA (FSA as was) for market abuse and in that vein I am reporting myself, Waseem Shakoor and Lucian Miers because of our comments over UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the grossly overvalued, financially challenged mega ramp so loved by morons. Elsewhere I look at RockRose Energy (RRE) - time for a Cynical apology - Kin Group (KIN) and at Inspirit (INSP). Oh yes, and God is punishing me for being smug.


1651 days ago

Jim Matthews to be charged by the Met with fighting AGAINST ISIS - is the UK officially mad?

That we have betrayed the  brave, decent and honourable Kurds as we turn a blind eye to the genocide being conducted by Turkey and the Al Qaeda backed Islamofascists of the FSA (also backed by the West) is a matter of the utmost shame for the West. But we in the UK have now gone a step further, the Met is to charge Jim Matthews as a terrorist.


1948 days ago

The Daily Mail lies as part of the West's war on Truth in Syria

I was delighted to see the loathsome Daily Mail cough up for its disgraceful slurs on the charming Mrs Trump. I suspect many on the left will have had their loyalties divided in that battle, irrespective of the fact that it was the Mail that libelled Melania, but what about the Mail's mega lie today, on Syria. It boasts the headline "At least 100 people dead as a suicide car bomb hits convoy of busses evacuating residents from the clutches of ISIS to safe havens in Syria". This is quite simply a lie. It is fake news. It is a lie born of the insane and confused policy of the West in this godforsaken country.


2147 days ago

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI is just not fit for purpose

As head of the CBI Carolyn Fairbairn is meant to speak for British Business. She is, naturally, totally unqualified. Her CV says it all:


2182 days ago

President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan

Of the four broad factions fighting in Syria the only grouping we might all agree to be "nice people" are the brave Kurds. President Assad (the least worst of the rest) and ISIS use chemical weapons. ISIS and the Free Syrian Army behead folks, deny women and gays all rights and are all round islamofascist bastards. The Kurds believe in democracy, liberty, don't commit war crimes and their liberated women fight with the men. What is not to like about the Kurds?

Well it seems a lot. At least that is what our leaders think. In our desperate desire to suck up to the gay 


2196 days ago

British Forces are in Syria - are we stark raving mad?

There is now clear evidence that British special forces are on the ground in Syria assisting Free Syrian Army (FSA) jihadists. The BBC spins a Government lie and reports this as being in a fight against ISIS.. But the FSA is, of course, also fighting President Assad''s Government and its Russian and Syrian allies. This is madness.


2204 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bonus bearcast: Ding Dong the Environmental Recycling £65 million fraud Witch is dead - bring on the SFO

Environmental Recycling Technologies (ENRT) was slung off AIM today. But the former 3DM is not telling you something rather more serious which happened 11 days ago. This is a fraud that is now officially dead;. It has cost mug punters £65 million. I explain why it is a fraud (as I did back in 2005) and I name all of those on the roll call of shame including FSA (now FCA) officials who failed investors, nomads, brokers, tipsters, managers. And I explain my next step - write to the SFO.


2209 days ago

ISIS & Al Qaeda must be praying that Crooked Hillary Clinton defeats Trump

As Obama's Secretary of State, it was crooked Hillary that did so much to create the mess that is Syria today. Over the past four years President hopey change has slowly backtracked and at last peace is in sight out East. Both ISIS and the, largely Islamofascist and often Al-Qaeda affiliated, Free Syrian Army, FSA, are in retreat. But crooked Hillary has plans to change all of that.

What is it with the Democrats and blood lust?


2216 days ago

Blood on the hands of Hollande, Cameron & May - when will they accept they back the wrong side in Syria

The papers this week carried graphic images of a 12 year old boy being beheaded in Syria. Ghastly, I hear you cry. ISIS must be stopped. Thank God we are doing our bit by backing rebel fighters in the Free Syrian Army. Problemo: it was those rebel fighters that did the beheading.

This is no surprise to readers of this website. Back in 2012


2236 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - the FCA has been investigating me for the past few weeks - poltroons

In this podcast I relay to you news of an investigation which has now closed into me and others relating to InternetQ. It shows the sinister powers the FCA has and uses but also the crass stupidity of the regulators in pursuing such an obviously flawed investigation. Not only was I 100% innocent but I was demonstrably so. What makes the fact that these fascist poltroons go after an investigative journalist who has busted so many frauds is that the FCA has not gone after the frauds despite me handing it evidence on a plate. I refer to Quindell, 3DM ( where in its FSA days it actually helped protect the fraudsters), Globo and Sefton This has meant that investors have been screwed as a result. The FCA is not fit for purpose 


2279 days ago

Environmental Recycling - it cannot even afford 1,575 Euro as it drowns in debt - it is bust, call the administrator

I pointed out yesterday that Environmental Recycling (ENRT), the company formerly known as 3DM and which is the only AIM company to have been censured not once but twice by the FSA (now the FCA) for lying to investors was drowning in debt and out of cash. Just to show how out of cash it is, I point out that it cannot even afford to pay a vital bill for Euro 1,575.


2281 days ago

Environmental Recycling - New Direction Discussions End, now surely time to talk to the administrator

Back on 30 October 2015 long suffering shareholders in Environmental Recycling (ENRT) were promised a change of direction, a new beginning. Having seen its shares plunge from 150p, when it sent me a barrage of lawyers letters for pointing out that it was a total fraud back in 2005, to just 0.05p today the punters must have had some hope at last. But today Environmental ( formerly 3DM) fessed up. As disgraced Michael Walters who has tipped this piece of Turkish for 14 years and who told his readers to report me to the FSA for exposing the fraud, would say "oh dear, oh dear".


2381 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 8 February - A scallywag to a buffoon, Ken Brooks to Zak Mir & MTV at 0.00p

A wide ranging podcast starts with comments on Eden Research, Ken Brooks and the abject failure of the FSA/FCA to protect investors. Then it is onto three shite companies starting with the letter M: Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP), Motive TV (MTV) and Mosman (MSMN). I look at Circle Oil (COP), Trinity (TRIN) and Tethys (TPL) as well as Servision (SEV) where my target price remains 0p. Then a brief stockmarket lesson for the Sith Lord on what a dead cat bounce actually means and a look at Aureus Mining (AUE).


2421 days ago

POS market abusers and cash guzzlers Environmental Recycling clarify KennyBoy Brooks loan

AIM casino listed Environmental Recycling (ENRT), formerly known as 3DM is worthless POS which has been twice censured by the FSA (today's FCA) for misleading investors. In clarifying the status today of an uber expensive loan it has taken from its founder, Kennyboy Brooks, it has just admitted to a third deception.


2473 days ago

Weekly Postcard #130 - Syria our policies are unethical, unaffordable and just don't work

I watched Question Time on Thursday. He may be a fruitcake on some issues but on Syria as we contemplate the mess we have created with Asad, ISIS, the FSA, Saudi Arabia and the rest, Hitchens was on fire. The complacent Justine Greening was like the rest of the political class an incoherent mess. 


2547 days ago

Eden Research – Today’s statement stinks

Eden Research (EDEN) is an AIM listed dog with a track record of non-delivery. It is the sister company of that other dog Environmental Recycling (ENRT) and both companies felt my ire back in 2005 when Environmental was called 3DM. It pissed away cash on fascist lawyer’s letters. It was 3DM that picked up the censure from the FSA for lying to investors. Today the Eden dog has put out an announcement which just stinks. I am back on its case.


2682 days ago

Environmental Recycling, formerly 3DM, still a POS 10 years after we battled last - time for round 2?

The Quindell of 2005 was a company called 3DM. Its shareholders the ThreeDimmers saw the AIM casino stock hyped up to 150p as this former Kazakh loo paper manufacturer told lie after lie. It sent me lawyer’s letter after lawyer’s letter as it tried to bully me into silence. Its cheerleaders, tipster Mike Walters and a City spiv called Johnny Townsend, encouraged all shareholders to report me to the FSA (the FCA of old). But in the end it was 3DM that was censured not once but twice by the FSA (2006 and 2008) for its serial lies. Today that company is called Environmental Recycling (ENRT) and it is still on AIM. Just.


2940 days ago

The answer to failure of regulation & the FCA is NOT more regulation and more cash for the FCA

Over the weekend I described another glaring failure by the FCA/FSA which has cost 325 investors £25 million. I am told by a, normally sensible, fellow in the comments section that the answer is to give the FCA more money and more resource. How 100% wrong can you be?

Not being a bottom-line worrying member of the private sector, but a branch of the State, the FCA/FSA has a pretty dismal track record when it comes to sensible resource allocation as it is. Just do a google search for Christmas parties, payoffs for failure, average wages, etc. and you will see that this body is just as wasteful as other branches of Government. Give it an extra £100 and it will piss away most of it.

The second issue


2956 days ago

Why shorting shares is both vital and good for investors and for society

Shorters, or bear raiders, are vilified by the ignorant as destroyers of wealth and of jobs. Some folks want shorting banned. They are wrong. The only people who benefit from banning shorting are crooks, liars and frauds. Capitalism needs shorters for it to work efficiently. Here’s why.

Let me ask you to point out how many PLCs the FCA or before it the FSA ever called out for fraud and had suspended? Er…zippo. The Regulator is a box ticker, an agency of Government and thus, by definition, useless. It would argue that its job is not to seek out fraud but to act on it when shown evidence. That might just be a defence but you then ask who will seek out fraud and thus present the authorities with that evidence?

Occasionally you have a kind hearted soul such as myself who does just that. But the reality is that spending months and months researching a company really is not going to make you rich. The ShareProphets operation generates enough revenue to allow me to spend some time doing such work but I could not afford to do it full time. 

And thus the only folks who are going to have enough of a financial incentive to do such work are those in the bear raiding community. It took Gotham City many months to prove up its dossier against Spanish fraud Gowex. Now I know that Daniel Yu gets an intellectual kick


3274 days ago

A joint statement from Dan Levi & Tom Winnifrith: Sefton: We are Vindicated - Jim Ellerton Fired in Disgrace

Sefton Resources (SER) has this morning fired its chairman Jim Ellerton from the board. He has been shown to be a liar, a criminal, a man not fit to run a PLC and there will be worse to come for him as the Serious Fraud Office, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Colorado Department of Justice Enquiries get underway. All three have been or will be provided with full dossiers. Ellerton will try to grub whatever cash he can from Sefton but he is toast. Toxic toast.

Sefton sued Daniel Levi (aka Brokerman Dan) and Tom Winnifrith for libel and also reported them to the FSA for market abuse and then accused them of market abuse and libel via an RNS. Sefton also briefed The Daily Telegraph that we were shorting the company for a monetary gain. All was part of their malicious Black propaganda campaign. Sefton is today negotiating with Dan and Tom.

It will be paying their costs in defending this case but also damages for defaming them. The only issue is how much will it be paying.

Those Bulletin Board Morons


3279 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

City law firm Pinsent Masons played its part in the Sefton dirty tricks campaign against Dan Levi and me with its infamous letter to the FSA trying to stop me writing about shares. To protect its bent client it tried (and failed) to deprive me of a living. And it then (at great expense to Sefton shareholders) tried to bully me in the libel courts. As such you might understand why I am not its greatest fan.

Pinsents tried to destroy me on its chosen playing field (the law). It failed. Now the rematch is set to take place on my chosen playing field – the internet and new media.

Pinsents disgraceful behaviour is now all over the internet. Those responsible for its new media promotion cannot be enjoying what they read. Its role in the Sefton scandal is now laid bare and my triumphant visit to its luxurious office with a glass of champagne is now a well watched video. The Times newspaper mentioned it in full and Pinsents must be squirming.

In case you missed it or ( better still) wish to pass on the link to everyone you know it is here

But still the fuckers will not withdraw their law suit (which they admit is in tatters). Still there is no apology. I am not asking senior partner Chris Mullen (hey Chris you now feature in google searches alongside a pic of a scantily clad Cheryl Cole which is not pornography and the word fraudster thanks to liar and fraudster Jim Ellerton) to come and grovel personally. But Chris, you could send along a few of the other partners to buy me a slap up dinner at RMPC or just write a public letter of apology.

Oh shite, Chris now appears on google searches next to the word pornography. Welcome Pinsent Masons to my chosen battleground of new media.

Meanwhile I know Pinsent Masons has spent a great deal of effort building up its twitter presence so if you are bored just head off to @pinsentmasons find any one of its worthy tweets and draft a suitable reply.  As an example earlier today I found a tweet from PM

Financial firms to set targets for female board members - Linda Jones of @PinsentMasons talks to @BBCNews  #ukemplaw

So naturally I replied (including both @pinsentmasons and @bbcnews)

@PinsentMasons @BBCNews how about as a priority ensuring boards do not have contain crooks like Pinsents star client Sefton @TomWinnifrith

If you having nothing else better to do this weekend, feel free to go and tweet a reply to one of the numerous dreary tweets sent out by Pinsents and bring some life to its twitter feed. I am sure that they will appreciate the gesture.


3286 days ago

Why Sefton Shares will be suspended within days

It is now inevitable that shares in Sefton (SER) will be suspended from the AIM Cesspit within days. There are only two outcomes and either means that the game is up. It will leave its vexatious libel case against me in tatters, its bully boy lawyers Pinsent Masons ( who tried and failed to get the FSA to stop Dan and I writing about Sefton and indeed all shares in January) looking like total wankers and shareholders losing everything. And here is why.


3343 days ago

FCA backs Dan Levi ( Brokerman Dan) – will he now sue Sefton for libel?

On 29th January the Daily Telegraph ran a piece suggesting that my pal Brokerman Dan was short of Sefton Resources (SER) and that is why he was writing bearish pieces. The source of that story which was untrue was Alex Walters who acts for Sefton as its PR man. The journalist at the Telegraph has contemporaneous notes of the conversation. The paper has now withdrawn the article and apologised to Dan for its role in this i.e. being duped.

On February 25th Sefton announced that it was suing myself and Dan for legal action but also that it had received legal advice that we had breached the Financial Services and Markets Act of 2000 and that it had reported us to the FSA. Dan obtained the letter sent by Sefton’s lawyers Pinsent Masons on 14 January using a FOI request. It took him two minutes to respond and the FCA has now confirmed to Dan that the matter is closed – he has done nothing wrong. It was a spurious and malicious complaint against him (and also me).

I have also explained to the FSA (and to Pinsent Masons) why the compliant was spurious and frankly anyone with a basic understanding of the FSMA would know why it was spurious. As such, to suggest that we had breached the FSMA in a public release was damaging and defamatory. Sefton may regard it as part of a legitimate dirty tricks campaign but I am not sure anyone else would.

Sefton Resources and its agent (Alex Walters) have clearly committed not one but two acts of libel against Dan (also myself). I hope that Sefton will issue an RNS apologising in full to myself and Dan and I’d happily drop the matter there. But I am aware that Daniel is now considering suing Sefton for libel should an apology not be forthcoming.


3364 days ago

Arming the Islamofascists in Syria – are we mad?

I see that the EU is lifting its embargo on arms sales to Syria at the insistence of Britain and France. Why UK trade policy should be dictated by the Evil Empire escapes me but that is not the issue here – the concern is that the UK is set to give weapons to the FSA ( the coalition fighting President Assad). This is sheer insanity.

For the past few months the Western powers have tried to show that Assad is a truly evil man committing war crimes on a daily basis. It is surely only a matter of Time before Tony Blair pops up to suggest that he has Weapons of Mass Destruction capable of hitting Britain in 45 minutes. The agenda all along has been to supply arms to the rebels.

Of course evidence on the ground shows that both sides in Syria are committing atrocities on a daily basis. William Hague may feel able to play God and decide that one side is better than the other but I cannot. Both seem utterly loathsome.
One thing that is clear


3365 days ago

I am reporting myself to the FSA/FCA to defend free speech from a firm of bully boy City lawyers

Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s column. Half term fun and games are partly to blame. But so is a bully boy letter from a well-known City law firm which is prompting me to report myself to the FSA/FCA to ask the regulator to investigate me for market abuse. I shall report myself at the weekend knowing full well that I have not breached the Financial Services Markets Act of 2000 but I want this clarified in order to protect free speech.

Let me explain what has gone on. My memory is crystal clear. I broke a news story on a company listed on the AIM Cesspit. My source was impeccable. The story was 95% correct and when the truth was finally dragged from the company in question I wrote an immediate follow up flagging the one error (i.e. a correction).  But also pointing out what an investment basket case this was. At no stage until this week did the company contact me. Indeed it declined even to return a phone call when I wanted to run one piece by it.

The company does not like me. And so this week I received a lawyers letter demanding that I remove the articles in their entirety and threatening me by saying that this is market abuse and that if I do not comply they may report me to the FCA for market abuse.  You will note the aim here is not to get a correction on the one small factual error but to get a hostile article (95% of which is verifiably correct) removed in its entirety. 

This is not about ensuring fair reporting it is an attack on free speech. It is the rich and powerful trying to suppress hostile or embarrassing material.


3387 days ago

Exclusive: US Oil & Gas – The FSA Insider Dealing Enquiry Secret Document Revealed

Another day and more documents emerge. Among the absolute classics is an email from Brian McDonnel (the hapless CEO) to a shareholder demanding that the shareholder cease ringing contractors and officials in Nevada to discover things about life in Hot Creek. Brian says that it is illegal for shareholders to do such due diligence. What piffle.

Brian reckons that shareholders who do due diligence get an unfair advantage and that this may be a breach of securities laws. Oh please. Doing due diligence might have helped a lot of shareholders to establish far earlier what a POS US Oil & Gas was and is and have saved them a lot of cash. Anyone who cites bogus laws to deter shareholders from asking questions is, to say the least, odd.

We established yesterday why PLUS booted US Oil & Gas off its own joke market but disgracefully failed to share these facts with investors who then went on to get mugged by US Oil & Gas on GXG.

You can read that here:

But what about the FSA?



3387 days ago

Exclusive: Why US Oil & Gas was booted off Plus - I publish secret documents

I have today been passed secret documents sent by both the FSA and regulators at Plus Markets to advisors to disgraced scandal ridden US Oil & Gas.  These documents make it clear that almost two years ago the authorities knew what was going on here but investors were not adequately protected.

The letter from Plus was send to US Oil & gas’s solicitors in Dublin and shows that even after a preliminary investigation it was felt that CEO Brian McDonnell was making statements and giving presentations without any wider board sanction which included statements that were simply not verifiable. In light of what we now know the reality is that they could not have been verified.

When US Oil & Gas was booted off Plus these issues should have been brought into the public domain by PLUS and by the FSA which (it is clear from the document I have seen) had also investigated this POS company. But


3410 days ago

Evil Knievil asked to rewrite and airbrush history

At an also-ran investor show in a few weeks time Evil Knievil has been asked to give a talk on “my time at” But he has been ordered to not, under any circumstances, mention Tom Winnifrith in that talk. Truly some folks are fascist morons.

For the record, t1ps was founded by me with Evil as its company secretary. We did the paperwork together in his flat in 2000. Its greatest triumph was the 3DM campaign. Who did the legwork, stayed up till 2 am calling folks across America? Er… Tom Winnifrith. Who wrote the 500 page dossier for the FSA which t1ps produced in the name of Evil and myself to get 3DM censored? Er… Tom Winnifrith and Monisha Varadan. Who edited (extensively) Evil’s two books published by t1ps? Er… Tom Winnifrith. Who organised the Evil t1ps seminar in London? Er…Tom Winnifrith. Who recorded hundreds of Evilcasts over 5 years with EK and then edited his diaries three times a week? Er ….Tom Winnifrith. This goes on and on. And on. And on.

I worked with Evil years before t1ps when the young men now in charge were still at primary school. I still chat to him all the time.  He read the lesson at my daughter’s Christening during his time at t1ps. He sent Olivia a very nice Olive tree which like her is now quite tall and flourishing.

Given that after five days in existence my new website attracted more traffic yesterday than ALL of the websites owned by my former employer put together I can understand why certain young people may wish to airbrush history.

But as someone with a bit of experience who looks forward not back I suggest that the young men who have more decades than I to look forward to, consider the attractions of free speech and try not to rewrite and airbrush history. Be brave. Try to stand on your own two feet (rather than MY share tipping record). It is time to move on fellows.


3417 days ago

Early contender for Bulletin Board Moron of the Week

Loverat (ADVFN Sefton thread) posts:

Well, that pretty much backs up what I have been saying for a while. The shorters and derampers (masquerading as tipsters) are organising another attack on an AIM company. I have to say, I reckon the confirmation that Cawkwell is shorting not only confirms he is joined at the hip with Winnifrith, but it has just strengthened the company's complaints to the FSA/FCA.

Jeepers. If I was in cahoots with the old fool Cawkwell he would have gone short BEFORE I wrote God knows how many pieces on Sefton not AFTER. Cawkwell is short now because he has finally woken up to the fact that after the latest RNS lie 24 hours ahead of a placing by Sefton it is toast.

The company’s complaints to the FSA/FCA about me have about as much merit as those made by Minmet or 3DM and we all know what happened there…

Loverat – just how thick are you? Sefton issued a statement about its output which was a blatant lie on March 5th. It then issued shares in a placing the next day! You think that the FSA/FSC are looking at what I have written about this and not at Sefton? Jeepers again.


3432 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard number 33

I may have become a bit of a chinless wonder on this video. Normally I cut off the top of my head. This time I did the reverse. But the light looks good and the sound works and the content...I think I am on form and this is one of the most interesting video postcards for ages. You may disagree. Whatever. It is 15 minutes long.

On the Agenda

1. How companies react to short sell advice or negative comment, lessons learned: Minmet, Cupid, 3DM, Sefton, Caradon

a) The FSA, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, market abuse
b) Spin re bids
c) The sordid PR person/established media axis of corruption
d) Play the man not the ball

2. Internet companies, commodity goods, no room for many players

3. The freedom to write - launch of new website.


3457 days ago

FSA asked to launch official probe into Sefton Resources

The other half of the Sefton 2, Brokerman Daniel, has today written to the FSA asking it to launch an official probe into whether Sefton Resources and certain individuals have committed market abuse and a breach of the FSMA 2000.

Helpfully he has published the letter on his website and you can read it here.

You will note his comments about the AIM team and Sefton and I am sure that the authorities will take this matter very seriously.


3458 days ago

AIM Listed Companies that have publically announced they are suing Tom Winnifrith for libel: a history

You might think that companies sue me for libel all the time. Well I get the odd lawyers letter. My life is set up in such a way to deal with it all. I think my all time personal best record was to get three in one day from a company called 3DM. 3DM alsolet it be known that it had reported me to the FSA for market abuse. Well guess who got censured (twice) by the FSA in that little spat? Correct. Not me.

But only two companies have actually issued a press release stating that they were suing me for libel.

The first was an AIM listed company called Firecrest. In 1994 it issued an RNS naming me personally saying that it was suing me for libel for pointing out a number of issues relating to statements that it had made. It went bust before I could have my day in Court. Shame, I was looking forward to it.

The second was AIM listed Sefton Resources this week.


3466 days ago

Pacific Tycoon – Investor Red Alert

I see that some unscrupulous financial websites are taking money to send out promotions today for Pacific Tycoon. DO NOT RESPOND. DO NOT INVEST. You are being treated with utter contempt as a reader of these sites and should unsubscribe at once. And here is why.


3531 days ago

Were you suckered by a Large scale share Pump & Dump on Friday? Thousands targetted

An email was sent out by a leading financial websites group to its readers on Friday with the headline : “The one stock to own before the New Year.” I do not know where to begin with this shocking tale but if you bought that stock (and it is clear some folks did) you need to sell first thing Monday. This is just horrible. The stock in question is Harmonic Energy Inc (ASUV) which is traded on the US Bulletin Boards ( think Plus markets but less regulated and less liquid if you are a seller). The whole episode is just appalling.


3556 days ago

CPP Group: Straight Sell at 26.75p – Bid Won’t happen, Lucian Miers on the case

There are five things that you need to know about AIM listed AIM Listed CPP Group (CPP). None of them should make you wish to do anything other than sell the shares as soon as possible. Firstly the company has just been hit with a £10 million fine by the FSA, secondly its balance sheet is now severely holes, thirdly earnings visibility is nil and finally a takeover approach it says it has received will almost certainly come to nothing. On a risk reward basis that makes the shares a great short at 26.75p – a level which values the group at £46 million. Oh the fifth? My friend the infamous bear raisder Lucian Miers has this down as his top trading short on AIM right now. Lucian is usually right. To the FSA first.


3583 days ago

The end of the interest only mortgage – good news?

So the FSA and the Mortgage lenders are going to make it bloody hard to get an interest only mortgage. This is to be done in the name of prudence since it is quite clear that large numbers of folks take out an interest only mortgage with no idea of how they will repay the capital in the end. As of now you are going to have to show how you can repay the capital and, if you are over 50, do so within 25 years. What does this all mean?

Clearly it will not assist the UK housing market.


3656 days ago

Syria – Which Side are we on and why?

I have pointed out before that both sides in Syria are vile and that is one good reason not to intervene in this conflict. As I write the loathsome Clinton woman is in Turkey for talks which she says are aimed to bring an end to the Assad regime as quickly as possible. Now, prepare for your stomach to churn as you watch this video. The Syrian rebels captured a Post Office. The workers were not soldiers for Assad but just Post Office Workers. But they were working for the state and so had to be punished. By being thrown off the roof of what was a seven or eight storey building. What a pleasant way to die for the heinous offence of sorting letters. Please Mrs Clinton can you explain in just a few sentences why it is morally right to intervene on either side in this conflict? Why is one side better than the other, pray tell?